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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ryan Mallett, New England Patriots, 74th Pick, 3rd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Mallett, Ryan Arkansas 6067 253 5.37
Junior entry. Two-year starter. Transfer from the University of Michigan. A big man with a big arm. Can make all the NFL caliber passes. Can throw the fade pattern with accuracy and touch. Runs a combination pro and spread offensive scheme. Takes ball in shotgun under center. Has the arm strength to take advantage of coverage breakdowns. The ball doesn’t stay in the air long. Good velocity. Plays in a complex offensive system. Has the ability to manage the offense and handle adjustments. Can drive the ball down the field and hit the receivers on routes with few adjustments. Struggles to reset body with balance to make a quick and accurate throw. Big and strong, straight line runner. Must set his feet to throw accurately. Pressure in the pocket causes him problems. Needs a clean pocket to succeed. Has a tendency to throw low if under duress. Struggles to avoid the rush. There are question marks on his intangibles of work habits and attitude and lack of consistency at times. In the Sugar Bowl he threw skinny post and seam routes as good as a quarterback can place the ball and they were dropped by inconsistent receivers. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Stevan Ridley, New England Patriots, 73rd Pick, 3rd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Ridley, Stevan LSU 5112 225 4.64
Junior entry. Started nine games in career. An I-formation back who is a straight ahead north/south runner who can pick his way through traffic. Drives legs on contact. Generally gets what’s blocked. Not always a creative runner, but runs hard. Picks up his feet and can step through tackles. Downhill with zone cut back vision. Lowers his shoulder and will hit and spin off the tackler. Can slip tacklers or make a defender miss in space. Skips through the line and can make a linebacker grab for air. Explosive into the hole at times and flashes a quick cut and burst up the field. Combines different running styles to gain yards. A tough kid who can break tackles. Keeps his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage and runs to daylight. A natural hand catcher who is rarely used in that role. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Martez Wilson, New Orleans Saints, 72nd Pick, 3rd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Wilson, Martez Illinois 6036 250 4.49
Junior entry. Started off the early part of the season slowly, coming off a neck injury that caused him to miss the 2009 season. Played inside in a 4-2-5 defensive scheme. He took bad angles, was cut on low blocks, and got his shoulders turned. He lacked the ability to play square. Inconsistent tackler with a hard hit but no wrap. Made several plays when he was not blocked. Downhill player with functional athletic ability, agility, size, and speed. Had an outstanding athletic workout at the Combine but question his fluidity and hip flexibility. Plays tall and with inconsistent knee bend. Lacks fluid explosiveness. Inconsistent to maintain leverage on blocks. Hesitates. Jumps around and gets behind the ball, but has good catch-up speed. Aggressive and competitive. Struggles to hold ground on plays directly at him. Question his natural ability to find the ball. Marginal instincts. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys, 71st Pick, 3rd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Murray, DeMarco Oklahoma 5115 213 4.41
A four-year starter who has rotated with other backs over his career. A versatile athlete who plays in a spread offense. Has experience at wide receiver, in the slot, and takes the direct snap in the Wildcat along with his running back duties. As a freshman he averaged 29.3 yards per kickoff return. Solid overall run skills, inside and outside. Natural instincts and feel for running the ball. Quick reactions, vision, and has the ability to find and hit a crease with body lean. Runs with a low pad level and has good contact balance. Uses a strong stiff arm to ward off tacklers. A pick and slide type runner who is talented and can sidestep a tackler. Displays good hands to catch all the pass routes with good eye/hand coordination. Dependable and reliable to make plays as needed. A clutch player at crunch time. Three time first team All Big-12 Academic. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Justin Houston, Kansas City Chiefs, 70th Pick, 3rd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Houston, Justin Georgia 6027 270 4.68
Junior entry. Two-year starter who has experience as a 3-4 rush end and a 4-3 end. Stood up in 2010 and came off the edge. Did not always play to his outstanding athletic ability. Gets tied up on offensive tackles. Inconsistent use of hands to separate. Strong upper body. Can set the edge if he plays with leverage and technique. Turns the corner and flattens out down the line. Lateral quickness and change of direction are unusually good for a big man. Effort on plays away is inconsistent. Doesn’t always fly to the football. Quick first step. Question instincts. If he sees it he can make a play. Inconsistent to control an opponent with his hands. If you grade his flashes and look at his 2010 production, he looks like a future Pro Bowler. If you look at the total picture, Houston must elevate his total game. Will contribute on special teams coverage. Played on the punt team for the Bulldogs. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rob Housler, Arizona Cardinals, 69th Pick, 3rd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Housler, Rob Florida Atlantic 6050 248 4.55
Started 20 games over career. Has the speed to test the vertical coverage. More receiver than blocker at this point. Runs good routes with good body control in and out of his cuts. Long arms and rare leaping ability for the position. A flex tight end in a spread offense. Angular build that needs more bulk and good weight to contribute as a blocker on the next level. Lacks physical play at the point of attack. Not explosive or dominant. Runs patterns with good body control and comes out of his cuts smoothly. Raw ability. A developmental, size and speed prospect. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Kelvin Sheppard, Buffalo Bills, 68th Pick, 3rd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Sheppard, Kelvin LSU 6021 246 4.66
Two-year starter who is physical and emotional in his play. Good leader. Doesn’t stay blocked. Quick to separate and hustles to the ball. Nose for the ball. Quick to sniff out the middle screen. Plays fast sideline to sideline. Has experience at all three linebacker spots in the 4-3 defense. Stays on his feet and plays square. Takes smart angles. Good lateral agility. Senior Bowl notes: excellent initial read and react. Good first step and gets downhill with no hesitation. Solid tackle to tackle player with good inside run instincts. Decent range and can get to the ball outside. Very aggressive taking on blocks but tends to get locked up as he looks for the ball instead of defeating the block. At his best with a clear path to the ball. Takes a decent drop in coverage but has average range and change of direction reacting to the throw. Plays the run well but struggles in coverage and in space. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Nate Irving, Denver Broncos, 67th Pick, 3rd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Irving, Nate No. Carolina St. 6012 242 4.80
Started 26 games over three years. Missed the 2009 season after he was severely injured in an auto accident. His ribs, lung, shoulder, and leg were all affected. Experience at both inside and outside linebacker. Aggressive and explosive in his play. Has speed and savvy to time edge blitz to cause pressure or be disruptive. Good range. Plays instinctively and with leverage. Looks the part and moves well. Athletic and instinctive. When he sees it he reacts well from tackle to tackle. Shows a quick first step as a blitzer but tended to lock up if he did not win on the first move. Has a burst in pursuit. Shows tools to take on blocks but did not always finish and would take a side and get out of position. He was not extremely quick in space and took some false steps in coverage. Overall he flashed good skill and linebacker tools but was inconsistent in reactions and needs to finish better. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Dontay Moch, Cincinnati Bengals, 66th Pick, 3rd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Moch, Dontay Nevada 6013 248 4.44
Three-year starter who is a productive, yet undersized rusher. Has made 63 tackles for loss plus 30 sacks in his career. Outstanding athletic ability. Played with his hand down in college. Needs more strength and technique to play the run at the point of attack. Had a 1.57/10 time at the Combine. Projects to a 3- 4 rush linebacker. Must escape on the first move or he gets locked up. Needs to improve his hand usage. Lacks the size to stay in and stack the off tackle hole. Shows an intense desire to run down the ball carrier. Effective on both short and long pursuit. Struggles to change directions for a player with his athletic ability. Needs to develop other moves besides a bull rush and a burst off the edge. A developmental edge player. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Terrell McClain, Carolina Panthers, 65th Pick, 3rd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

McClain, Terrell South Florida 6017 297 4.98
Three-year starter with a thick lower body. Doesn’t stay blocked. Plays inside tackle in a four man front. A good athlete with a quick first step. Long arms and big hands for the position. Functional strength to hold his ground. Fills the running lanes and pushes the pocket in the pass game. Quick to disengage and tackle. Tendency to play too high at times. Runs to finish play. Explosive short area quickness. Plays with a good power base to stack the run. Sheds and runs to the ball. Plays square to the line of scrimmage with good lateral quickness. Competitive. Works to the whistle. Quick on the pass rush but has difficultly disengaging at times. Strong power rusher when he goes up the middle. Can get the guard or center back on their heels. Relies on his quickness. Will dive and make arm tackles. A solid backup type performer who would fit into a rotation. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers, 64th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Cobb, Randall Kentucky 5102 191 4.45
Junior entry. Three-year starter who is a unique and diverse
offensive weapon. Plays smart. A competitor with good athletic
ability. A slot type receiver who can cause mismatches with his
quickness and finish speed. Good contact balance. Plays in a spread offense where he scored four different ways in 2010(receiving, running, passing, and returning a punt for a touchdown.) Good run after catch ability. Functional strength.Gets separation. Dangerous in space. Good concentration to catch the ball in traffic. Can beat the first tackler on a regular basis.
Catches the ball out away from his body. Good effort on every
play. Has a few concentration drops. Natural running skills when
he has his hands on the ball. A good route runner who is smooth
with a burst out of his turns. Drops his weight. Good change of
direction qualities. Can control his body in the air. Good stick and
stay blocking effort.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Marcus Gilbert, Pittsburgh Steelers, 63rd Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Gilbert, Marcus Florida 6064 329 5.45
Two-year starter. Started at right tackle in 2009, moved to left
tackle in 2010. A big man with good athletic ability. Works to
keep his hands inside on the breast plate. Plays balanced with a
good base in pass protection. Will get beat around the edge if he
doesn’t get enough depth to wall off a wide rusher. When pulling
he is athletic enough to get through the traffic, tag his target,
and stay on his feet. Has experience at both guard and tackle.
May be a right tackle only where he plays with more confidence.
Plays with better than average foot quickness in pass protection.
Can quick set and force separation with a solid punch. Plays
with good effort and athletic ability. Must sustain longer to be
effective consistently in the run game. Has a tendency to lose
his knee bend and play upright as a pass protector. Has a chance
to be an eventual starter at right tackle if he plays with consistent
overall technique in the pass and run games.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Daniel Thomas, Miami Dolphins, 62nd Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Thomas, Daniel Kansas State 6002 230 4.68
Two-year starter. Junior college transfer. Big-12 Newcomer of
the Year in 2009 when he led the league in rushing with 1265
yards. A physical runner who runs with his eyes. Excellent vision. A slasher who can make the defender miss in the open field. A versatile athlete who played quarterback in high school and junior college. Bounces the ball outside quickly and instinctively if there is no hole. He will also make the tough one and two yard runs with his strong leg drive. An intelligent runner who can break tackles after initial contact. Has a burst through the hole. A natural downhill north/south runner. Keeps his shoulders square. Not easy to tackle. An offensive weapon with good running skills and patience. Plays out at wide receiver, in the slot, I formation tailback, and takes the direct snap in the Wildcat from the center. Has receiver type soft hands. Can adjust to a poor pass and pluck the ball. A hand catcher. He needs technique work on his route running and blocking, but displays effort. He can take punishment as a runner and play with pain. Good contact balance and athletic speed. More of an upright runner. Was recruited to Florida as a quarterback out of high school but spent two years at NW Mississippi Junior College after not qualifying. Spent 2008 at Butler (KS) Junior College and Manhattan (KS) Christian working on academics. Enrolled at Kansas State in July 2009. Followed up his junior year with a strong senior season. Excellent agility for a big back. An ascending player who has had only two years experience at running back. Runs with power and determination. Does not go down easily. Nose for the goal-line. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jonas Mouton, San Diego Chargers, 61st Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Mouton, Jonas Michigan 6010 239 4.84

Three-year starter at weakside linebacker. Instinctive. Not fooled
by draws or screens. A physical run through tackler in the open
field. Breaks down and makes a play. Used as an edge blitzer at
times. Good get off. Disruptive in his play. Plays square. Bounces
around on the balls of his feet. Can run the hump and get in on
the play. Led the Big-10 in tackles with 9.8 per game. Will
contribute on all special teams coverage units.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Brandon Harris, Houston Texans, 60th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Harris, Brandon Miami 5094 191 4.53
Junior entry. Three-year starter. Shorter than ideal for a starting
corner, but has good leaping ability. Smooth in his turns with
good hip flexibility. Miami’s best one on one secondary defender. Struggled against big receiver, Michael Floyd from Notre Dame in the Sun Bowl. Instinctive and competitive. Can play outside or man up in the slot. Has a quick burst to close suddenly or can make up ground. Plays faster than timed speed. Sudden to quick key and force the run and tackle. Good ball skills to play the ball down the field. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Greg Little, Cleveland Browns, 59th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Little, Greg North Carolina 6024 231 4.51
Three-year starter. Did not play in 2010 due to a ruling by the
NCAA on accepting extra benefits. Talented and athletic as any wide receiver in the 2011 draft. The sticky wicket in Little’s
production lies in the quarterback position where TJ Yates threw more interceptions than touchdown passes and consistently missed open receivers in 2009. The upside for the big receiver was that almost every catch he made was spectacular and magical. Has started at both running back and wide receiver during his career. Does it all – blocks, catches, and runs strong after catch. Slashes through arm tackles and finishes the play. Goes up after the ball at the high point with his strong hands and positions his body between the ball and defender. An impact player with long arms and big hands. Possesses natural ball skills. Plucks the ball away from his body. Has the foot quickness to beat press coverage. Can avoid and shows a burst to get upfield and separate. Big and strong enough for inside breaking routes. Good hip flexibility and knee bend. Adjusts to the flight of the ball and competes to catch it. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens, 58th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Smith, Torrey Maryland 6007 204 4.43
Junior entry. Two-and-a-half year starter who is a vertical receiver with good body control. Creates separation with speed and athletic ability. Quick feet gives him a chance to come out of his break with a burst. Plays fast. Competitive at the ball in the air. Can make the tough circus type catch. Uses his talent as a kickoff return specialist to run after catch as a receiver. All-time ACC career kickoff return leader. Adjusts well to the low ball or high and away passes. Runs the full route tree with outs, deep, corner patterns, dig routes, comebacks, etc. Many times he outruns
the coverage, but the quarterback can’t get him the ball or under throws him. Good effort to block in the run game. A mature and stable hard worker who is an ascending player. Will contribute on special teams. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Mikel Leshoure, Detroit Lions, 57th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Leshoure, Mikel Illinois 5115 227 4.59
Junior entry. Two-year starter. A tackle to tackle downhill power runner. Plays in a spread and I-formation offense that features the read option. Leshoure gets the edge by scheme. A strong short yardage runner who can move the pile with his running strength. Not easy to tackle. Takes power steps. Drives his legs on contact and can bounce the ball outside if defense collapses inside. An impact North and South runner who is a part of a three-back rotation. Can pick his way through traffic on the second level with vision and instincts. Slows to cut. Keeps the ball on his inside arm instead of rotating to outside arm. Physical runner who uses the stiff arm to ward off tacklers. Good feet and body lean with his pad level down. Will take the direct snap at times in the Wildcat formation. Has been durable with the exception of a neck injury in 2009. An effective receiver on swing passes and wheel routes. Can adjust to the ball. Will body catch at times. Runs good patterns. Inconsistent as a blocker. Plays with a good base, but absorbs too much of the blow. Has courage. Needs pass pro work. A downhill hammer on the goal line and short yardage.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Erik Ainge retires from New York Jets

Erik Ainge retired from the New York Jets today after a series of drug related problems. What Ourlads NFL Scouting Service said about Ainge as a pro prospect in 2008: Ainge,Erik Tennessee 6054 225. Started two full years in 2006 and 2007. Had eleven additional starts in 2004 and 2005. Missed parts of first two years with injuries. Tall and angular quarterback. Does a good job of seeing the field. Patient in the pocket. Sees everything in front of him. He takes what the defense gives him. Increased his passing percentage by twenty percent from 2005 to 2006. Plays in both the conventional and shotgun offense. If he has time, he can find the holes in the secondary. Will short-arm passes at times because he drops his right elbow. Classic pocket passer that has limited mobility. Has a deliberate set up. Long strides back to throwing point. A right-handed passer with a quick release. Has the arm strength to throw the deep ball but has been cursed by drops. Generally smart and poised in the pocket.
Can handle the pressure of the position. Has the ability to manage the team from start to finish. Nephew of Celtic General Manager Danny Ainge. Ball velocity 52 mph. OSR:15/17. Fourth/Fifth Round. Ainge was drafted in the fifth round.

Shane Vereen, New England Patriots, 56th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Vereen, Shane California 5102 210 4.50
Junior entry. Started 19 games over three years. Plays in a
multiple set offensive scheme. Good vision and power. In a
rotation with other backs to stay fresh. Works his way through
traffic as a bender/weaver type runner. Runs the ball at times
with a direct snap in Wildcat offense. Good contact balance.
Lacked explosiveness in the Oregon game. Looked like he signed a non-aggression pact as a blocker in pass protection. A toe cutter when he does block. A natural pass receiver with 74 catches in his career. Good adjust to a high or off target pass. Runs north and south and leaks through to the second level. Question ball security at times. Has a chance to make a team as a third down back if he improves his willingness to block. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Rodney Hudson, Kansas City Chiefs, 55th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Hudson, Rodney Florida State 6022 291 5.27
Four-year starter at left guard. Awarded the Jacobs’ Blocking
Trophy in 2009 and 2010 as the best offensive lineman in the
conference. Projects to center for some teams because of size.
Hudson is the classic “don’t look at the size of the dog in the
fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” Plays with the speed
and agility to pull and be effective on the second level where he
seals the linebackers by taking good angles. Possesses rare foot
quickness to execute a variety of blocks in run blocking and pass
protection. Plays with functional strength and leverage to handle
larger defensive linemen. Can turn the defender in the hole.
Puts a hat on a hat and maintains contact. Athletic enough to
zone block, double team, combo, trap, and log as well as lead
through the hole and around the edge. If production is based on
consistency for an offensive lineman, Hudson has only been
penalized three times in three years and averages one missed
assignment for every 112 plays. String of 28 straight starts was
ended by missing the final two games of 2009 with a knee strain.
Everything about his game is sudden – weight transfer and change
of direction, space adjustment, body control and balance recovery,
set quickness, base and reach blocks, and punch and use of hands.
Active downfield. Gets push in the run game. Drives his feet on
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Jaiquawn Jarrett, Philadelphia Eagles, 54th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Jarrett, Jaiquawn Temple 5117 196 4.65
Started 37 games in his productive career. A box type strong
safety. Flashes good ability in all phases of his game. Not the
most athletic safety, but has short area quickness. Good ball
skills. Sudden breakup on short routes. Understands zone
coverage. Instinctive. Consistent and aggressive in run support.
Struggled to balance receivers in the seam and outside in the
Senior Bowl. Some tightness to turn and run in man coverage.
Good ball skills. A high effort player who has some limitations.
Flashes some over the top ability. Can stick his foot in the
ground and drive quickly on the ball. Full contact alley player in
run support. Instinctive and smart. A downhill run support safety
who is a good tackler. Will contribute on special teams.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Stephen Paea, Chicago Bears, 53rd Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Paea, Stephen Oregon State 6012 303 5.00
Two-year starter. Junior college transfer. Consistently draws double teams and frees up other linemen across the front. Tough to single block with his strength and leverage. Plays low with a flat back. Thick and quick. Extremely strong arms and legs. A quick penetrator style like John Randle or Warren Sapp. Explosive push up the field on pass downs. A disruptive player who is quick enough to beat the snap. Must be accounted for and game plan specific. Gains an advantage with his first step quickness. Explodes and uncoils his hips with force. Stout inline play strength to stop the run. Plays on his feet. Strong enough to lock out and separate from blocker. An end to end player who can control blockers and pursue down the line. Can grab grass
and split a double team. Fights through blockers to make a play. Productive in OSU’s scheme. Grew up in Tonga where he played rugby. Was the 2009 Morris Trophy winner, given annually to the PAC 10’s top defensive lineman as voted on by the league’s offensive linemen. Set a strength record at the Combine benching 225 pounds 49 times. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Marvin Austin, NY Giants, 52nd Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Austin, Marvin North Carolina 6015 309 4.89
Two-year starter. Was ineligible to play his senior year for
violating NCAA regulations. In 2009, Austin flashed dominating
ability in the North Carolina State game; however for most of
2009 he was an underachiever. He was inconsistent to use his
hands to separate, disengage the blocker, and find the football.
Can be tied up with a reach block. Comes off the ball high.
Inconsistent leverage on blocks and has a tendency to get sealed.
Question instincts and first step quickness. Has technique
breakdowns and opens up his body as a target to blockers. Can
be single blocked by undersized linemen. Inconsistent to hold
his ground and then pursue outside the box. Lacks the quick
twitch desired in a top level defensive lineman. In the Shrine
East/West practices, he showcased his lateral and edge quickness.
He still played high and was controlled by blockers in team
periods of practice and the game. It doesn’t appear that he
knows what it takes to be a complete player. Inconsistent to
fight pressure. A good athlete with tools to perform on Sunday
if he wants it badly enough.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Da'Quan Bowers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 51st Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Bowers, Da’Quan Clemson 6033 280 4.75
Junior entry. Three-year starter with long arms and big hands.
The loss of 15 pounds helped Bowers become more explosive
off the edge. Light on his feet. Demonstrates a burst to the ball
carrier after he sheds the block. Makes the quarterback throw
out of the well on the pass rush by getting his hands up. Athletic
enough to drop into coverage. Can run the hoop around the
edge and run a play down from behind the line of scrimmage.
Plays on his feet. Good lateral quickness. He has the ability to
pressure and flush the quarterback out of the pocket. A disruptive
athlete who can accelerate off a block. Good agility and body
control. Keeps his balance. Quick feet and reactions. Reads play
quickly. If he doesn’t make the play, he forces a hurry. Tackling
numbers improved every year. Can set the edge with leverage
and strength at the point. Gives a good effort. Needs to diversify
his bag of tricks rushing the passer. Gets pushed by the quarterback
and up the field at times.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Marcus Gilchrist, San Diego Chargers, 50th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Gilchrist, Marcus Clemson 5100 195 4.45
Two-year starter. A free safety with corner skills. Good foot
quickness with some hip tightness in his turns. Possesses short
area reactions and quickness. Competitive and productive over
his career. Was in on 107 tackles as a junior. Good ball skills and
functional speed. Understands zone concepts. Physical in the
run game. Smart and alert. Good anticipation to get a jump on
the ball. Good football intelligence. Has quickness off the turn
with acceleration and catch-up speed. Can run with receivers.
Good leaping ability and range. Closes quickly on the ball.
Physical and aggressive tacklers. Depending on the scheme could
start as a press corner or either safety position. Only one career
interception is a concern. Will contribute on the return game
and on special teams coverage.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Ben Ijalana, Indianapolis Colts, 49th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Ijalana, Ben Villanova 6035 317 5.35
Four-year starter who dominated his level of competition. May
get his first work in an NFL camp at tackle because of his long
arms. We think he’ll be moved inside to guard because of his
fringe height for the tackle position. Flashes punch and explosion
in the run game. Strong on down blocks to seal the edge. Athletic
in his play. Has quick feet to mirror and slide his feet. When he
locks out on a defensive end in pass protection, he can snap his
hips and dominate with his hands. Plays with a good base and
knee bend. Seals the edge in the run game. Still green around the
gills. He is just learning how to play the game. Needs work on all
the basic techniques and pass protection fundamentals. Was a man
playing with boys for the most part. Will need to get used to the
speed of the next level to redirect and shift his weight quickly. Must
consistently stay square to shadow the pass rusher. Good lateral
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Stefen Wisniewski, Oakland Raiders, 48th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Wisniewski, Stefen Penn State 6030 313 5.31
Three-year starter who may be the best center or guard in the
2011 draft. Has starting experience at both center and guard.
Big hands and good arm length for the position. Played right
guard in 2010. His versatility at the three inside positions will
make him attractive to a variety of teams. Consistent in his
overall play. Experience at both the shotgun and conventional
snap. Explosive. A knee bender who can roll his hips, shock,
control, and drive a defender with leverage and strength. Stays
balanced when blocking on the move. In pass pro he controls
his opponent with hand quickness, stab, punch, and placement
on the breast plate. Mentally tough in both the run game and
pass protection. Maintains and sustains pass protection and run
block with good base and position. Gains an advantage with his
quickness on the snap. Plays with attitude and aggression. Can
quick position a defender and run his feet on contact. Good
lateral agility. Has the strength to anchor versus power.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Lance Kendricks, St. Louis Rams, 47th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Kendricks, Lance Wisconsin 6031 243 4.75
Two-year starter who is a move tight end that can adjust and
block on the run. A former wide receiver with good route savvy
and receiving skills. Is a sticky, physical, and scrappy blocker.
An H-back type who lines up in the slot or wing position. As
with all Badger tight ends, they spend more time working on
blocking than they do catching the ball. Has the ability to make
the tough catch. Athletic after catch. No hold up on his release.
Good body control in and out of his cuts. Flashes some fake and
cut ability. More fluid than stiff in his movements. Flexible with
good knee bend. Creates space from the defender to get open.
Good awareness of coverages. Can get open versus man to man
or zone. Can catch a ball in a crowd. Good concentration.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Orlando Franklin, Denver Broncos, 46th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Franklin, Orlando Miami 6054 315 5.12
Three-year starter with long arms and big hands. Strong hands
to grab the steering wheel and drive the defender into the ground.
Has some violence in his game. Plays left and also has experience
at right tackle and left guard. Good punch. Explosive in his play.
Leaks through and seals linebackers on the second level. A knee
bender with a solid lower body that is flexible and hard to knock
off his feet. Good body control. Possesses the size, strength,
balance, and base to anchor against power. A good use of his
active hands but will lobster grab a defender outside the frame at
times. A good athlete with foot quickness, body control, recovery
in pass protection. Slides and moves his light feet. Shadows the
pass rusher. Can be explosive out of his stance but comes off slow
at times. May lose concentration. Has the talent to be an eventual
starter if he gets stronger and stays technique sound.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Rahim Moore, Denver Broncos, 45th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Moore, Rahim UCLA 5116 202 4.53
Junior entry. Three-year starter who demonstrates good ability
to quick key and diagnose a play. Fourteen career interceptions.
Has a wide range when playing in the deep zone area. Has the
ability to be where the ball is. Slender and rangy build. Active in
run support. Takes good angles. A better than average tackler.
Struggled to tackle physical backs like Bradford from USC.
Athletic in his movement. Smooth and easy with quickness.
Good feet and hip flexibility. Has the sixth sense to locate and
recognize pass or run. Good ball skills and reactions. Plays the
ball in the air. Has the speed and burst to overlap in deep coverage.
Can run in man to man coverage with tight ends, slot receivers,
and backs. Hard to shake. Smooth transitions. Will contribute
on all special teams coverage units.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Titus Young, Detroit Lions, 44th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Young, Titus Boise State 5112 174 4.53
Started 26 games in his career. An explosive sure-handed catcher
who plucks the ball away from his frame and can make the deep
over shoulder catch. Quick in and out of his route cuts. Has the
speed to get behind the secondary and make a big play. Quick
feet to avoid press coverage. Will reach and extend for an off
target pass. A wiry, but slender built vertical receiver. Well
coached. Looks ball into his hands. Plays fast with a burst up the
field after he snatches the ball in his hands. Has explosive play
speed. Runs the fly sweep reverse. Best as a short or vertical
receiver. Can separate from defender with speed, quickness, and
guile. Good body control and contact balance after catch. Not
easy to tackle in space. A sticky type stick and stay blocker. Has
caught 204 passes for 3063 yards and 25 touchdowns in his
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings, 43rd Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Rudolph, Kyle Notre Dame 6061 258 4.77
Junior entry. Started 18 games in career. Injured his right
hamstring in preseason camp and played at about 75% through
6 games. In the sixth game against Pittsburgh, he tore the
hamstring off the bone then underwent surgery. In the second
game of the year, Rudolph went 95 yards for a touchdown
against Michigan. The huge red zone target lined up in the slot
at “x” (split end) as well as tight end. A natural hand catcher
who will reach and extend for the ball. Used on fade patterns in
the end zone as a mismatch on smaller corners. As a high school
basketball player he had over 600 rebounds in his career. Gets
the ball at the high point. Excellent concentration and reaction
to the ball. Catches the ball above the crowd. Competitive for
the ball in traffic or over the middle. A three layer tight end who
catches the short hide routes in the flat, middle seam routes, or
split cover-two deep down the middle. Fights for the yards after
the catch. Solid inline run blocker with good upper and lower
body strength. Good balance and knee bend in pass protection.
Stays square. Light feet. Works to finish. Takes good angles and
can adjust on the run in space. Stays on his feet. Comes off hard
on his release. Fluid in his patterns with good body control. Can
get open horizontally and vertically. Will drive and sustain.
Productive and willing.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Brooks Reed, Houston Texans, 42nd Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Reed, Brooks Arizona 6024 263 4.68
Three-year starter. Explosive first step quickness. Plays fast
and hard. Flies around the field. In a three end rotation. Good
lateral quickness to close down the off tackle seam. Projects to
a 3-4 outside edge rusher. Must develop counter moves. He
consistently gets pushed up the field past the quarterback. Great
desire to run back down. Caught Kendall Hunter 35 yards down
the field. Plays square with his toes to the goal and shuffles his
feet down the line of scrimmage. Will stand up and blitz the
same side as Ricky Elmore. Intense, competitive, and athletic
in his play. Has a quick spin move that frees him up at times.
Can leverage a tackle and run him back to the quarterback. Will
need work on his pass drops and pass coverage skills. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jarvis Jenkins, Washington Redskins, 41st Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Jenkins, Jarvis Clemson 6037 309 5.08
Three-year starter. Active in his play. Try hard, good effort
player who will finish pursuit to the perimeter. Quick first step.
Gets his hands up and into the throwing lane. Physical against
the run when he gets his pad level down. Has a tendency to play
high. Works his feet and hands to press the pocket and rush the
quarterback. Plays in a front rotation where he is always fresh.
Doesn’t stay blocked. Quick to disengage and separate from the
blocker. Can stack and hold his ground against double teams.
Needs to develop his pass rush moves. Basically uses the bull
rush and tries to overpower the blocker. That rarely happens on
the next level. A reactive player who has a nose for the ball. Has
functional strength but needs more upper and lower body strength.
Possibly a two gap 3-4 defensive end. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Bruce Carter, Dallas Cowboys, 40th pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Carter, Bruce North Carolina 6020 241 4.60
Four-year starter who is athletic and can run sideline to sideline.
When he sees the ball he reacts, then closes quickly. Average instincts.
As natural an athlete at linebacker as there is in the 2011 Draft.
Fluid with good hip flexibility. A knee bender with quick hands and
feet. Pass rush quickness with the ability to redirect. A three down
linebacker who makes plays. Doesn’t stay blocked. Good use of
hands to ward off blocks. Plays on his feet. Agile getting through
traffic in pursuit. Has range, speed, lateral quickness, and a burst to
finish off plays on the perimeter of the defense. A grab and drag
down type tackler. Inconsistent wrap up with his arms. Appears to
be holding back instead of turning it loose on the field. As a zone
pass defender he can recognize, react, and drop. Good turn ability
with quick feet and speed. In man to man coverage he has catch
speed, can recover, and can run with tight ends and backs and many
slot receivers. In 2008 he led the country in blocked kicks with
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Akeem Ayers, Tennessee Titans, 39th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Ayers, Akeem UCLA 6024 254 4.80
Junior entry. Two-year starter and team captain who plays best
on the line of scrimmage as an edge rusher. Can play up in a two
point stance or down in a three point stance. Can turn the
corner. Average upper and lower body flexibility. Needs to
upgrade his hand use to lock out and separate from big tackles
and tight ends. Needs more upper body strength. Questionable
instincts to read and digest quickly. Possesses the size that teams
are looking for in an outside linebacker. Looks more athletic
and faster on tape than his times. Lacks strength to seal the off
tackle gap in the run game. Can stick his foot in the ground and
break up quickly on check downs and ball carriers in front of
him. Flashes good ability to wrap up tackle. Has the speed and
athletic ability to carry a tight end down the field. Ayers has a
chance to be an eventual starter with developmental time.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Ryan Williams, Arizona Cardinals, 38th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Williams, Ryan Virginia Tech 5093 212 4.61
Junior entry. Started 18 games in his career. Played in only five
games last season due to a hamstring injury. Breakout year was
his redshirt freshman year in 2009 when he rushed for 1655
yards and 21 TDs. Runs low where he gives very little hitting
surface for the defense. Natural instincts and feel for running
the ball. Finishes his runs. Can make a defender miss by power
or shake in the open field. A feature runner who has good inside
vision and the ability to create positive yardage on poorly
blocked plays. The Hokies use both the spread and I-formation.
Presses the hole and accelerates through the hole with good body
lean, strength, and power. Good contact balance and run after first
contact. Gets downhill quickly off tackle on the toss sweeps. Flashes
a burst around the edge. Usually schemed to get outside. Has caught
only 30 passes in his career, but is a natural hand catcher. Wants the
ball at crunch time. Question ball security and durability issues.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Jabaal Sheard, Cleveland Browns, 37th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Sheard, Jabaal Pittsburgh 6027 264 4.69
Three-year starter with long arms and big hands for the position.
With the loss of Greg Romeus at right defensive end, protections
all slid to Sheard where he was double and triple teamed most of
the year. Gave a good effort and played with an injured left
elbow. Impact hitter on slant moves. Quick first step up the
field. Lines up 3-4 yards outside the tackle in a 3-point stance.
He will stand up at times on a twist stunt. Disruptive player who
gets his hands up in the throwing lane or makes a quarterback
pull up by keeping contain and the inside of the defense can
make the sack. Uses the rip and bull rush to pressure the edge.
Disciplined within the defense. Can stack the run but needs to
get stronger. Explosive pass rush ability. Intense, mobile, and
quick. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco, 36th Pick, 2011 NFL Draft

Kaepernick, Colin Nevada 6045 225 4.53

Four-year starter who has been productive with his arm and legs
over his career. Impressive mobility and deep ball accuracy. A
good athlete who can make all the NFL throws. Has a good
pocket presence to move and slide away from pressure. He ran
the Pistol offense that was developed by his head coach, Chris
Ault. The quarterback is closer to the line of scrimmage (4 yds)
than a true shotgun formation (6-7 yds). The running back lines
up 3 yards behind the quarterback. This formation was developed
to add power and an option running game to the spread offense.
The Steelers used some Pistol concepts with Ben Roethlisberger
in 2010 after Ben broke his foot. Kansas City, Miami, and
Detroit also dabbled with the Pistol offense. Kaepernick is a
hard working self-motivated athlete who will work in and off
season to develop into an NFL quarterback. Throws ¾ arm with
a long motion. Good accuracy short, medium, and long. Extends
the play to let the play develop. Can gun the 10-yard out from the
opposite hash mark. Productive in his career with over 10,000
yards passing and over 4000 yards rushing. In 2010 he had 20
passing TDs and 20 rushing TDs. Outstanding competitor who is a
long strider. Stands tall in the pocket. Makes up for his long delivery
with ball velocity and quickness. A game changing dynamic
performer who is an ascending player. Ball velocity 59 mph.
For complete report see:Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Monday, June 20, 2011

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati, 35th Pick, 2011 NFL Draft

Dalton, Andy TCU 6020 213 4.87

Four-year starter. A developmental project who is skilled in a
zone read offense in college. As with all other spread formation
quarterbacks, Dalton must work at taking snaps from under
center, develop his footwork to the throwing point, and work
from a pocket among a myriad of NFL nuances of quarterback
play. He does have a skill set such as a quick release, above
average accuracy, and timing on his passes. His catch and release
quickness comes from his offensive schemes’ predetermined
reads. Arm strength is best short and medium. His deep ball has
a tendency to hang or fade before it reaches its target. Uses the
pump fake to move the safeties. Intangibles are all good. Will
need to overcome his position skill level deficiencies to be
more than an NFL backup quarterback. 2010 stats: 2857 yds,
66.1%, 27 TDs, 6 INTs. Career stats: 10314 yds, 61.7%, 71
TDs, 30 INTs. Ball velocity 56 mph.
Fo the complete report see: Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft.

Aaron Williams, Buffalo Bills, 34th Pick, 2nd Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Williams, Aaron Texas 5117 204 4.53

Junior entry. Two-year starter. A projected safety with corner
skills. Has some hip tightness in his turns. In 2010 he played
two games at right corner, three at left corner, and four as the
nickel back. Played safety in high school. An above average
athlete who put up 225 pounds 18 times at the Combine. Good
foot quickness. Will play press coverage nose to nose with
balance and strength. Good use of hands and arms. Played man
to man on Oklahoma’s wide receiver, Ryan Broyles, with
confidence and attitude. Does a good job at playing the ball in
the air and knocking down catchable balls. Will contribute on
coverage teams and as a backup punt returner.For complete report
see:Ourlads Guide To the NFL Draft.

Ras-I-Dowling,New England, 33rd Pick NFL Draft 2011

Dowling, Ras-I Virginia 6013 198 4.46

Two-year starter who has good size and speed. Good ball skills.
Not afraid to support the run. Injuries limited his senior play, so
2009 film is what his report is based on. Played in five games in
2010. Started two of them at cornerback. His injuries include a
left ankle fracture, hamstring strain, and a right knee injury.
Smooth in his turns. Has special teams coverage experience.
Injuries have played a part in his inconsistent game. Not afraid
to support the run. Slow to disengage the blocker in the run
game at times. Has a lengthy injury history. Pro day 4/4/11: 10-
8/BJ, 19/BP.For complete report see:Ourlads Guide To the NFL Draft

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adrian Taylor, 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agent, Defensive Tackle

Taylor, Adrian Oklahoma 6033 311 5.10
Three-year starter. Naturally strong. Can play the defensive
interior position in the four man front. Plays high at times, but
can stack and shed. Above average athletic ability, is tough and
physical. Hard to tie up on a reach block. Can extend on a run
block with a punch. Gives a good effort. Productivity was down
in 2010 with 12 tackles, 1/2 TFL, and 1/2 sack. He played in six
games before suffering an Achilles injury. Has a past injury
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Kevin Rutland, 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agent, Defensive Corner

Rutland, Kevin Missouri 5115 190 4.46
Two-year starter. Strong senior year. Good leaping ability. Has
special teams experience. Some tightness in his hips. Not smooth
in transition. Has some short area quickness with experience at
both corner and safety. Good size and speed. Average athletic
ability for the position. Developmental practice squad type
For complete report see Ourlads' Guide to the NFL Draft.

Roberto Davis, 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agent, Outside Linebacker

Davis, Roberto NW Missouri St. 6022 254 4.89
Two-year starter. Started career at New Mexico State. Transferred
to Reedley (CA) Junior College and finished up at NW Missouri
State. Played in the offensive line at New Mexico State. Earned
the MVP of the Texas versus Nation game. Has the quickness to
get around the edge and pressure the quarterback. Plays low and
can leverage the blocker. A good developmental 3-4 rush
linebacker. Productive and instinctive. Maintains leverage on
the blocks. Reacts well to pass or run. Finds the ball. Sees,
registers, and reacts. Keeps the blockers off his body and stays
on his feet. Shoulder surgery late March.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Darvin Adams, 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agent, Wide Receiver

Adams, Darvin Auburn 6021 190 4.56
Junior entry. Two year starter who is a slender possession receiver.
Plays the “x” receiver position in a run oriented spread offense.
Will catch the medium zone dig route over the middle. Catches
the ball away from his frame and can make the tough catch.
Holds the ball on contact. Runs good but elementary spread
type pass patterns. Needs to get more upper and lower body
strength. A one speed type receiver who lacks an explosive first
step off the line. A developmental receiver who has a chance to
make a team if he elevates his position skills.
For complete report see Ourlads' Guide to the NFL Draft.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ray Dominguez, 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agent, Offensive Guard

Dominguez, Ray Arkansas 6040 334 5.45
Three-year starter. Plays the strong tackle position. The offensive line
flip flops - both guards and tackles learn the right and left sides. Projects
inside to guard. Better run blocker than edge pass protector. Has good
anchor strength against the bull rush. Inconsistent finish. Plays with a
wide base in pass protection. Long arms and strong hands. Will grab the
steering wheel and bury defensive tackle at times. May develop into a
zone run blocking mauler in the run game. Will compete and give
effort. Developmental prospect.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Alex Wujciak, 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agent, Inside Linebacker

Wujciak, Alex Maryland 6025 246 4.78
Three-year starter. Team captain. A productive playmaker with
over 100 tackles per year for three straight years. Averaged 9.3
tackles per game in 2010. Terps’ leading tackler. Good instincts
and toughness at the point of attack. Projects to the Mike or
middle linebacker in a 4-3 or the run stuffing inside linebacker
in a 3-4. Physically and mentally tough. Good intensity in his
play. An average athlete who is a try hard, overachiever type.
Will contribute on special teams coverage units.
For complete report see Ourlads' Guide to the NFL Draft.

Terrance Turner, 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agent, Wide Receiver

Turner, Terrance Indiana 6016 220 4.62
Three-year starter. Team captain. Has good run after catch
ability. Played in a spread offense that featured bubble screens,
outs, hitches, and quick slants. Catches the ball in his soft hands.
Will reach and extend for the ball away from his body. Catches the ball with an intent to run. Natural running motion. Can break a tackle. Finishes play. A good athlete and a competitor with good football character. Will come off the corner and block a safety. Has rare leaping ability to go with his reliable hands. Will double move a corner or a safety down the field. A developmental receiver with good tools.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.