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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jon Baldwin, 26th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Baldwin, Jon Pittsburgh 6043 228 4.50

Kansas City Chiefs

Junior entry. Two-year starter. Productive, big physical receiver
with long arms and big hands. Excellent reach radius. A hand
catcher who can pluck the low ball off his shoe tops or make the
one-handed, over the head catch. Can catch the ball and make a
play when he’s covered. Uses his body to screen off the defender.
Plays the split end or “x” receiver spot and is isolated one on
one with corners at times. Takes advantage of the match-up
with his imposing size. Good body balance. Attacks the ball at
the high point. Powerful long strider. A playmaker with over 20
career receptions of 40-yards or more, including 11 for
touchdowns. We’ve seen him dominate and we’ve seen him
look mediocre. Needs to take pride in his route running and fine
tune his overall game. A high maintenance receiver who has raw
tools and talent. Can be an all-pro or a journeyman.
For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Monday, May 30, 2011

Derek Sherrod, 32nd Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Sherrod, Derek Mississippi State 6055 321 5.28

Green Bay Packers

Three-year starter who is a good athlete and is one of the few
true left tackles in this draft. He locks out with his long arms
and big hands in pass protection and controls the pass rusher.
Good agility and body control. Not a waist bender. Moves his feet
with flexibility and balance. Executes his blocks with a good base
and knee bend. Plays on his feet. Physical and violent on down
blocks. Quick enough to cut off and seal backside pursuit. Takes
good angles. Gains an advantage with his initial quickness off the
snap in the run game. Has the ability to quick position a defender
with base leverage and runs his feet on contact. Has the lateral
agility and quickness to secure defenders and seal the edge. The
offense runs behind him on the goal-line. Good lateral range. Stays
square with the ability to shadow the rusher. Quick reactions and
the ability to recover. Easy light feet and finish ability,
For the complete report see: Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Muhammad Wilkerson, 30th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Wilkerson, Muhammad Temple 6041 315 4.96

New York Jets

Junior entry. Two-year starter who is athleticwith good lateral
quickness. Very productive and active over his career. Can play
in a three or four man front, depending on what he is asked to
do. Has the size, arm length, and thick posterior to hold his
ground. Unfortunately, his first move is up at times, instead of
out and he plays high. Good awareness to get his hands up in the
throwing lane. Moved around at left and right defensive end to
take advantage of matchups. Doesn’t stay blocked. Pushes the
pocket in the MAC because he is bigger and stronger than many
centers or tackles he sees, but will need to play low and with
leverage. Needs to work on his hand quickness. Raw but has
tools to make a team. Good rip with outside arm on slant moves.
Deliberate more than fast twitch. Good effort player.
For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gabe Carimi, 29th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Carimi, Gabe Wisconsin 6071 315 5.27

Chicago Bears

Four-year starter who plays on a team that likes to run the ball.
Team captain. Long arms and big hands. Plays in a pre-set
stance when the team throws the ball. A long torso guy (good
trait) who works to keep his hands inside. Will compete. Had a
three hour battle with Eagle first round pick Brandon Graham in
2009. In 2010 he battled Iowa’s Clayborn, Ohio State’s Heyward,
Purdue’s Kerrigan, and JJ Watt every day in practice. Effective
as a run blocker and pass protector. Works to keep his knees
bent. Has the ability to regain body control and balance. Mentally
and physically tough player. Plays with attitude and aggression
while maintaining a good power base. Stays square to shadow
rusher and run them up the field past the quarterback. Gets
depth quickly in pass pro. Will cut off defenders away from
play. Maintains contact with target and works to finish.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Friday, May 27, 2011

Michael Pouncey, 15th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Pouncey, Mike Florida 6053 303 5.18

Miami Dolphins

Three-year starter. Twin brother of Steelers’ first round draft choice
Maurkice Pouncey. Our top guard or center, but is versatile enough
to back up every position on the offensive line. Some ball clubs
prefer him at guard and others at center. He struggled on short
snaps in the shotgun where every snap was an adventure early in
2010. Can turn the down defender with strong leg action and sure
hands. Good effort and body control. Effective downfield on the
Utah pass. Good in space to adjust and sustain his block. Powerful
blocker who can roll his hips to shock and control the down
defender. Too tall to bend and play with leverage at center. Feisty
and competitive. Plays with an ornery streak. Relishes contact. A
mauler on down blocks. Good hip and knee flexibility at guard
where he can change direction and move in on a moving target and
finish his block. Good effort to seal on the second level and block
downfield. Good lateral agility and quickness versus a slant move.
Explosive punch and use of hands. Gains control and locks out.
For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Phil Taylor, 21st Pick 2011 Draft

Taylor, Phil Baylor 6034 337 5.14

Cleveland Browns

Started 27 games in his career. Penn State transfer. Powerful
and thick build. A physical player with rare power. Pushes the
pocket with a strong and leveraged bull rush. Good leverage on
blocks. Strong hand control. Quick change of direction for a big
man. Has two gap ability. Gums up the inside running lanes. Can
stop and stack at the point of attack. Bench presses blocker and
clears his feet. Good lateral quickness. Effective on inside “x”
stunts and pinch moves. Gets his hands up in the throwing lanes.
Good effort to the perimeter to get in on a tackle. Takes good
angles. May be a two down run player only. Long arms and big
hands. Can grab grass and anchor inside. Impact hitter. Lost 30
pounds prior to the 2010 season and improved his quickness
For the complete report see: Ourlad Guide To The NFL Draft

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

J.J. Watt 11th Pick in 2011 NFL Draft

Watt, JJ Wisconsin 6053 290 4.84

Houston Texans

Junior entry. Started every game for the Badgers for 2 years
after transferring from Central Michigan where he played tight
end. Plays the game with great passion and emotion. Quick first
step to penetrate or contain rush. Can set the edge and keep his
outside arm free to make a play. Good bend and flexibility. A
relentless competitor who is the total package of quickness,
agility, and strength. Can stack and shuck a single blocker. Has
the innate strength to split a double team, shed, and make a
tackle for a loss or no gain. Instinctive enough to get in the
throwing lane and bat down passes. He has the vertical jump of
a kangaroo at 37 inches. Plays hard from start to finish. Football
is important to him. Has big and powerful hands to deliver a sixinch
punch. Good use of his active and strong hands. Forces the
quarterback to step up into the pocket when rushing the passer.
For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft.

Trivia from the Iconoclast.......

Thoughts I’d like to share with fellow Eagles fans, or others who have some interest in The National Football League.

The Eagles’ selection of Alex Henery, a placekicker, in the fourth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, presents an opportunity for some trivia.

Alex Henery was the first placekicker Philadelphia selected since 1984, 27 years ago, when they opted for Youngstown’s State’s Paul McFadden in the 12th round. Before that, who was the placekicker selected by Philadelphia before McFadden? What was the intervening time-frame?

The answers: Manny Matsakis (Capital) and the time interval was measured in hours. Matsakis was taken in the 8th round of that 1984 Draft. Puzzling? It was to me. It still is.

When I tried that on people who might know, only one got it correct. Most answered, “Tony Franklin (1979).” Would it be a surprise that, in 1981, Alan Duncan (Tennessee) was selected, two years AFTER Franklin?

The list of Eagles designated solely as kickers in the NFL Draft prior to Alex Henery are:
year round player school
1966 20 Circo, Gerald (Cal State-Chico)
1967 14 Kenney, Dick (Michigan State)
1970 14 Moseley, Mark (Stephen F. Austin)
1971 4 Feller, Happy (Texas)
1979 3 Franklin, Tony (Texas A&M)
1981 7 Duncan, Alan (Tennessee)
1984 8 Matsakis, Manny (Capital)
1984 12 McFadden, Paul (Youngstown St.)

Interestingly, Jerrel Wilson, chosen by the Los Angeles Rams in the 1963 NFL Draft (17th round) as “LB-K” was the first player to carry the kicker label as part of his draft position designation.

In the NFL Draft, the first player designated exclusively as a kicker was Dick VanRaaphorst (Ohio State) by the Cleveland Browns in 1964 (10th round). Pete Gogolak (Cornell) was taken in the 12th round of the AFL Draft that same year. Prior to that, kickers were position players with the added responsibility.

Cameron Heyward, 31st Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Heyward, Cameron Ohio State 6050 299 4.90

Pittsburgh Steelers

Four-year starter who is versatile enough to play anywhere
along the front of a 4-3 or a 3-4 defense. Plays head up or
shades any of the front five offensive linemen. Moved around
to take advantage of match-up weaknesses. Someone at Penn
State riled him up and he proceeded to rack up 11 tackles, 3
tackles for loss, and 2 sacks. He has the talent to dominate his
competition. Grading his flashes he is powerful and explosive
off the ball. Has a quick first step. Can explode and unlock his
hips with force. Plays with a good power base and lower body
strength. Can bend his knees and play with leverage but will get
too high at times. If he plays that high on Sunday, he will get
rolled out of the hole. Has the innate strength to run over a
blocker on his bull rush. His game is power and strength. Can
collapse the pocket with vertical push and effort. Will finish
pursuit. For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To
The NFL Draft

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Danny Watkins, 23rd Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft

Watkins, Danny Baylor 6034 312 5.37

Philadelphia Eagles

Two-year starter at left tackle. Transfer from Butte (CA) Junior
College. Will be a 26-year old rookie. In his previous life he was
a firefighter for four years before entering college. Physical in
his play. Goes to the whistle. Plays square. Can lockout, sit
down, and anchor a bull rush. Gets movement on double teams.
Moves his feet on contact. A power player with good feet and
follow through in the run game. Maintains a good base. Will
collide with linebacker’s ear hole at times on the second level.
Sometimes looks old school with his fire, fit, and follow through
on base run blocks. Plays with maturity and violence in his
hands. When he locks on a breast plate the pass rush is over. Big
strong hands and long arms. Controls and drives defender in the
run game.For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The
NFL Draft.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mark Ingram, 28th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Ingram, Mark Alabama 5091 215 4.55

New Orleans Saints

Junior entry. Two-year starter. 2009 Heisman Trophy winner.
Compact build. Good vision and cutting ability. Possesses top
level running skills. Good runner after first contact. Strong
powerful legs and lower body. Can step through tackles. Presses
the hole and slices between defenders. Sweet feet. Stop and go
quickness. Legs drive on contact. Patient runner with good
instincts and awareness. Competitive runner with a low pad
level. Hit and spin move. Plays in a multiple scheme offense
that features the I-formation among other wrinkles. Takes the
direct snap in the Wildcat offense. Follows and cuts off blockers.
Good in space. Excellent contact balance with the skill to beat
the first tackler. Plays faster than timed speed. Ran an explosive
1.55 10-yard split at the Combine. Has the ability to catch all
pass routes with good eye-hand coordination. Rarely used as a
receiver, but makes plays.For complete report see
Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Corey Liuget, 18th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft

Liuget, Corey Illinois 6021 298 4.99

San Diego Chargers

Junior entry. Started 20 games in his career. A talented and
relentless, hyperactive, explosive player with the agility of a
linebacker. A playmaker who works his way through traffic to
make a tackle. Athletic and active laterally up and down the line
of scrimmage. A physical and disruptive presence with a body to
match. Good muscle mass from chest to calves with the required
powerful hips. He lost 30 pounds prior to the season. Plays the
game like he is having fun and enjoys it. Talented and hard
working in his play. Doesn’t stay blocked. Quick twitch.
Explosive first step, lateral, foot and hand quickness. Has a
third gear closing burst rushing the passer or pursuing the ball
downfield. Has the ability and strength to get off and shed a
blocker. A jolt and explosion type player. Can and has played
DE in a three man front or a DT in a four man alignment. Plays
with good hip flexibility and a low pad level. A front up tackler
For the complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prince Amukamara, 19th Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft

Amukamara, Prince Nebraska 6010 206 4.43

New York Giants

Two-year starter. Came to Nebraska as a running back, was projected
to play receiver. Has experience in both off and press man zone
coverage plus man to man coverage. Good foot quickness and
change of direction. Has some hip tightness but is generally loose
hipped. Fluid in his movement and turns. Good short area quickness.
Aggressive and confident in press coverage. No hesitation on run
support. Drives quickly on the ball carrier in front of him. Get
them down type tackler. He does it all, wrap, cut, and drag down.
Doesn’t shy away from contact. Good instincts. Can make up
ground before the ball gets to the receiver. Very little wasted motion in
his turns. Doesn’t lunge or overextend in press coverage. Gets to top
speed quickly. Receivers rarely get separation on him. He runs their
route and is always in position to make a play on the ball. Good range
For the complete report see: Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cam Newton, 1st Pick Overall 2011 NFL Draft

Newton, Cam Auburn 6050 248 4.59

Carolina Panthers

Junior entry. One-year starter. Junior college transfer. Started
career at the University of Florida. Won the junior college
national championship at Blinn (TX) Junior College in 2009.
Runs the spread, no huddle, run first edition. Confident and
aggressive in his play. Runs the dive and read option. Quick up
the field when he runs the ball. Big and strong. Uses the stiff arm
to ward off tacklers. Physical in the run game. Can take and
give a hit. Runs the ball out of the Wildcat. Can avoid defenders
in space. Question ability to pre-read, sight adjust, and locate
secondary receivers. His field vision and awareness are not readily
evident. Runs the quarterback counter sweep and follows his
blockers. Demonstrates an open field burst to run away from
defenders. Can elude pass rushers. Tall enough to see over the
line. Has a strong arm and fast ball when he needs it. Can zip the
ball on a shallow post route or hit a receiver on a 25-yard
comeback. Generally throws to wide open receivers. One flaw is
that he stares down and locks on a receiver. Will sling the ball
on the run off balance trying to make a play. Will need to learn
all the nuances and fundamentals of the pro passing game -
consistency, ability to anticipate windows in coverage, taking
snaps from center and dropping to the throwing point, For the
complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cameron Jordan, 24th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Jordan, Cameron California 6041 287 4.76

New Orleans Saints

Three-year starter. A flexible athlete who can bend and turn the
corner. Played end in 3-4 scheme at Cal. Long arms and huge
hands to control the blocker. Explosive edge speed and power.
Quick hands to stab, punch, and extend his arms to gain separation.
Consistent in the run game and rushing the passer. Can push the
pocket when moved inside at tackle. Plays with good leverage and
quickness. Disruptive and instinctive player who breaks quickly on
a thrown ball. Possesses a thick and strong lower body to anchor in
the run game. Uses a series of moves, including a rip or arm over to
split a seam. Productive and aware. Impressive week of practice at
the Senior Bowl where he impressed with his intensity and run
stuffing ability. Bright-eyed, smart, and a high effort fast twitch
For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anthony Castonzo, 22nd Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft

Castonzo, Anthony Boston College 6071 305 5.23

Indianapolis Colts

Four-year starter. Team captain. Has started 54 straight games.
First true freshman to start for Boston College in 10 years.
Long arms and big hands. Typical BC offensive tackle – tall,
tough, and physical in his play. A mauler who is always looking
to hit somebody. Plays left tackle, but is more of a right tackle
type. Rangy but not smooth. Physically and mentally tough. A
quick learner which is a definite requirement to start early in his
NFL career. Has the ability to quick set and redirect with natural
body control in his pass pro. Grabs the defender’s breast plate
and steers him with his strong hands. He has the agility and
balance to block good defensive ends. He wore out #94 Armond
Armstead (USC’s end) in the Emerald Bowl in 2009. Has the
ability to mirror, wall off, change direction, and recover.
For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nate Solder, 17th Pick 1st Round 2011 NFL Draft

Solder, Nate Colorado 6082 319 4.96

New England Patriots

Three-year starter. Moved from tight end to tackle the spring
of 2008. A good athlete who can lock out and shock a defender
in pass protection. Has a 32-inch vertical jump. Has quickness
and functional strength. Easy light feet to slide laterally and
adjust his block to a speed rusher. He can block the edge.
Dominated Texas A&M pass rusher, Von Miller, in their head to
head match up. Good body control and balance. Sudden to redirect.
Knows how to use his long arms. Patient - lets the pass rusher
come to him. Plays with natural knee bend. Can handle a
defender’s spin move with foot quickness and balance. Uses
good footwork to gain depth. Shows the ability to adjust and
block different looks. Position wall off in the run game.
For complete report see: Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Monday, May 16, 2011

Christian Ponder 12th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Ponder,Christian Florida State 6021 222 4.65

Minnesota Vikings

A three-year starter. Graduated in 2 ½ years and has been working
on his MBA for the past year and a half. Learning complex NFL
offenses will not be a problem. Has Kurt Warner type accuracy.
Consistent ability to keep receivers on their routes with few
adjustments. Throws a catchable ball with timing, touch, and
rare ball placement to his receivers. Completed 68.8 percent of
his passes in 2009. Patient passing the ball. Lets the play develop
while reading coverages, then delivers ball. Equally skilled at
throwing horizontal or vertical passes with accuracy. Quick
release. Always ready to throw, keeps the ball up at shoulder
level or above. No wasted motion. Tight spiral with velocity.
Quick feet. Gets to throwing point quickly in conventional or
shotgun alignments. Good mechanics. Can scramble out, gather
himself, and throw accurately. Quick and fluid. A poised leader
who doesn’t get rattled. Features the arm strength to fit the ball
into tight spots in the “red zone.” Quick twitch from vision
For complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nick Fairley, 13th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Fairley, Nick Auburn 6037 291 4.87

Detroit Lions

Junior entry. One-year starter. Junior college transfer. Lombardi
Award winner. Long arms and measurables for the position.
Nose tackle or a four-man front defensive tackle. Pushes the
pocket as an inside pass rusher. Draws consistent double teams.
Gets his long arms up in the throwing lane. A disruptive penetrator
who consistently draws double teams. Will stop his feet and quit
working to the ball once he’s doubled at times. Will flash ability
to hustle on outside plays. A big man who can beat a hesitant
offensive lineman. Picks his spots and is explosive and aggressive
fighting to beat a block. Plays in a rotation where he is fresh.
Tendency to play high. Can overpower a center or guard with
strength or beat them with quickness. Sudden to shuck a blocker
or split a double team. Three sacks versus LSU. Guesses a lot,
but has above average instincts. Needs to improve his ability to
control blocker with his hands. His success is through the gaps.
He needs to adjust to blocking schemes quicker. May need extra
For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blaine Gabbert, 10th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Gabbert, Blaine Missouri 6043 234 4.62

Jacksonville Jaguars

Junior entry. Two-year starter. Right handed passer who is consistent
and accurate in his play. Gets the ball out of his hand quickly.
Sudden to “catch” and release. He sees it quickly and hits it quickly.
Can speed up his delivery under the pressure of a rush and keep his
accuracy. Carries the ball chest high or higher at all times. No
wasted motion to re-cock and throw. High overhand release.
Demonstrates good touch over the linebackers and in front of the
safeties. Generally throws a tight spiral with good velocity. High
RPMs, good rotation. Will use his eyes and pump fakes to move
the safeties. Athletic and mobile enough to extend the play. A
rhythm and timing passer. Plays in a pass first spread offense that
features slant routes, bubble screens, and quick outs. Will also step
into the deep passes downfield and put the ball between the numbers
on the receiver. A patient quarterback who spreads the ball around
to four, sometimes five different receivers. Accurate throwing the
skinny post down the seam. Deadly on the 18-yard out. Strong
enough to run quarterback draws in the red zone. Will tuck the ball
away and lower his shoulder going for the extra yard. A long strider
who can scramble for positive deep yards For the complete report see
Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jake Locker, 8th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Locker, Jake Washington 6022 231 4.59

Tennessee Titans

Three-year starter who is a dynamic playmaker. Possesses all
the tools and athletic ability to succeed on the next level. Broke
his thumb in game four against Stanford in 2008 which slowed
his progress. Played in 2009 with a group of young receivers
who dropped several passes early in the year but proved to be
talented skill players by season’s end. Returned to the Huskies
in 2010 to continue his development under quarterback guru
and head coach Steve Sarkisian. Fundamentally, Locker is an
ascending player who can throw from the pocket or on the
move from a variety of deliveries. Classic compact release.
Holds ball cheek level and is quick on his release. Plays in both
a spread offense where he takes shotgun snaps and a pro style
where he accepts the ball from under center. His arm is strong
enough to throw deep and all the sideline passes. He can zip the
tough deep comeback route. Has the innate ability to speed up
his delivery under a heavy rush and gets the ball out of his hand
quickly and on time. Can hit a moving target in stride on vertical
patterns down the field. Particularly dangerous on play action,
bootlegs, and waggle plays because of his movement skills
Fopr complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tyron Smith 9th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Smith, Tyron Southern Cal 6050 307 4.95

Dallas Cowboys

Junior entry. Two-year starter with extra long arms and catcher
mitt hands. Plays in a pro style offense and drives the defender
the way he wants to go. Good zone blocker. Seals the play side
with technique and athletic ability. Good lateral range to slide
his feet and adjust to block a speed rusher. Played right tackle at
USC but has left tackle feet and athletic ability. Will be drafted
as a left tackle. He is equally skilled and effective pass or run
blocking. A knee bender with leg drive and hip snap. Has the
strength, shock, control, and drive to dominate. Regains his
body control and balance to get out of trouble. Can redirect and
recover in pass protection. Good use of hands.
For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aldon Smith, 7th overall pick 2011 Draft

Smith, Aldon Missouri 6042 263 4.74

San Francisco 49ers
Junior entry. Two-year starter with outstanding athletic ability
and long arms. Red-shirt in 2008. Fractured the fibula in his
right leg versus San Diego State on 9/18/10 and missed the next 3
games. Played in 10 games over the season. Healed without surgery.
Had no sacks in 6 of his last 7 games. Plays in a 2 or 4 point stance.
His body of work is sporadic. What position is he going to play?
Right defensive end in a 4-man front or rush outside linebacker in
a 3-4 scheme? We graded his flashes from several 2009 and 2010
games. Top game as a red-shirt freshman was an 11-tackle effort
versus Texas in 2009 which included 4 TFL and 2 sacks. He disappears
for long stretches and then makes a key play, i.e.: a 58-yard INT in win
over Oklahoma, and two late clutch tackles versus Kansas in 2009 to
seal the game - his only two tackles of the game. Plays better when
schemed free - twists stunts. Plays every position in a 4-man front,
looking for match-up weaknesses. Instincts and awareness are
questionable. Hesitant. Will need to develop more pass rush moves.
For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A.J. Green 4th pick 2011 NFL Draft

Green, AJ Georgia 6035 211 4.50Junior entry.

Cincinnati Bengals

Three-year starter. Was suspended the first four
games for reportedly selling a game jersey to an agent. A natural
hand catcher with good focus. He extends to catch the ball away
from the frame of his body. No blind spots. Can make the overhead
circus catch as needed. A good athlete who is quick in and out of his
breaks. Demonstrates rare quickness that may be more important
than his speed. A polished route runner who has room for fine
tuning his game. For example - doesn’t always come back to the
ball and is not always crisp against a lower level talent. A wiry and
strong build to compete for the ball in a crowd. Can adjust to the
ball with good hip flexibility and knee bend. Has the speed and
acceleration to eat up a cushion. Finds the ball quickly in transition
out of route. Adjusts to the flight of the ball. Good body control
For the complete report see: Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Patrick Peterson 5th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Peterson, Patrick LSU 6002 219 4.34 Junior entry.

Arizona Cardinals

Two-and-half year starter. The top player at any
position in the 2011 Draft in our opinion. Big, fast, athletic,
flexible, strong, intelligent, confident, and competitive. As an
additional bonus he has exceptional punt return skills, averaging
over 16 yards per return. As a kickoff return specialist he averaged
a gaudy 29.1 yards per return. It is doubtful that he will return
kickoffs if he is a starting corner. Good foot quickness and
change of direction ability. Can stick his foot in the ground and
drive on the ball in front or plant and go get a ball in the air. He
can drive and snap off quickly. Has recover ability. Sticky man
cover ability. Physical in press man to man. A smooth athlete
who can accelerate to top speed quickly. Closing and catch-up
speed. Built like a running back. Attacks the football with
outstanding eye-hand coordination. Can match up on opponent’s
top receiver. He locked horns with Alabama’s Julio Jones three
years in a row. Plays square. A top level competitor who can
play the run or the pass equally as well. An explosive player who
will look back for the ball while leaning into the receiver. Won’t let
a receiver off the line.For complete report see: Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Julio Jones 6th Pick in 2011 NFL Draft

Jones, Julio Alabama 6026 220 4.39 Junior entry.

Atlanta Falcons

Three-year starter who is a big physical receiver
with rare speed for his size. Ran faster than we projected. Can
make the acrobatic adjustment to the ball on a back shoulder
throw. A big target who will reach and extend for the ball on a
slant pattern. Has no fear of going across the middle. A clutch,
big play receiver who has the mentality of a press corner. Physical
and tough. Will sacrifice his body for the ball. Has the stamina
to run all day long. Productive against top level competition.
Battled Patrick Peterson for three straight years and it could be
argued that Jones took two of the three match-ups. A strong
hand catcher who will break a tackle and finish a play. Falls
forward. Instinctive running ability. Not easy to tackle.
For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marcell Dareus, Third Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft

Dareus, Marcell Alabama 6031 319 4.93

Drafted as the 3rd Pick in the 1st Round by the Buffalo Bills
Junior entry. Two-year starter. A versatile long armed power
player who is strong in the run game and disruptive as a pass
rusher. Locks out and controls the pass protector with his strong
hands. Plays in a controlled contain rush scheme, but is quick
enough to release and bounce outside to make a play. Doesn’t
stay blocked. Plays square with his toes pointed to the goal line.
Has strong power base in the run game. Thick and explosive
lower body. Quick arm over move when turned loose to rush the
passer. Sudden lateral quickness to close down the inside running
lanes. Athletic and quick on loop, angle, and slant stunts. Uses
offensive linemen like a “shiver board” skating down the line.
Explosive punch and uncoil power. Good instincts with quick
reactions. Can feel pressure and react on the move.

For the complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Von Miller, 2nd Pick in 2011 NFL Draft

Miller, Von Texas A&M 6025 237 4.60

Drafted as the 2nd Pick in the 1st round by the Denver Broncos
Three-year starter who is a productive 3-4 outside pass rusher.
Butkus Award winner in 2010. May be a Will flow type linebacker
who plays stacked behind a defensive end, but has a knack and
desire to rush the passer. Moved around in the Aggie defense to
take advantage of match-ups and alignments to blitz and pressure
the quarterback. Has blitzed and pressured the quarterback from
an inside stand up position as well as playing up or down in a 3-
point stance off the edge. Good balance and body control. Good
lateral quickness and reactions. Accelerates to the ball. Good
burst after initial contact. Can force a hurry or cause havoc in
the backfield. Quick penetrator on the goal line. Outstanding
first step quickness and timing to fly up the field. No run
responsibility on pass downs. Because of his size he will get tied
up on big offensive tackles at times and get bounced around.
The defense played a more Pittsburgh Steeler type scheme in
2010, featuring a variety of zone blitzes, pressures, and aggressive
play. Miller lined up in the Aggie “Jack” position
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Free Agent Corners & Safeties......

The most important factor used to compile the free agent rankings is the
player’s ability and performance on the field. Next is the age and time factor,
especially players over the age of thirty. We then look at durability and injury
issues with the older veterans. Lastly, we evaluate the intangible areas (i.e.:
attitude, work ethic, and off-field troubles) as those red flags often follow a
player to his new team. Restricted free agents rarely move. The players are
ranked in order of their value. Keep in mind that maintenance of this list is
ongoing. Minor errors or omissions are possible. For example, when a player
signs during the season, his new contract’s expiration date is sometimes unclear.
It is likely that a few players are even now negotiating new or extended contracts
with their team.The following signings are as of March 14, 2011.
F – Tagged by current team as a Franchise Player
T – Tendered by current team
S – Signed by current team
UFA – Unrestricted Free Agent
URF – Unsigned Restricted Free Agent
ERF – Exclusive Restricted Free Agent
CC – Cap Casualty/New Team


Asomugha, Nnamdi OAK 30 UFA
Joseph, Johnathan CIN 27 URF
Bailey, Champ DEN 33 S
Carr, Brandon KC 25 T
Grimes, Brent ATL 28 T
Cromartie, Antonio NYJ 27 URF
Carr, Chris BAL 28 UFA
Taylor, Ike PIT 31 UFA
Wilson, Josh BAL 26 URF
Rogers, Carlos WAS 30 UFA
Marshall, Richard CAR 26 URF
Houston, Chris DET 26 URF
Jennings, Kelly SEA 28 URF
Wright, Eric CLE 26 URF
Barber, Ronde TB 36 S
Routt, Stanford OAK 28 S
Arrington, Kyle NE 25 T
Washington, Fabian BAL 28 UFA
Florence, Drayton BUF 30 UFA
Buchanon, Phillip WAS 30 UFA
Williams, Brian ATL 32 UFA


Weddle, Eric SD 26 URF
Landry, Dawan BAL 28 URF
Mikell, Quintin PHI 30 UFA
Manning, Danieal CHI 29 URF
Atogwe, OJ STL 30 CC/
Huff, Michael OAK 28 URF
Sensabaugh, Gerald DAL 28 UFA
Sanders, Bob IND 30 CC/
Whitner, Donte BUF 26 URF
Goldson, Dashon SF 26 URF
Wilson, George BUF 30 S
Harper, Roman NO 28 URF
Pool, Brodney NYJ 27 UFA
Bigby, Atari GB 29 URF
Bullitt, Melvin IND 26 URF
Zbikowski, Tom BAL 26 URF
Pollard, Bernard HOU 26 URF
Elam, Abram CLE 26 URF
Abdullah, Husain MIN 26 T
Greene, Courtney JAC 24 ERF
Oliver, Paul SD 27 URF
Williams, Roy CIN 31 URF
Lynch, Corey TB 26 URF

Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Draft Third Day Quarterbacks.....

Stanzi, Ricky Iowa 6041 221 4.93
Kansas City Chiefs

Three-year starter. Plays in a pro style offense that features
shotgun, drop back, play action, and roll out type passes and
protections. Uses his eyes and pump fakes to move the safeties.
Improved decision making and interception-to-pass ratio
dramatically in 2010. Has a tall angular build with movement
skills to extend a play. Good touch over the linebackers. Good
week of practice at the Senior Bowl. Kept his eyes down the
field. Demonstrated a sixth sense in the pocket. Good feel and
awareness. Poised. Can avoid pressure by sliding in the pocket.
Compact, overhand delivery keeps the ball high. Accuracy is a
bit off at times, especially on deep passes. Good field vision..
For complete report See Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft..

Taylor,Tyrod Virginia Tech 6006 216 4.51
Baltimore Ravens
Three-and-a-half year starter who is very athletic and mobile.
Can roll away from pressure. Can make a completion under
duress. Delivers the ball in traffic. Operates best in a clean
pocket. Shorter than ideal, but throws through passing lanes.
Plays best on the move. Steady improvement over his career
although he will take unnecessary sacks at times. Decision
making is inconsistent. A reliable leader who plays with
confidence. Rare movement skills to escape with suddenness to
make a play. A developmental project who will provide depth.
For Complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft.

McElroy,Greg Alabama 6016 222 4.91

New York JetsTwo-year starter who is
an efficient ball control passer with
good ball placement. A very smart, aware, and heady prospect.
Has a fringe skill level for an NFL quarterback. Average arm
strength to keep a secondary honest. Best on short and swing
routes. Good anticipation and decisions. Good leadership qualities.
Can feel the rush and adjust to the pressure. Plays in a multiple
offensive scheme. Good mechanics to throwing point. Good touch
over the linebackers. Is a reliable manager of the game.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Yates, TJ North Carolina 6030 219 5.10
Houston Texans

Four-year starter who had a good senior year despite losing his best
receiver, Greg Little, to an NCAA suspension. Was very inconsistent
as a junior but weathered the storm and helped hold the team
together in 2010. A ball control West Coast type quarterback.
When he’s hot, he’s very good. Possesses above average athletic
ability. Accurate short and medium. Holds the ball up and gets it out
of his hand quickly. Average arm strength. Has active feet in the
pocket. Ready to pass or sidestep a rush...For complete report see
Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Enderle, Nathan Idaho 6043 242 5.15

Chicago Bears

Four-year starter with good arm strength and football
intelligence. Plays in a drop back pro style offense. Heavy feet.
Below average mobility. Productive over his career. Very average
accuracy with a career completion of 54.6%. Threw five
interceptions against Nebraska in 2010. Three were tipped passes.
Has a tight compact delivery and a quick release. Ball placement
to receivers is inconsistent. Footwork in the pocket and his
ability to reset his body with balance is below average. Doesn’t
appear to have that “sixth sense” in the pocket to feel....
For the complete report see..Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft..