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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ross Homan, Minnesota Vikings, 200th Pick, 6th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Homan, Ross Ohio State 6003 240 4.68
Two-and-a-half year starter. Somewhat mechanical in movements but overall is athletic and has a burst in pursuit. Decent change of direction and range, hustles in pursuit. Struggles to get off a block and spent way too much time on the ground. Tends to get caught up in the traffic instead of getting downhill and to the ball. Lacks power to take on a block and will get covered up. Active and aggressive. He needs to be in a scheme that will keep him from getting blocked. He is at his best in pursuit on the edge. Has the characteristics of a Will linebacker in a 4-3. Shorter arms than ideal for the position. Good football intelligence. Understands the zone concepts and has good awareness. Can run with backs on swing and check down routes. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.