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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Draft Rewind 2003 - Jason Witten - Dallas Cowboys

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about JASON WITTEN: Tennessee, 6056 265 4.70. Junior eligible. Former defensive lineman. Solid producer the past two seasons. Has excellent size. Tall and well-built. Sturdy. Has good strength in the upper body and arms. Above average overall blocker. Not especially quick off the mark but he makes solid contact. Strikes with good lean and can generate movement on drive blocks. Can turn a defender with strong hand usage. Generally keeps his feet. Does a fairly good job of moving out on linebackers, though he is a little stiff adjusting in space. Not quick footed as a blocker — gets stationary at times with his feet while attempting to win battles with his upper body. Works to sustain but isn’t nasty in doing so. Athletic. Often used in motion or split wide. Good receiver for a big tight end. Releases smoothly and has the speed to get up the seam. Has reliable hands — can extend and snatch away from his body. Shows the concentration to make the tough grab. Doesn’t have dynamic cutting ability or fluidity. Heavy-legged — lacks good leaping ability. Effective after the catch. Isn’t nifty but he has the power to run through tackles when he gets up a head of steam. Improving. Quality prospect.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - Benjamin Watson - Cleveland Browns

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about BENJAMIN WATSON: Georgia, 6034 255 4.51. Transfer from Duke. Two year starter. Was slowed some by injuries as a senior. An impressive specimen with a muscular physique and good overall strength. Excellent athlete. Promising but not a consistent blocker. Smooth firing out on linebackers. Able to adjust to a defender’s move in space. Can turn his hips to seal the edge. Light on his feet. Needs to do a better job of sustaining blocks. Not nasty away from the play. A little late off the ball at times. Has a tendency to lean into blocks and not move his feet quickly. Natural receiver. Fluid in his release to escape the jam. Skilled route runner with quickness in and out of cuts and the speed to get deep. Reads coverages well — able to find opening in a zone. Has solid hands and very good body control — adjusts to bad balls easily. Tough in a crowd. Can be dynamic after the catch. Intelligent. Had strong Senior Bowl and combine performances. Hasn’t put it all together yet but he has the tools to be a first rate pro. (Watson was orginally drafted by New England.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Draft Rewind 2007 - Leon Hall - Cincinnati Bengals

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about LEON HALL: Michigan, 5112 193 4.41. Has started for three-and-a-half years. Excels in man coverage with speed and quickness. Smooth in transition. Good change of direction. Physical player that is aggressive forcing the run. Wrap tackler. Instinctive. Good ball skills. Effective in man to man, zone, or press man coverage. Smooth in back pedal. Fluid. Can stick his foot in the ground and drive on the ball quickly. Good recovery on double moves. Can track the deep ball and stay with receiver. Has catch up speed and burst. Good range. Top end ball skills. Sudden to support the run. A complete player at corner. Productive and plays smart and hard. An active playmaker. Durable. Good technique player. Will contribute on special teams. Outstanding athlete. Can make the mental adjustment on his feet with sudden reactions. Quick feet in man-to-man coverage. Sudden stop and start quickness. Sudden plant and drive, has a burst to close on the ball. No false steps. Loose hips for a smooth turn with acceleration and catch-up speed. Keeps position on receiver. Good timing, leaping ability. Can track and trail, takes good angles, is tough-minded, and accepts a challenge. Good tackler that will wrap up. Tough, competitive, and aggressive. First round. (A-33 3/8, H-9, SS-4.08, VJ-37.5).

Monday, May 28, 2012

Draft Rewind 2003 - Lance Briggs - Chicago Bears

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about LANCE BRIGGS: Arizona, 6006 242 4.76. Former fullback who was moved to linebacker as a sophomore. Three year starter inside. Productive player. Short and sturdy with thick legs and good upper body strength. Physical and athletic. Plays with good knee bend. A little hesitant in his initial movement but he attacks blocks aggressively. Needs to use his hands better — leads with his shoulder at times and has some trouble shedding when blockers get into his body. Redirects well and is active on the move. Runs well but has better short speed than long speed. Explosive tackler — wraps and drives through. Decent pass rusher with good power and acceleration. Has coverage promise — shows good range in a zone and has the speed to stay with backs in man-to-man. Solid special teams player. Could project on the outside.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Draft Rewind 2003 - Jordan Gross - Carolina Panthers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about JORDAN GROSS: Utah, 6044 300 5.02. Three year starter. Played left tackle as a senior but has experience on the right side. Very athletic. Quick off the mark. Doesn’t have explosive power but he keeps his feet active after initial contact and can generate movement at the point-of-attack. Works well for position. Does a good job of sealing off the backside on plays away. Usually stays on his feet. Fiery competitor. Works til the whistle — hustles downfield — shows a mean streak. Pulls well. Has good body control and speed. Able to come off an initial block and find a second defender to go after. Very good at gliding out on linebackers and neutralizing them. Has solid pass protection tools. Sets quickly. Aggressive puncher. Gets his hands on the defender nicely and does a good job of maintaining contact. Light on his feet. Can bend his knees. Shuffles well laterally. Needs to do a better job of anchoring against power. A top-flight prospect.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Arthur Moats - Buffalo Bills

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about ARTHUR MOATS: James Madison, 6002 246 4.69. Four-year starter. A hybrid edge pass rusher with very good athletic ability. One of five team captains. Winner of the Buck Buchanan Award as the top defensive player in Division I FCS. Explosive first step quickness. Thick build. Looks like a standup middle linebacker physically. Long arms. A hell bent for leather player. Goes hard from snap to whistle. Short, speedy, and productive. Doesn’t stay blocked. Quick to disengage and gets to the ball. Plays in a four point stance. Good quickness, agility, and balance in his game. Plays the game on his feet. Should be a special teams coverage contributor. Had a 10-2/BJ, 36.5/VJ, and 1.60/10 in his workouts. Edge speed:left 2.16, right 2.10. OSR:7/ 35. Fifth/sixth round. (A-33 3/4, H-8 5/8, BP-24, SS-4.39).

Friday, May 25, 2012

Draft Rewind 2006 - Haloti Ngata - Baltimore Ravens

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about HALOTI NGATA: Oregon, 6041 338 5.13. Junior eligible. Three-year starter. Looks the part physically. Big thick body. Against Southern Cal he made one tackle late in the game. Matua dominated him the whole game. His career is checkered with inconsistency. Slow twitch player. First move is up. Turns his back on a spin move and loses ball. No inside pressure when he’s single blocked. Rarely makes a play. Gets tied up and neutralized. Gets his shoulders turned. Doesn’t push the pocket with strength. Plays high. Question instincts. He must see the ball to go to it. Inconsistent to feel pressure. Loses feet in traffic. Will drop into zone blitz coverage. Leans on blockers. Question functional strength. Gets pinned by a single block. Stands on the line of scrimmage. Jogs in pursuit. Gets driven off ball in goal line defense. Inconsistent to fight pressure. Stops feet on contact. Can get driven back by a single base block because he plays high, not low. Takes too many plays off. Batted down six kicks. Needs to improve his use of hands. Gets hung up on the blocker. Not an impressive pass rusher (3 sacks). Needs technique work. Possibly a two-gap run stuffer as a nose or a 4-3 tackle. Question concentration. Has had several offside penalties. Durability and endurance are two big questions. First round. (A-33 1/8, H-9 7/8, BP-37, 10-1.74).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Draft Rewind 2005 - Jonathan Babineaux - Atlanta Falcons

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about JONATHAN BABINEAUX: Iowa, 6021 286 4.90. An explosive defensive tackle that could play outside. Switched from fullback early in collegiate career. Broke his ankle and missed last half of 2003 season. Very quick with good body control and agility. Plays with natural strength and leverage against the run. Tough to move out. Shows quickness in gaps, can disrupt and use speed for pursuit. An effective pass rusher with quickness off the snap and explosiveness to flush and get to the quarterback. Used on a lot of stunts and twists. Will push guards back into the pocket. Lack of height and bulk could be a liability in NFL. Will need to compensate with quickness and agility.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - Darnell Dockett - Arizona Cardinals

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about DARNELL DOCKETT: Florida State, 6034 295 5.01. Three year starter at defensive tackle. Could project as a 3-4 end. Solid specimen with a thick upper body and well developed legs. Strong. Explosively quick off the ball. Hits gaps with power. Dynamic penetrator — disruptive. Flexible athlete. Comes off low and does a nice job of bending his knees. Quick with his hands to control blockers and disengage. Overextends and goes to the ground a little too much. Gets bounced around some when he fails to make a play with his initial surge. Somewhat of a straightliner — a little stiff in his change-of-direction. Lacks great instincts — has some trouble locating the ball. More quick than fast but he gives solid pursuit effort. Wasn’t a productive pass rusher in college but he has promise in that area — does a good job of driving with his legs to push the pocket. Shows spin and swim ability — closes well after defeating a block. Was dominant at the Senior Bowl practices. High risk prospect — has real talent but also carries some baggage — has been ejected and suspended from games because of on-field behavior. Was forced to miss the Sugar bowl his junior year because of an off-field incident.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Selvish Capers - Washington Redskins

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about SELVISH CAPERS: West Virginia, 6045 308 5.16. Two-and-a-half year starter. Former tight end. An above average athlete that doesn’t play to those numbers. Inconsistent anchor. May project to a right tackle or guard on the next level. Struggles with his footwork. Drops his hands and lacks foot quickness in pass protection. Needs more upper and lower body strength. Long arms and big hands. Plays in a spread offense. Lines up in a preset stance. Inconsistent angles to the second level. Plays on his feet. Question his balance and agility for a player with his athletic numbers. An underachiever that has the tools to play on Sunday. Developmental project. OSR:11/40. Fourth/fifth round. (A-34, H-10, BP-19, 10-1.78).

Monday, May 21, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Derrick Morgan - Tennessee Titans

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about DERRICK MORGAN: Georgia Tech, 6030 266 4.78. Junior entry. Two-year starter with good instincts. Plays in a 4- point stance with both hands on the ground. Explosive first step quickness. Gets inside pressure when he is on a slant or angle move. Tech moved him around to get the best match-up to pressure the quarterback. Has some jolt and explosion to shock the blocker. Good lateral and foot quickness. Plays well on his feet. The ACC Defensive Player of the Year. Can press and pressure the pocket. Quick to shed and control blocker. Good use of hands. Keeps leverage on the ball. Has the strength to get under a tackle and put him on skates back to the quarterback. Good burst down the line of scrimmage. Works to the quarterback and makes plays after the pocket breaks down. Plays hard every down. Always around the ball. Rarely single blocked. Draws several holding penalties because of his relentless style of play. Multiple move player to get to the quarterback. Makes a lot of hustle plays. In 2009 had 55 tackles, 18 1/2 tackles for loss, 12 1/2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 fumble recoveries. Over his career he tallied 103 tackles, 29 1/2 tackles for loss, and 19 sacks. Edge speed:left 1.96, right 2.14. OSR:9/ 35. First round. (A-34 1/2, H-9 3/4, BP-21, 10-1.60).

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Draft Rewind 2007 - Quincy Black - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about QUINCY BLACK: New Mexico, 6015 240 4.45. Two-year starter. Junior college transfer. Instinctive. Long arms and big hands to control the blocker. Improved his use of hands over the past year. Generally doesn’t stay blocked. Accelerates off a block and gets in on pursuit. Has the speed to cut off an outside run to a short gain. Good pursuit angles. Good burst to the ball carrier. Doesn’t get tied up in traffic. Above average tackler. Will contribute as a nickel linebacker. Can man up and run with backs and tight ends. Good awareness in pass coverage. Good timing and burst on blitz. Plays with good knee bend. Good football intelligence. Durable over career. Fourth/ fifth round. (A-33 1/2, H-10 3/4, BP-24, SS-4.34).

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Draft Rewind 2007 - Brandon Mebane - Seattle Seahawks

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about BRANDON MEBANE: California, 6011 309 5.19. Three-year starter. Good athlete with explosive initial quickness. Can press the pocket as a pass rusher. Consistent over career at stuffing the run at the point of attack. Blue collar worker with quick feet and explosiveness. Productive on plays at him. Plays with functional strength. Can stack and control blockers. Best from tackle to tackle. Will give downfield effort. Flashes good use of hands to control blockers. Quicker and faster in person than on tape. Aggressive and intense in his play. Physically and mentally tough to hold his ground. Plays the game on his feet. Good change of direction and body control. Will need repetitions. Gets hung up on blocks at times. Aggressive and strong run stuffer. Can leverage and stack at point. Good lower body strength. Tough and durable. Long arms and big hands. May play better in a predetermined gap system. Inconsistent to read and react to complex blocking schemes. Can be overpowered if he doesn’t play low and with leverage. Gets rolled out if high. Strong, powerful, and scrappy. Seventh round. (A-32 7/8, H-10, BP-24, 10-1.81).

Friday, May 18, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Navorro Bowman - San Francisco 49ers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about NAVORRO BOWMAN: Penn State, 6010 242 4.71. Junior entry. Two-year starter. Looks more athletic on tape and in person than in workouts. Makes plays but several are free runners where he wasn’t blocked. Can run play down from behind. Competed for tackles with Josh Hull and Sean Lee. Excellent change of direction. Instinctive. Shows quick movement out of transition to break on the ball. Aggressive and competitive. Uses his hands effectively to get through traffic. Long arms to ward off cut blocks. A knee bender with good hip flexibility. Sideline to sideline range. Gets the ball carrier down. Drag down and wrap up. Good zone awareness. Better on the outside where he doesn’t have to separate from the big tackles. Has some red flags to be cleared up. Will contribute on special teams. Had 215 career tackles including 36 for loss, 8 sacks, 9 passes broken up, and 3 interceptions. OSR:17/19. Third/fourth round. (A-33, H-9 7/8, BP-26, SS-4.14).

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Draft Rewind 2007 - Brandon Siler - San Diego Chargers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about BRANDON SILER: Florida, 6016 241 4.55. Junior entry. True junior, has not been red-shirted. A physical and instinctive inside run stuffer. A sideline to sideline player with good athletic ability. Has the speed to run the ball carrier down from behind. Takes good angles downfield. Good lateral foot quickness. Nose for the ball. Clears his feet and is quick through traffic. A disruptive player with good field awareness in coverage. Sudden plant and drive on the ball in front of him. Demonstrates the speed and hips to cover tight ends and backs man to man. Good vision awareness. Quick to recognize patterns and get a jump on the ball. Lacks size and height for position. Will need to improve his overall body play strength. Plays with good knee bend. An every down linebacker with good and quick feet. Explosive run through hitter. Works through the blocks and makes plays. Good agility in traffic. Downhill player that fills the running lanes. Stops blocks and can run. Will get hung up on guards at times. Always around the ball. Athletic and productive. Good field vision and burst on blitz. Second round. (A-34 3/4, H-10 1/8, BP-23, SS-4.39).

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Draft Rewind 2009 - Darell Scott - St. Louis Rams

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about DARELL SCOTT: Clemson, 6032 312 4.95. Three-year starter. Good athlete that plays with good effort. Looks the part. Thick upper and lower, wide bodied 4-3 tackle. Runs well for a big man. Sudden first step quickness. Can diagnose the play after controlling his opponent. Finds the ball. Can feel pressure. Good hip flexibility to uncoil and explode on the blocker. Good body control. Effective use of hands, but can get better. Can disengage the blocker and find the ball quickly on inside or off tackle plays. Quick lateral shuffle. Gets to the ball. If he gets cut, he bounces up to get in on the play. Not on the ground. Good power and leg activity. Has some two gap ability. Has the speed to string out and pursue to the sidelines. Solid effort. Rotates in their package. His extra effort draws holds from opponent linemen, several of which are called penalties. Had 143 tackles, 18 1/2 tackles for loss, and 9 sacks his last three years. Plays a little high at times. OSR:7/20. Fourth/fifth round. (A-32 1/4, H-9 7/8, BP-29, 10-1.65).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Draft Rewind 2007 - Lawrence Timmons - Pittsburgh Steelers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about LAWRENCE TIMMONS: Florida State, 6007 234 4.70. Junior entry. One year starter. Played behind Ernie Sims as a sophomore. A productive raw talent that is an ascending player. A good athlete that has sideline to sideline range. Versatile enough to play all three linebacker spots and never come off the field. Can stick his foot in the ground and drive on the ball. Knack to make big plays. A downhill player that accounted for 18 tackles for loss. Explosive with suddenness in body. Good closing speed on ball carrier. Doesn’t stay blocked. Can play over a tight end and cover backs man to man. Has no trouble with a faster man. Has the movement and agility to be effective in coverage. Sheds a blocker with clean separation. Quickness to slip blocks. Lacks overall body strength. Can be too aggressive and overrun plays. Intense and athletic. Competitive, tough, and aggressive. Plays at a high level. Good agility and body control. Good combination of quickness and ease of movement. Good lateral quickness to change direction. Up quickly on run support. Pursues the ball like a cheetah chasing a gazelle. Good effort, angles, and quickness. Finishes long and short pursuit. First round. (A-33, H-9 1/4, BP-25, SS-4.34).

Monday, May 14, 2012

Draft Rewind 2005 - Todd Herremans - Philadelphia Eagles

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about TODD HERREMANS: Saginaw Valley State, 6065 309 5.32. Three-year starter. Tall, smart tackle who struggles against edge speed. Has better than average set up quickness and anchor ability if he plays with good knee bend. Above average arm length. Demonstrates average agility and balance to handle good defensive ends. Must get used to edge speed rushers and overall game speed to be successful on next level. Raised his game in Las Vegas All-American Classic after a mediocre showing in the Cactus Bowl. Played with better knee bend and good use of hands to steer the defender. Good foot mobility and agility to mirror and slide in pass protection. Must work to keep his head up in pass and run blocking. Developmental project. Late draft or priority free agent.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Rolando McClain - Oakland Raiders

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about ROLANDO MCCLAIN: Alabama, 6033 254 4.72. Junior entry. Three-year starter. Alabama’s defensive quarterback. Big inside linebacker that played in a 3-4 scheme but could play “Mike” in a 4-3. Understands the defense. Keeps leverage on the ball without over running the play on outside runs. Turns the play back inside. Plays square to the line of scrimmage and scrapes quickly to the off tackle holes. Quick recognition and reaction to run/pass. Nose for the ball. Reacts immediately to keys, play action, and misdirection. Good football aptitude. Calls the signals and makes the adjustments. Experience in man to man coverage. Can handle tight ends and backs in coverage. Can play the ball with timing and has the position to recover. Can blitz off the edge. Quick take off, use of hands, speed, quicks, and the ability to burst off the edge. Tough and hard nosed. Takes on the guard. Can see over the guard. Has good height. Passion for football. Good work ethic and communication skills. Did not work out at the Combine by his choice. First round. (A-33, H-9 3/8, BP-24, SS-4.45).

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Draft Rewind 2007 - Darrelle Revis - New York Jets

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about DARRELLE REVIS: Pittsburgh, 5116 194 4.45. Junior entry. Three-year starter with good athletic ability and quick feet. Can plant and close on the ball quickly. Has a short area burst. Fluid and flexible in turns. Natural tools for a man-to-man cover corner. Hands look bigger and arms look longer on tape than measured. Good size and speed for position. Demonstrates speed (ran down Rutgers’ Ray Rice from behind) and quickness. Effective cover corner that is smooth. Plays both up in press and off man coverage. Good balance. Sudden change of direction. Will shed quickly and fill running lanes. Instinctive to read and react quickly. Can be physical on the line of scrimmage. Solid man-to-man coverage corner. Possesses press and turn and run ability. Reacts quickly to find the ball in the air. Good ball skills. More cradle catch than pluck. Wrap tackler. Will miss high if he’s not under control. Doesn’t always break down. Needs to improve the consistency in his back pedal and have fewer technique breakdowns. Will get bounced around on run support at times. Picks up speed as he goes down field. Has a knack to return punts. Once he turns the corner he displays long speed. Has returned punts for touchdowns for over 79 and 73 yards. Judgment on fielding ball needs to be improved. Misplayed several balls over his career. Not nifty footed as a returner but has quick feet as a corner. Cover two corner that is strong and can reroute receivers. First round. (A-32 ½, H-8 ¼, SS-4.08, VJ-38).

Friday, May 11, 2012

Draft Rewind 2005 - Corey Webster - New York Giants

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about COREY WEBSTER: LSU, 6001 199 4.56. Two-year starter. Former wide receiver. Smart corner. Athletic with smooth pedal and good hips. Can turn and run versus deep routes. He plays within his limits. Lacks great catch-up speed. Gives a big cushion and reacts when ball is thrown. Seems to be a better zone than a true man player. Not special in bump and run. May be a better free safety with corner skills. Could react quicker in run support. Will give up the short pass in front of him. Fluid in movements. Good skills but speed will always be the question. Quick and athletic movement in press coverage. Good ball skills and jumping ability. Limited range, but good anticipation. Plays disciplined in coverage. Good hands to catch ball or deflect passes. Quick recognition of run or pass. Will lose focus at times. Short area burst. Generally can run with receivers but was hampered by injuries and was beaten deep. Sudden to close on ball in front of him. Matches up on the opponent’s best receiver. Did not look as smooth in his foot work as he did in 2003. Drag down type who lacks tackling strength. Matches up and can run with speed receivers, despite timed speed. Sudden ball reactions. More confident in man-to-man coverage than zone. All the tools to play on the next level. Injuries should be checked.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Draft Rewind 2006 - Jahri Evans - New Orleans Saints

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about JAHRI EVANS: Bloomsburg, 6044 316 5.25. Three-year starter. Raw and green in his mechanics and techniques. Tendency to play high, not a natural knee bender. Struggles with strength and speed. Improved during the week at the Las Vegas Classic. Has the tools, just needs work. Powerful run blocker against the Division II players he played against. Was leveraged in the Las Vegas Bowl practices. Will need to learn complex protection schemes. Gets stuck at times leaking through to the second level. Needs to improve his hand use. Fringe athlete. He rated in the lower third of the offensive line workouts at the Combine. Below average first step quickness and footwork. Developmental player. Fourth/ fifth round pick. (A-34 1/9, H-10, BP-20, 10-1.84).

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Jermaine Cunningham - New England Patriots

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about JERMAINE CUNNINGHAM: Florida, 6033 266 4.75. Three-year starter that played with his hand down but has the ability to play standing up over a tight end (Sam linebacker). Long arms and big hands. Good initial quickness from his stance to the opponent. Everything about this player is sudden - lateral quickness, foot quickness, and hand quickness. Can accelerate off a block and burst to the quarterback. Strong effort to rush the quarterback. Flexible enough to turn the corner low and flatten the edge. Then he accelerates to the ball. Makes plays once he gets up the field. Has the ability to go to a second move. Hands up in the pass rush. Consistent and tenacious pass rush effort every down. Will contribute on special teams coverage. Had 152 tackles, 34 for loss, 19 1/2 sacks, and 5 forced fumbles in his career. Did not work out at the Combine because of shoulder surgery. Third/fourth round. (A-33 3/4, H-10 3/8, BP-DNP, 10-DNP).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Draft Rewind 2008 - Erin Henderson - Minnesota Vikings

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about ERIN HENDERSON: Maryland, 6026 244 4.78. Junior entry. Two-year starter. Long arms and big hands. Instinctive linebacker that is quick to read and react. Good change of direction. Not an elite athlete but a productive player. Had 133 tackles and 11 tackles for loss last fall. A natural talent that is a three down player. A good wrap tackler. A disruptive downhill player that makes things happen. Has the frame to add more muscle weight. Average speed for an NFL linebacker, not a burner. Has experience in both the 3-4 and 4-3 schemes. Quick to lock out and disengage. Gets through traffic to run down plays on the perimeter. Not as explosive as brother EJ. Has an injury history. OSR:25/42 for OBs, 29/52 all linebackers. Second/third round. (A-34, H-10 1/2, BP-23, SS-4.53).

Monday, May 7, 2012

Draft Rewind 2009 - Chris Clemons - Miami Dolphins

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about CHRIS CLEMONS: Clemson, 6001 208 4.35. Three-year starter. Rangy build with good athletic ability and above average safety speed. Productive. Flashes a third gear burst to close on the receiver or ball carrier. Has take-up acceleration and downfield range. Wrap up tackler. Active as a force player. Keeps contain. Has a knack to be where the ball is at, anticipating the play. Good movement and decision making ability. Can cover a third wide receiver. Has some corner tools and skills that secondary coaches covet. Made 323 tackles in his career. BTR:left 4.40, right 4.49. OSR:8/24. Fourth/fifth round. (A-32 3/4, H-9 5/8, VJ-37.5, SS-4.39).

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Draft Rewind 2005 - Derrick Johnson - Kansas City Chiefs

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about DERRICK JOHNSON: Texas, 6032 243 4.56. Three-year starter who also started two games as a freshman. Downhill player with good range. Has sideline to sideline speed and burst. Has good agility in traffic. Will run through tackles at times. Has the speed and acceleration to be an effective edge rusher. Can stick his foot in the ground on run support and come up quickly. Is athletic enough to go over the top of a blocking running back and get to the quarterback. Makes plays all over the field. A sudden chase player who effectively strips or punches out the football. Has suddenness in his body to react quickly. Has a second gear and catch up speed. Has been productive his whole career. Will compete and has been durable. Makes big plays and works to finish play. Is quick to read and react to ball. Explosive player with sudden lateral movement. Flashes good use of hands and tackling ability. Will run around blocks at times and is not a consistent take-on linebacker. Plays good in space but will struggle over a tight end. Needs to play in a covered up scheme and be more disciplined within the scheme.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Draft Rewind 2009 - Terrance Knighton - Jacksonville Jaguars

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about TERRANCE KNIGHTON: Temple, 6030 321 5.26. Three-year starter. Long arms and big hands. Run player. However, he had one sack in the Texas vs. Nation all-star game. Bull rusher. Needs to improve his hand strength and develop more pass rush moves. Above average athlete for his size. Has quickness, agility, and balance for position. A try hard player that will take good angles in downfield pursuit. First move is up instead of out and can be driven off the ball and pushed out of the hole. Needs technique work. Late round developmental player with tools. OSR:12/20. Seventh round/priority free agent. (A-34 1/2, H-10, BP-21, 10-1.75).

Friday, May 4, 2012

Draft Rewind 2009 - Jerraud Powers - Indianapolis Colts

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about JERRAUD POWERS: Auburn, 5091 188 4.52. Junior entry. Two-year starter. A scrappy press cover two corner with quick feet and change of direction. Physical type player that doesn’t shy away from contact. Willing to force and contain. Can play off blocks and make the tackles. Will wrap up. Active in coverage. Good technician that knows his limitations. Shorter than ideal. Will compete for a nickel specialist job because of coverage ability. Quick feet and change of direction. Will also compete on special teams. Misses cut tackles at times because he’s overly aggressive on run support. Strong enough to jam a receiver at the line and funnel him into the safeties. Hips are a little tight in his turns. Made 110 tackles, 12 passes broken up, and 6 interceptions the past two years. BTR:left 4.69, right 4.69. OSR:18/32. Fourth/fifth round. (A-31, H-9 1/4, VJ-36.5, SS-4.10).

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Draft Rewind 2009 - Arian Foster - Houston Texans

What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about ARIAN FOSTER: Tennessee, 6006 226 4.60. Started 33 games over the past four years. Rotated with Montario Hardesty. Versatile back that can run and catch. Power runner that can turn the corner. Good balance. Effective on the inside zone running plays out of the one back set. Question ball security. Best running between the tackles. Lacks long finish speed. One speed downhill runner with limited burst. Ball control type back. Appeared to shut it down his senior year and was not nearly as productive as in previous years. Upright runner that lacks the power he showed previously. Lacked consistency and the ability to hold onto the ball. Lacked the confidence to be a playmaker at crunch time. Not dependable and reliable to make the plays when needed. Injury history is a concern. Question competitiveness. Long arms. Left the Senior Bowl with a hamstring injury after the first day. Did not workout at the Combine. Seventh round. (A-33 3/8, H-9 7/8, BP-23, SS-4.53).

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Draft Rewind 2006 - AJ Hawk - Green Bay Packers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about AJ HAWK: Ohio State, 6010 248 4.64. Three-year starter. A self-made fundamentally sound linebacker. Effective edge blitzer to pressure quarterback. An active player that plays square to the line of scrimmage. Good lateral quickness. Takes good downfield angles and is always around the ball. Finishes the play. Sudden change of direction. Keeps leverage on the ball going wide. Doesn’t appear fluid. Has some upper and lower body stiffness. Good wrap tackler. Good timing on blitzes. Effective on underneath pass coverage. Plays under control. Productive player that can run. Did not play in the Senior Bowl. Versatile enough to play in 3-4 or 4-3 packages. Natural ability to find the ball and make plays. Explosive hitter. Sudden movement out of transition to break on the ball. Fast twitch. Has a burst and catch up speed. Reacts immediately to keys versus play action and misdirection. Consistently performs at a high level. Intense and focused player that holds the ground at him or can scrape and fill hole. Quick reactions to cut back. Has the size, bulk, and toughness to splatter the ball carrier. Top five talent. (A-31 1/8, H-9 3/4, BP-24, SS-3.97).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Amari Spievey - Detroit Lions

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about AMARI SPIEVEY: Iowa, 5107 195 4.54. Junior entry. Two-year starter. Plays right corner. Understands all the nuances of zone coverage play. Well coached in technique and scheme. Struggled some in man to man coverage. Has some hip tightness in transition. Iowa is generally a zone team, but will change up in the red zone area to man to man at times. Quick recognition and reaction to run or pass. Combination of instincts and good coaching. Reacts off blocks and makes the tackle. Productive. Appears to love forcing the run. Comes up quick, plays tough and aggressive. Attacks the ball carrier. Takes a direct line to collision point. No false steps. A quick slant and drive. Mixes up his tackling style. A tough and physical cut or a wrap up. Only tackles we’ve seen him miss are cut tackles at times. Will bring a six-inch punch when he wraps up. Has long enough arms to reroute receivers in cover-two. Should be an asset on all special teams coverage units. Over his career he had 124 tackles, 14 passes broken up, and 6 interceptions. BTR:left 4.57, right 4.52. OSR:16/ 29. Third/fourth round. (A-32, H-9 5/8, VJ-35, SS-4.35).