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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2011 NFL Draft, Strong Safety, DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson

Four-year starter. He has started every game in his career, 38 and counting. In 2007 he was moved from wide receiver to safety. He has 12 interceptions over the past three years. A good athlete with foot quickness and hip flexibility. Good change of direction. Demonstrates burst quickness in run support and overlap coverage. Has recover ability and closing quickness. Can play man to man or zone coverage. Sticks his foot in the ground and drives on the run or ball. Makes plays on his feet and off blockers. A contact player who has tackling courage. Will wrap up. Plays with confidence, poise, and toughness. Productive with 171 tackles in the past three years. Can judge and compete for the ball at the high point. Always in position to make a move on the ball. Gets a hand on the ball to knock it away. Plays the ball in the air. Has good range and takes good angles.

2011 NFL Draft,Free Safety,Deunta Williams, North Carolina

Four-year starter. He has started every game in his career, 38 and counting. In 2007 he was moved from wide receiver to safety. He has 12 interceptions over the past three years. A good athlete with foot quickness and hip flexibility. Good change of direction. Demonstrates burst quickness in run support and overlap coverage. Has recover ability and closing quickness. Can play man to man or zone coverage. Sticks his foot in the ground and drives on the run or ball. Makes plays on his feet and off blockers. A contact player who has tackling courage. Will wrap up. Plays with confidence, poise, and toughness. Productive with 171 tackles in the past three years. Can judge and compete for the ball at the high point. Always in position to make a move on the ball. Gets a hand on the ball to knock it away. Plays the ball in the air. Has good range and takes good angles.

2011 Draft,Corner,Prince Amukamara,Nebraska

Two-year starter. Came to Nebraska as a wide receiver. Has experience in both zone and man to man coverage. Good foot quickness and change of direction. Loose hipped. Fluid in his movement and turns. Good short area quickness. Aggressive and confident in press coverage. No hesitation on run support. Drives quickly on the ball carrier in front of him. Get them down type tackler. He does it all, wrap, cut, and drag down. Doesn’t shy away from contact. Good instincts. Can make up ground before the ball gets to the receiver. Very little wasted motion in his turns. Doesn’t lunge or overextend in press coverage. Gets to top speed quickly. Receivers rarely get separation on him. He runs their route and is always in position to make a play on the ball. Good range. Always around the ball. Catches the ball in his hands at the high point. Slaps away catchable balls. Competitive.

2011 NFL Draft,Outside Linebacker, Von Miller,Texas A & M

Three-year starter who is a productive 3-4 outside pass rusher. May be a Will flow type linebacker that plays stacked behind a defensive end, but has a knack and desire to rush the passer. Moved around in the Aggie defense to take advantage of match-ups and alignments to blitz and pressure the quarterback. Has blitzed and pressured the quarterback from an inside stand up position as well as playing up or down in a 3-point stance off the edge. Good balance and body control. Good lateral quickness and reactions. Accelerates to the ball. Good burst after initial contact. Can force a hurry or cause havoc in the backfield. Quick penetrator on the goal line. Outstanding first step quickness and timing to fly up the field. No run responsibility on pass downs. Because of his size he will get tied up on big offensive tackles at times and get bounced around. The defense will go to a more Pittsburgh Steeler type scheme in 2010, featuring a variety of zone blitzes, pressures, and aggressive play. Miller will line up in the Aggie “Jack” position as a roving linebacker and will also drop back in coverage. He led the country in 2009 with 17 sacks and had 5 ½ tackles for loss among his 48 hits.

2011 NFL Draft,Linebacker,Bruce Carter,North Carolina

Four-year starter who is athletic and can run sideline to sideline. When he sees the ball he reacts, then closes quickly. Average instincts. As natural an athlete at linebacker as there is in the 2011 draft. Fluid with good hip flexibility. A knee bender with quick hands and feet. Pass rush quickness with the ability to redirect. A three down linebacker who makes plays. Doesn’t stay blocked. Good use of hands to ward off blocks. Plays on his feet. Agile getting through traffic in pursuit. Has range, speed, lateral quickness, and a burst to finish off plays on the perimeter of the defense. A grab and drag down type tackler. Inconsistent wrap up with his arms. Appears to be holding back instead of turning it loose on the field. As a zone pass defender he can recognize, react, and drop. Good turn ability with quick feet and speed. In man to man coverage he has catch speed, can recover, and can run with tight ends and backs and many slot receivers. Was third on his team in tackles with 65. He had two sacks and 5 ½ tackles for loss and one interception returned for a touchdown. In 2008 he led the country in blocked kicks with five.

2011 NFL Draft, Linebacker, Mark Herzlich,Boston College,

Will be a three year starter. Prior to the 2009 season, Ourlads rated Herzlich a first round talent and was the defending ACC Defensive Player of the Year. He has made 247 career tackles. During the spring of 2009 he was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, which he overcame. Productive over his career. In 2008 he had 110 tackles, 6 interceptions, 8 passes broken up, 2 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, and 13 tackles for loss. Our notes based on his 2008 tape read: solid measurables, good athletic ability with pass rush quickness and balance. Good football intelligence. Not soft at the point of attack. Burning desire to win. Makes big plays. Gets off blockers with quick strong hands. Eager and intense. Wrap tackler who will knock the ball carrier backwards. Has the chase speed to catch from behind. Gets clean separation. Can string out blocker laterally. Good speed and range. Hustles all out on every play. Aggressive and hits with authority. Received several honors in 2009 for his courage and outreach in his battle with cancer, including the Disney Spirit Award and the ACC Commissioner’s Cup.

Monday, August 30, 2010

2011 Draft, Linebacker, Quan Sturdivant,North Carolina

Four-year starter who has experience at both inside and outside linebacker. Productive sideline to sideline player with good instincts. Sees, registers, and reacts. Fills the inside run quickly and aggressively. Can take on blockers but doesn’t stay blocked. Has the innate quickness to slip blocks. Comes hard downhill. Doesn’t back off. An athlete who is fluid and flexible. Quick hands and feet. Has a closing burst to the ball carrier. Can redirect quickly with good balance. Football smart. Bends his knees and explodes from the ground up. Competitive. Wants to be the first to tackle the ball carrier. Three down linebacker. Has the awareness to go for the strip. The leading tackler on a defense that has several first round possibilities. Along with his 79 tackles, he had 11 tackles for loss and 3 passes broken up. A break down wrap up type tackler who doesn’t give ground. Has experience and played well in zone and man to man coverage.

2011 Draft, Linebacker,Greg Jones, Michigan State

Four-year starter who has been a tackling machine over his career. Ranked first in the Big-10 and third in the country with 154 tackles, averaging 11.8 per game in 2009. Played in a 4-3 scheme as a junior and will play inside as a 3-4 linebacker as a senior. Plays at seven yards depth and gets downhill in a hurry. Outstanding natural ability to find the ball and make plays. Good anticipation. A playmaker in both the run and passing game. Quick to read his keys. Always around the ball. Plays square and takes the openings when there. Fluid in his pass drops. Gets to the hook area and sets down and squares up. Can turn and run. Gets depth. Reads the quarterback and reacts very well. Quick take off when he blitzes. Good use of hands, speed, quickness, and strength. Can adjust on the move, good change of direction, and timing. Messes up the offensive timing when he blitzes. Competitive with good physical and mental toughness. Takes good pursuit angles downfield. Has a burst to finish the play. Gets the ball carrier down. A physical tackler who can make an open field play. Was the Big-10 2009 Defensive Player of the Year.

2011 Draft, Nose Tackle, Jerrell Powe, Mississippi

Two-year starter but played in every game as a sophomore. Thick upper and lower body build. Built for power with good first step quickness for a big man. Depending on a ball club’s scheme, he may be drafted as a defensive tackle. Strong in his arms and shoulders. Physically tough enough to stack a double team. When he plays nose tackle he has very good agility and the ability to change direction. Has quick feet, explosiveness, and quick reactions. As a penetrator, he can get off on the snap and push the play deep. Is comfortable playing the cocked nose position. Has been durable at a very physically demanding position. He is accustomed to close quarter battling. Presses the pocket with a power rush, but has other tricks in his bag. Plays in a rotation where he is always fresh, but is productive and active when he’s in the game. Recorded 34 tackles, including 8 tackles for loss and 3 sacks.

2011 Draft, Defensive tackle, Stephen Paea, Oregon State

Two-year starter. Junior college transfer. Consistently draws double teams and frees up other linemen across the front. Tough to single block with his strength and leverage. Plays low with a flat back. Thick and quick. Extremely strong arms and legs. A quick penetrator style like John Randle or Warren Sapp. Explosive push up the field on pass downs. A disruptive player who is quick enough to beat the snap. Must be accounted for and game plan specific. Gains an advantage with his first step quickness. Explodes and uncoils his hips with force. Stout inline play strength to stop the run. Plays on his feet. Strong enough to lock out and separate from blocker. An end to end player who can control blockers and pursue down the line. Can grab grass and split a double team. Fights through blockers to make a play. Made 43 tackles including 5 sacks and 11 tackles for loss. Productive in OSU’s scheme. Grew up in Tonga where he played rugby. Was the 2009 Morris Trophy winner, given annually to the PAC 10’s top defensive lineman as voted on by the league’s offensive linemen.

Defensive Playmakers Strengthen 2011 Draft

Scouts covering the Big Ten and the University of North Carolina in the fall may be money ahead by pooling their cash for co-op apartments. Defensive ends Adrian Clayborn (Iowa), Cameron Heyward (Ohio State), and Ryan Kerrigan (Purdue) are all productive pass rushers. Inside linebacker Greg Jones (Michigan State) makes more splash plays than Flipper the non-Miami Dolphin. The Tar Heel defense is loaded with talent from the front, second level, and back end. The most inconsistent member of the group is Marvin Austin and his eligibility to play in 2010 is in question with the NCAA regarding alleged violations involving extra benefits from agents. Stay tuned.

This past July, Chicago and Dallas forfeited their 2011 seventh round picks with their selections in the supplemental draft. The Bears drafted BYU’s all-time leading rusher Harvey Unga, a physical runner with good hands. He was placed on injured reserve after a training camp hamstring injury. The Cowboys selected Illinois defensive tackle John Price-Brent and plan on playing him at nose tackle.

The collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA expires in March of 2011. There will be a draft in 2011. As always we have listed only eligible seniors.

1. Clayborn, Adrian Iowa 6030 290

Three-year starter who is explosive, disciplined, and relentless in his play. He is as good as any defensive lineman in the past several years to disengage a blocker and make a play. In short, he doesn’t stay blocked. Excellent use of hands to separate, strength to pull and jerk. Stays on his feet. Has slippery quality. Plays with power and activity in his legs. A ready built four-man front right defensive end. Strong against double teams. Plays with leverage. Sudden to read and react after controlling blocker. Gave second round draft choice, Rodger Saffold, fits in 2009. Can feel pressure and react on the move. Explosive when delivering a blow. Good balance and body control. His arm length is average but his hand quickness, punch, placement, and extension are unique. Closes inside with authority. Has the lateral speed and quickness to string out and pursue to the sideline. Contained Terrelle Pryor in Ohio State game. Good awareness and instincts to play a variety of blocking schemes and combination blocks. Productive versus pass or run. Doesn’t lose ground when he tackles a ball carrier. Hard hitter. Athletic through traffic. Urgent and intense. Has good take off quickness on his pass rush. Tenacious. Accelerates off blocks. Burst to close on quarterback. Good stamina and discipline. Works his feet and hands together. Turns speed to power. Was born with a mild case of Erbs’ palsy and had some nerve damage in his neck and right side. Did not need surgery. Productive in 2009 with 70 tackles, 11 ½ sacks, 2 passes broken up, and 8.5 tackles for loss.

2. Heyward, Cameron Ohio State 6050 285

Four-year starter who is versatile enough to play anywhere along the front of a 4-3 or a 3-4 defense. Plays head up or shades any of the front five offensive linemen. Moved around to take advantage of match-up weaknesses. Someone at Penn State riled him up and he proceeded to beat their front like a rented mule. He racked up 11 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, and 2 sacks. Plays in a front rotation and finished the year with 46 tackles, 6 ½ sacks, and 3 ½ tackles for loss. He has the talent to dominate his competition but will disappear at times. Grading his flashes he is powerful and explosive off the ball. Has a quick first step. Can explode and unlock his hips with force. Plays with a good power base and lower body strength. Can bend his knees and play with leverage but will get too high at times. If he plays that high on Sunday, he will get rolled out of the hole. Has the innate strength to run over a blocker on his bull rush. His game is power and strength. Can collapse the pocket with vertical push and effort. Will finish pursuit. His late father was the bone crushing NFL fullback, Ironhead Heyward.

3. Kerrigan, Ryan Purdue 6040 265

Three-year starter who is very technique conscious and productive. Led the Big-10 and was third nationally with 13 sacks. He also had 18 ½ tackles for loss. He led the nation with seven forced fumbles, second most in Big-10 history. In the past two years he has had 20 sacks and 30 tackles for loss. Plays right defensive end in a four-man front. Rarely gets single blocked. Can‘t be blocked with a tight end. Plays low and with good leverage. Can walk an offensive tackle back to the quarterback at times. Instinctive. Quick to read and react to pressure then gets to the ball. Right place at the right time player. Can run the hoop as a pass rusher, bending his course to the depth of the quarterback. Generally doesn’t get run out of the play. Good use of arms, hands, and leverage at the point of attack. Sudden first step. Plays on his feet. Uses a variety of pass rush moves including rip, spin, and slap and grab. Disruptive even if he doesn’t get the sack. Gets his hands up on the rush or tries to slap the ball out of the quarterback or ball carrier’s hand. Doesn’t give up on a play. Works from snap to whistle. Gets through traffic with urgency and intensity. Strong game in win over Ohio State where he demonstrated all his tools.

4. Romeus, Greg Pittsburgh 6051 270

Three-year starter who played in all games as a redshirt freshman in 2007. Big East co-Defensive Player of theYear. Productive over the past two years, collecting 94 tackles, 27 tackles for loss, and 15 ½ sacks. Has long arms (34 5/8”) and huge hands (11”). Possesses an enormous amount of physical ability. Tough and aggressive. Durable. Plays hurt. Innate ability to come off the edge. Gives effort in his pass rush and pursuit. Good change of direction. First step and lateral quickness. Upfield quickness and strength to push. Disrupts an offense if not accounted for in the game plan. He has one big Achilles’ heel that actually ties into two position skills. He needs to develop more pass rush moves and develop the use of his big hands. Romeus has a tendency to let the blockers into his chest which in turn slows down his ability to get off the block quickly. Currently he must escape on the first move or he gets locked up. He opens up his body because of inconsistent hand usage and consequently is vulnerable to blocks. Will hand fight and wrestle with the blocker. He has the tools – long arms and big hands – to slap or grab and swim, rip or uppercut, speed, power or spin. Will make himself a lot of money if he can develop his weapons.