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Friday, May 13, 2011

Jake Locker, 8th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Locker, Jake Washington 6022 231 4.59

Tennessee Titans

Three-year starter who is a dynamic playmaker. Possesses all
the tools and athletic ability to succeed on the next level. Broke
his thumb in game four against Stanford in 2008 which slowed
his progress. Played in 2009 with a group of young receivers
who dropped several passes early in the year but proved to be
talented skill players by season’s end. Returned to the Huskies
in 2010 to continue his development under quarterback guru
and head coach Steve Sarkisian. Fundamentally, Locker is an
ascending player who can throw from the pocket or on the
move from a variety of deliveries. Classic compact release.
Holds ball cheek level and is quick on his release. Plays in both
a spread offense where he takes shotgun snaps and a pro style
where he accepts the ball from under center. His arm is strong
enough to throw deep and all the sideline passes. He can zip the
tough deep comeback route. Has the innate ability to speed up
his delivery under a heavy rush and gets the ball out of his hand
quickly and on time. Can hit a moving target in stride on vertical
patterns down the field. Particularly dangerous on play action,
bootlegs, and waggle plays because of his movement skills
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