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Monday, August 29, 2011

Chicago Bears release DE Vernon Gholston, Draft Rewind 2008

Vernon Gholston was a first round choice, the sixth pick of the New York Jets in 2008. What we said:

Gholston, Vernon Ohio State 6030 266 4.68 Junior entry. Two-year starter. Outstanding athletic ability. Still learning how to play the game. Productive big play end. Had 14 sacks and 15 1/2 tackles for loss in his 37 tackles. Had three sacks against Michigan. Can get locked up by a physical tackle that knows how to use his hands. Will throw his body at the ball carrier. Not a hell bent for leather player on ball away. Looks like he’s saving himself. Keeps his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage and generally doesn’t get turned. Is athletic enough to cover backs in the flat. Sudden upfield penetration. Gets rolled out if he gets too high. Driven back in the end zone by the LSU tight end and got his shoulders turned. Plays strong off cut and chip blocks and maintains contain responsibilities. Cushions back and folds inside on inside or plays away. Can be single blocked. Hand fights with tackle too much. When he gets pressure many times it is schemed (i.e.: twist, etc. will run around block to make play.) Will hit but no wrap. Question intensity and instincts. His game is full of inconsistencies. May be more athletic than football player. OSR:1/46. Edge speed:left 1.84, right 1.97.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kentwan Balmer Cut at Seattle..Draft Rewind 2008

Kentwan Balmer was recently cut by Seattle after an unsuccessful run in San Francisco where he was  the 29th pick in the 1st round. He was just signed by the Carolina PanthersWhat we said about Balmer in 2008:  Balmer, Kentwan North Carolina 6044 308 5.31 One-year starter that showed limited production his senior year. Projects to a 3-4 defensive end but lack of edge speed may move him back inside. Plays high. Thick butt and thighs (a good thing.) Gets some push up inside. Not hard to move because he plays high and gets leveraged. Gets tied up and is slow to disengage. Easily walled off. Inconsistent to fight pressure. Marginal use of hands. In a rotation. Does not play the whole game. Played soft against Miami. Was put on skates at times. Lacks foot quickness and hands after first step. Did not produce until his last season. Not an explosive player. More of a pusher. Fringe pursuit effort. Doesn’t appear to be a self starter. Needs technique work in his overall game. Will be over drafted because of size. Boom or bust type. OSR:37/46. Edge speed:left 1.88, right 2.19. Third/fourth round. (A-33 1/4, H-10, BP-33, 10-1.81).

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oniel Cousins cut by Ravens, Draft Rewind 2008: What We Said:

Posted by Mike Florio/Profootballtalk on August 27, 2011, 10:41 AM EDT
Baltimore Ravens 2010 Headshots Teams aren’t required to cut to 80 players until Tuesday. But once teams get their third preseason games in the books, there’s no reason to keep the extra guys around.
The Ravens, who played the Redskins Thursday night, have made their cuts. The biggest name was tackle Oniel Cousins, a third-round draft choice in 2008, who appeared in every game last season — and who started the first two preseason games in 2011.

Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft 2008:

Cousins, Oniel UTEP 6036 308 5.17
Two-year starter. Lacks the foot quickness to be a left tackle. Needs technique work. Struggles to redirect and footwork in pass protection is below average. Long arms. Needs more upper and lower body strength. Just started playing football in his sophomore year in high school. Projects from tackle to offensive guard. A work in progress. Has the frame to add positive weight to help him anchor and stop a charge. Plays with an aggressive attitude. Works to finish blocks. Lacks overall experience and is raw. Needs work on hand placement in both the pass and running game. An average athlete that has tools to work with. At this point he is a better run blocker, but will flash a punch to the breast plate at times. A developmental player with enough ability to make a team. OSR:23/42. Fifth/sixth round. (A- 35 3/8, H-9 5/8, BP-23, 10-1.81).

2011 NFL Strength Of Schedule

* Teams in the 2010 Playoffs

A look at the most difficult schedules in 2011 (based on opponents' 2010 record).
TeamCombined win-loss recordPercentage
1. Carolina Panthers142-114-0.555
2. Buffalo Bills137-119-0.535
3t. New York Jets*133-123-0.520
3t. Indianapolis Colts*133-123-0.520
3t. Jacksonville Jaguars133-123-0.520
3t. Kansas City Chiefs*133-123-0.520
3t. San Diego Chargers133-133-0.520
3t. Denver Broncos133-123-0.520
3t. Detroit Lions133-123-0.520
10t. Miami Dolphins132-124-0.516
10t. Houston Texans132-124-0.516
10t. Minnesota Vikings132-124-0.516
13t. Green Bay Packers*130-126-0.508
13t. New Orleans Saints*130-126-0.508
15t. New England Patriots*129-127-0.504
15t. Philadelphia Eagles*129-127-0.504
15t. Dallas Cowboys129-127-0.504
18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers127-129-0.496
19t. Cleveland Browns126-130-0.492
19t. Oakland Raiders126-130-0.492
19t. New York Giants126-130-0.492
19t. Atlanta Falcons*126-130-0.492
23t. Tennessee Titans125-131-0.488
23t. Chicago Bears*125-131-0.488
23t. Seattle Seahawks*125-131-0.488
26. St. Louis Rams122-134-0.477
27t. Pittsburgh Steelers*121-135-0.473
27t. Cincinnati Bengals121-135-0.473
27t. Washington Redskins121-135-0.473
30. San Francisco 49ers119-137-0.465
31. Baltimore Ravens*117-139-0.457
32. Arizona Cardinals113-143-0.441  

Friday, August 26, 2011

Adrian Clayborn, 20th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Clayborn, Adrian Iowa 6025 281 4.83

Three-year starter who is explosive, disciplined, and relentless in his play. He is as good as any defensive lineman in the past several years to disengage a blocker and make a play. In short, he doesn’t stay blocked. Excellent use of hands to separate, strength to pull and jerk. Stays on his feet. Has slippery quality. Plays with power and activity in his legs. A ready built four-man front right defensive end. Strong against double teams. Plays with leverage. Sudden to read and react after controlling blocker. Gave second round draft choice, Rodger Saffold, fits in 2009. Can feel pressure and react on the move. Explosive when delivering a blow. Good power base with strength to hold his ground. Good balance and body control. His arm length is average but his hand quickness, punch, placement, and extension are unique. Closes inside with authority. Has the lateral speed and quickness to string out and pursue to the sideline. Good awareness and instincts to play a variety of blocking schemes and combination blocks. Productive versus pass or run. Doesn’t lose ground when he tackles a ball carrier. Hard hitter. Athletic through traffic. Urgent and intense. Has good take off quickness on his pass rush. Tenacious. Accelerates off blocks. Burst to close on quarterback. Works his feet and hands together. Turns speed to power. Was born with a mild case of Erbs’ palsy and had some nerve damage in his neck and right side. Did not need surgery but may be relegated to the right side only because of it. Medical and a red flag will determine his draft status. Questions are still unanswered as to why he didn’t bench at the Combine or compete at the Senior Bowl. Productive in 2009 with 70 tackles, 11 1/2 sacks, 2 PBU, and 8 1/2 TFL. 2010 stats: 52 tackles, 3 1/2 sacks, 7 TFL, 1 FF, and 1 PBU.

Robert Quinn, 14th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Quinn, Robert North Carolina 6040 265 4.65

Junior entry. Two-year starter. Plays right defensive end in a four man front. Missed the 2010 season due to a suspension by the NCAA for accepting illegal benefits. Was the best pass rusher in the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2009. Possesses natural hand, foot, and lateral quickness. Doesn’t stay blocked despite the fact he draws several holding calls during a season. Tough to block as a pass rusher. Good flexibility to run the hoop or bend off the edge. Can slip and accelerate off a block. Fast twitch pass rusher who can explode and jolt a pass protector. An instinctive athlete who is disciplined in his contain rush and checks reverses and counters before he sprints from the backside to get in on the play. Would like to see him finish better at times by wrapping up. Good change of direction with a closing burst to the ball carrier. Jams the tight ends to avoid a free release. Needs to improve his ability to shed and stack in the run game. Has the tools, needs the technique. Was voted the ACC’s Brian Piccolo Award winner as the league’s most courageous player in 2008. As a senior in high school, a tumor was found on top of his spinal cavity. It was benign; however it caused a fluid buildup that had to be drained and is checked twice a year. Quinn was a 3-time state heavyweight wrestling champion in South Carolina. His record was 86-0. Father, James Quinn, was an Olympic caliber hurdler. 2009 stats: 52 tackles, 19 TFL, 11 sacks, 6 FF.

Ryan Kerrigan, 16th Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Kerrigan, Ryan Purdue 6037 267 4.71

Three-year starter who is very technique conscious and productive. Plays right defensive end in a four-man front. Rarely gets single blocked. Can’t be blocked with a tight end. Plays low and with good leverage. Can walk an offensive tackle back to the quarterback at times. Instinctive. Quick to read and react to pressure then gets to the ball. Right place at the right time player. Can run the hoop as a pass rusher, bending his course to the depth of the quarterback. Generally doesn’t get run out of the play. Good use of arms, hands, and leverage at the point of attack. Sudden first step. Plays on his feet. Uses a variety of pass rush moves including rip, spin, and slap and grab. Disruptive even if he doesn’t get the sack. Gets his hands up on the rush or tries to slap the ball out of the quarterback or ball carrier’s hand. Doesn’t give up on a play. Works from snap to whistle. Gets through traffic with urgency and intensity. Strong game in win over Ohio State in 2009 where he demonstrated all his tools. Knocked off the rust Senior Bowl week and impressed with his jackrabbit get off quickness. Purdue did not play in a bowl game, so it was about 8 weeks between starts for the elite pass rusher. The highly motivated competitor had 5 tackles, 3 TFL, and a sack in the game. In 2009 he led the Big-10 and was third nationally with 13 sacks. He also had 18 1/2 TFL. He led the nation with 7 FF, second most in Big-10 history. In 2010 he racked up 70 tackles, 12 1/2 sacks, 26 TFL, 5 FF, and 1 PBU. A Jared Allen clone.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Buffalo Bills 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Danny Aiken LS    (Virginia)
Kamar Aiken WR    (Central Florida)
Rajric Coleman DBF   (Utah State)
Robert Eddins LBO   (Ball State)
Anthony Elzy RB    (North Carolina)
Reid Forrest P     (Washington State)
Sidney Glover DBS   (West Virginia)
Chris Hazley PK    (Virginia Tech)
Brandon Hicks LBO   (Florida)
Brad Jefferson LBI   (Georgia Tech)
TJ Langley DLE   (Arkansas Tech)
Loyce Means DBC   (Houston)
Doyle Miller DBC   (Nevada)
Josh Nesbitt DBS   (Georgia Tech)
Zack Pianalto TE    (North Carolina)
Michael Switzer OLG   (Ball State)
Isaiah Thompson OLG   (Houston)

New England Patriots 2011 Undrafted Free Agents

Christian Cox LBI   (Utah)
Chris Koepplin PK    (Massachusetts)
Aaron Lavarias LBO   (Idaho)
Richard Medlin RB    (Houston)
Clay Nurse LBO   (Illinois)
Jeremy Ross WR    (California)
Alex Silvestro LBO   (Rutgers)
Jeff Tarpinian LBI   (Iowa)
Corey Woods OLT   (Akron)
Will Yeatman TE    (Maryland)

Indianapolis Colts 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Joe Lefeged, Rutgers 5112 208 4.43
Three-and-a-half year starter who plays well in the box with good read and react quickness. Appears to be a little tight in the hips but runs well and shows good range. Smart and aware in zone coverage. Sees the receiver and the ball. Good vision. Best in the short and medium areas of coverage. A liability playing a receiver deep down the field. Has the strength to reroute receivers off the line. Plays with good base and balance. Springing up on his toes. Used as a box run support player. He will need developmental work on coverage and safety positional skills. Will contribute on special teams coverage.

Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU 6017 301 5.32
Two-year starter. Plays in a spread offense where he shotgun snaps and does conventional center play. An intense wall off blocker who gets high and up on his toes at times. Rarely on the ground. Good angles to the second level cutoffs. Shorter arms than ideal. Good lateral quickness to pull. Cut on a defensive lineman. Gave Phil Taylor (Baylor) all he could handle early in the season. A zone blocking type center who takes the proper steps and runs a defender on contact. Can push the down lineman and create a seam. Offense is a series of quick passes so he doesn’t hold a block very long. Works to finish his blocks on the second level linebackers. Plays low and with leverage in the run game.

Darren Evans, Virginia Tech 6000 227 4.58
Junior entry. Rotated with Ryan Williams. A big back who runs with a high pad level. Zone type runner. Multiple offense - spread, one back, I-formation. A physical runner who will finish his runs. Average speed and quickness, but can make the first tackler miss with a shake and bake move. Has the quickness to bounce the ball outside. Above average leg strength and leg drive. Gives effort and is willing to block. Has the size to step up, block and anchor a blitzing linebacker. Fringe pro skills and some draftable qualities. Tore an ACL and missed the 2009 season.


Travis Baltz P  (Maryland)
David Bedford DLE   (South Florida)
Chris Colasanti LBI  (Penn State)
David Gilreath WR    (Wisconsin)
Mike Hartline QB    (Kentucky)
Joe Horn WR    (Ashland)
Mike McNeill TE    (Nebraska)
Larrone Moore WR   (Delaware State)
Adrian Moten LBO   (Maryland)
Kerry Neal DLE   (Notre Dame)
Ollie Ogbu DLT  (Penn State)
Chad Spann RB    (Northern Illinois)

Houston Texans 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Terrence Toliver,  LSU 6035 211 4.59
Two-year starter who is a big West Coast type wide receiver that runs slants, catches in a crowd, and is a stick and stay blocker. Toliver was not as productive as his talent warrants, due to the inconsistent play of the quarterbacks. Saved his big game for last with a sterling performance against Texas A and M in the Cotton Bowl. Caught two touchdown passes all season before his three against the Aggies. A big target with run after catch ability. Hands are inconsistent. Can make the tough catch or drop the routine pass. Struggles to drop his weight in and out of his cuts because of long legs. Picks up speed as he goes down the field. Can track and catch the deep overhead ball. Has some run after catch ability. Slippery after catch. Competitive to catch poorly thrown passes. Smooth receiver who can get off press coverage.

Jeff Maehl, Oregon 6007 190 4.59
Three-year starter. Slender build. A good route runner. Consistent and reliable hands. Struggles to separate in man to man coverage. Quick feet to get off press however. A former corner who was moved to wide receiver. Snatches the ball on bubble screens and has an upfield burst. Will go up in a crowd for the ball at the high point and come down with it. Was a better route runner in 2010 when he learned how to separate from defensive backs. Caught at least one pass in 34 consecutive games to end his career. In the BCS Championship game he caught 9 passes for 133 yards, including a BCS record, 81-yard catch. Also caught a 2-point conversion pass. A clutch receiver who is a producer, not a potential guy.

John Graves,  Virginia Tech 6030 286 5.15
Three-year starter who is instinctive and athletic. Does not play with functional strength. Gets bounced around inside. May project to a 3-4 five technique. A team captain. Good backside chase player. Plays better on the move. Lacks the strength to hold up to a double team. He gets rag-dolled at times. Always gives a good effort, but lacks strength in his upper and lower body. Football smart. A developmental player.

Lestar Jean, Florida Atlantic 6030 212 4.65
Two-year starter. An angular receiver with better than average hands. Deceptive speed. Can make the tough catch. Has decent contact balance. A high cut receiver who struggles to get off press coverage. Catches a lot of horizontal passes in the spread system and then gets upfield. Lacks the burst out of his cuts. Ran a 4.53 with the wind at his pro day and a 4.63 against the wind. Not an explosive off the line receiver, but a hard working possession type who will give a willing effort to block in the run game. Football is important to him. Was not offered any scholarships out of high school after a year of prep school. He took his highlight film in to FAU and they offered him a scholarship.

Zane Parr, Virginia 6041 281 4.78
Junior entry. Started 13 games. A developmental prospect who could have used another year in school. A good athlete with a quick first step. A five technique defensive end in a three man front. Must work to keep his pad level down. Needs more technique and strength to stop and stack in the run game at him. Inconsistent leverage on blocks. Needs more pass rushing technique or may be a run player only. Flashes good hand use and grab strength at times. A developmental player with measurables. (released by the Texans on 8-8-11)


Mister Alexander LBO   (Florida St)
Howard Barbieri OLG   (Rutgers)
Scooter Berry DLE   (West Virginia)
Bryan Braman LBO   (West Texas A and M)
Steven Friday LBO   (Virginia Tech)
Brett Hartmann P     (Central Michigan)
Peter Hendrickson OLT   (Tulane)
Matt Marcorelle LBI   (Delaware)
Guy Miller DLT   (Colorado State)
Darius Morris OLT   (Temple)
Zac Pauga RBF   (Colorado State)
Maurice Rolle DBF   (Louisiana-Lafayette)
Jason Teague DBC   (TCU)

Jacksonville Jaguars 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Armon Binns,  Cincinnati 6030 209 4.53
Two-year starter who is a productive possession type receiver. A big target who is a hand catcher. Can beat single coverage. Will reach and extend for a poorly thrown ball. Aggressive and competitive on the ball. Played in a spread offense. Picks up speed as he goes down the field. Caught 136 passes the past two years for 1989 yards and 21 touchdowns. A willing blocker who can adjust on the move. A slot type receiver who is durable and consistent. The leading receiver in the Big East Conference with 6.2 catches and 91.8 yards per game.

Scott Lutrus, Connecticut 6023 239 4.68
Four-year starter. He missed eight games with neck stingers in his junior and senior years. Twice voted a team captain. Experience at both inside and outside linebacker in the 4-3. Good instincts. Plays square and is active. Struggles to break down and tackle in space. Shorter arms than ideal for the position. Borderline physical skills to play in coverage. Better in zone than man to man. Productive. Will contribute on special teams.

Eric Gordon, Michigan State 5115 227 4.54
Four-year starter who is an instinctive and undersized linebacker that makes plays. Always around the football. Was invited to the East/West Shrine game as a strong safety. To his credit, he insisted that he was a linebacker and played well during the week. Hard to block. Slips blocks and pursues play. Experience at both Sam and Will linebacker in the 4-3. Good intensity. Doesn’t stay blocked. A knee bender who stays on his feet and in balance. Good lateral quickness and speed. Will be an asset on all special teams coverage units. Started 49 straight games, a Michigan State record. (was released by the Jaguars on 8-1-11)

Kevin Rutland, Missouri 5115 190 4.46
Two-year starter. Strong senior year. Good leaping ability. Has special teams experience. Some tightness in his hips. Not smooth in transition. Has some short area quickness with experience at both corner and safety. Good size and speed. Average athletic ability for the position. Developmental practice squad type project.


Cameron Bradfield OLT   (Grand Valley St)
Greg Ellingson WR    (Florida International)
Matt Estrada DBF   (Northern Arizona)
Tommy Gallarda TE    (Boise State)
Wade Grayson OLG   (Arkansas)
Brandon Harper OLG   (Duke)
TJ Heath DBC   (Jacksonville State)
Dontrelle Inman WR    (Virginia)
Jalil Johnson DBC   (Jackson State)
Andrew Lewis DLT   (Syracuse)
Michael Lockley LBO   (Florida Atlantic)
Kyle Miller TE    (Mount Union)
Richard Murphy RB   (LSU)
Jamar Newsome WR    (Central Florida)
Odrick Ray DLE   (Tulsa)
Marc Schiechl DLE   (Colorado Mines)
Steven Wesley DLE   (North Alabama)

Kansas City Chiefs 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Charlie Gantt, Michigan State 6036 252 4.85
Three-year starter. Started 39 consecutive games over four years. Aggressive one on one blocker. Sticks to his man and sustains. Good upper body strength to block big men. Not explosive, but shows good feet. Works to get his body in position on the second level. Positions, slides, and shadows. Good base in contact. Can adjust on the move. Snatches the ball in his hands. Good concentration to catch a ball when covered. Can find the void in zone and sit down in the open area. Good target up to 15 yards. Ability to jab one direction and break off route square. Not elusive after catch. May fill a team need as a third tight end.

Brandon Bair, Oregon 6057 283 4.93
Two-year starter who plays defensive tackle, but projects as a 3-4 defensive end. Has the frame to carry more weight. Great effort player who gets push up front. Good awareness to get his hands up in the passing lanes. Will compete. A better athlete than he gets credit for. He was fifth out of 25 defensive tackles in our OSR ratings. He must work to keep his pad level down. Has a wiry type strength. A developmental defensive end.


Chris Harr OLT   (Tennessee-Chattanooga)
Michael Ingersoll OLT   (North Carolina)
Amara Kamara LBI   (Temple)
Butch Lewis OLG   (Southern Cal)
Javes Lewis DBF   (Oregon)
Chris Manno WR    (Hofstra)
David Mims OLT   (Virginia Union)
Luke Patterson DLT   (Texas A&M)
Josue Paul WR    (Central Connecticut)
Mario Russell DBF   (Carson Newman)
Demond Washington DBC   (Auburn)

San Diego Chargers 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Patrick DiMarco, South Carolina 6005 243 4.75
Played in 51 games over four years, starting 22 of them. Learned both the tight end and the fullback position for 2010. One of five team captains. A good blocker with consistent hands. Experience on special teams. Plays I-fullback, tight end, wing back, and H-back. Lead blocker is his role in the Gamecocks’ offense. Wham blocks from wing back, leads on isolation blocks, kick out linebackers, and turns out defensive ends as a tight end. A willing blocker who is effective in run and pass blocking. Will step up and take on a blitz. Has toughness and courage. Relishes his role. Made creases for those who did. Plays smart. Good awareness. Knows his assignments. Can read defenses to execute pass protection and blocking schemes. Good football player with reliable hands.

Mike Blanc, Auburn 6025 290 4.96
A high effort player who is a gap penetrator. Good lateral quickness. Doesn’t stay blocked. Moves on movement. Good instincts to feel and react. Plays with functional strength and awareness. Demonstrates a desire to get to the ball. Good effort, toughness, and aggressiveness in his play. Takes good pursuit angles and finishes long and short pursuit. Plays in a four man front rotation. Jumps out on tape as a playmaker who is always around the ball. Reminds us of Buffalo’s Spencer Johnson, a high motor player who didn’t get drafted, or Jay Ratliff who went in the seventh round. Had seven tackles and a fumble recovery in the South Carolina game. His fumble recovery led to a 35-27 Auburn lead late in the game.

Scott Tolzien, Wisconsin 6020 209 4.93
Two-year starter who is a smart, play action, competitive quarterback with good leadership skills. Accurate ball control passer. Good field vision and poise under game pressure. Does not panic. Has above average setup quickness. Good body control to throw on the move. A good ball handler who is tough and can take a hit. Plays within himself and the offensive scheme. A reliable manager of the game in cold or bad weather. Consistent at what he does and plays with confidence. A developmental player with draftable qualities.


Colin Baxter OLG  (Arizona)
Bront Bird LBO   (Texas Tech)
Mike Blanc DLE  (Auburn)
Ramon Broadway DBC   (Arkansas)
Charlie Bryant DLT   (Memphis)
Adrian Cannon WR    (Maryland)
Hutch Eckerson OLT  (South Carolina)
Darryl Gamble LBO   (Georgia)
Stephen Harrison DBC   (Kansas State)
Vidal Hazelton WR    (Cincinnati)
Carl Ihenacho DLE  (San Jose State)
Cameron Kenney WR    (Oklahoma)
Isaac Odim RB    (Minnesota-Duluth)
Travon Patterson WR    (Colorado)
Dean Rogers RBF   (Cal-Davis)
Damik Scafe DLT   (Boston College)
Brandon Sullivan RB    (San Diego State)
Brad Taylor TE    (Baylor)
Bo Thran OLT   (Oregon)

Oakland Raiders 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agent:

Ben Lamaak, Iowa State 6042 302 5.13
Four-year starter. Started at center, guard, and tackle in his career. In 2007 and 2008 started 12 games at right tackle. In 2009 started 13 games at left tackle. In 2010 started 12 games at center. Plays in a spread no huddle offensive scheme. Wall off position blocker. A versatile lineman who played tight end and quarterback in high school. Averaged 23 points and 12 rebounds per game as an All-State basketball player. Smart with good awareness and foot quickness. Is the personal protector on the punt team. Best position may be offensive guard. A developmental player with draftable qualities. Good measurables and competitiveness. Will need to learn NFL line blocking techniques.

Mason Brodine DLE  (Nebraska-Kearney)
Jamie Cumbie DLT  (Clemson)
Lou Eliades OLT   (Penn State)
Zac Etheridge DBS  (Auburn)

Chris Francis LBI  (Baylor)
Bani Gbadyu LBO   (Penn State)
Steven Goulet WR   (Ohio University)
Cody Habben OLT   (Washington)
Derrick Hill DLT   (California)
Bryson Kelly RBF   (Central Washington)
Jordan La Secla QB    (San Jose State)
James McCluskey RBF   (Boston College)
Eddie McGee WR   (Illinois)
Sterling Moore DBC  (SMU)
Alan Pelc OLG  (North Carolina)

Denver Broncos 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Mario Fannin, Auburn 5103 231 4.37
Started 16 games in career. A north/south runner who can make the hop cut in the hole. Good vision. Catches the ball in his hands. All-time Auburn leader in receptions (97) and receiving yards (985) by a running back. Strong lower body. Ran a 4.37/40 at the Combine. Yet in games, it didn’t look like he had any finish speed. Was a role player in 2010 at Auburn, rotating with freshman sensation Michael Dyer. Fannin is a power runner who can break tackles with his lower body. Runs hard and with good effort. Gets the corner by option and runs the power sweep in the run-oriented spread offense. Best fit may be a downhill I-formation zone blocking scheme. Outstanding athletic ability. Will contribute on special teams. Has experience on kickoff returns.

Derek Domino, South Dakota St. 6030 231 4.68
Three-year starter who had a knack for the big play. Snatched nine interceptions in his career, including three returned for touchdowns. Instinctive with good anticipation. Aggressive and competitive. Plays with good knee bend and functional strength. Good lateral quickness to get through traffic and make wide plays. Plays square laterally and makes plays parallel to the line of scrimmage. Good range and change of direction. A three down linebacker with good zone recognition and coverage skills. Can handle a tight end and carry them down the seam. Will contribute on all special teams coverage units.

Brandon Bing DBC (Rutgers)
Ronnell Brown DLT (James Madison)
Mark Dell WR  (Michigan State)
D'Andre Goodwin WR  (Washington)
Adam Grant OLT (Arizona)
Jamel Hamler WR (Fresno State)
Chris Harris DBC (Kansas)
AJ Jones LBI  (Florida)
Deron Mayo LBO  (Old Dominion)
Curt Porter OLT  (Jacksonville State)
Austin Sylvester RBF (Washington)
Adam Weber QB  (Minnesota)

New York Jets 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Nick Bellore,  Central Michigan 6010 245 4.84
Four-year starter with average athletic ability and timed speed. Ultra productive with 472 career tackles. Adequate strength at the point of attack. Instinctive and intense in his play. Plays faster than timed speed. Sideline to sideline playmaker. Quick reactions and good football intelligence. Fills solidly. Durable over his career. Stays in the game in all situations. Maintains leverage on his blocks. Always near the ball. Stays square and takes the opening when there. Takes on blockers, sheds, locates, fills, and hits. Will contribute on special teams.

Courtney Smith,  South Alabama 6040 223 4.64
Two-year starter. Transfer from Alabama-Birmingham and Southeastern Louisiana. Big target possession receiver with average quickness. A big developmental receiver with raw tools. Had his ups and downs at the Senior Bowl practices, including inconsistent hands. Was dominant at a Division II level of competition. Outsized and muscled corners for the ball. Gained separation down the field with his size and speed. Not easy to bring down. Below average blocker for his size and level of competition. A size and speed prospect with inconsistent skills. Practice squad candidate.


Josh Baker TE ( Northwest Missouri State)
Matthias Berning LBI  (Central Michigan)
Taylor Boggs OLG (Humboldt State)
Michael Campbell WR (Temple)
Dan DePalma WR (West Chester)
Archie Donald LBI (Toledo)
Jake Duron OLT (Missouri State)
Stafford Gatling LBO (Ohio University)
Eddie Jones LBO (Texas)
Byron Landor DBS (Baylor)
Davon Morgan DBF (Virginia Tech)
Julian Posey DBC (Ohio University)
Wilson Raynor LS  (East Carolina)
Chris Stewart OLG (Notre Dame)
Richard Taylor DBC (Maryland)
Zane Taylor OLC (Utah)
Brian Toal RBF (Boston College)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Aaron Bates, Michigan State 6000 200 4.75 
Four-year starter as a punter and holder. Elected team captain.  Solid person on and off the field. A good athlete who can place  the ball inside the 20-yard line and is also a directional punter.  Experience in punting in bad weather and has responded well.  Averaged 45.0 yards per punt his senior year. Explodes into the  ball. Good lift and leg extension. Natural through ball. Good  eye-hand coordination. Poised and mentally tough. His  minimum hang times are over 4.40 seconds. Gets the ball off in  1.3 seconds or less, hand to foot. Has the bonus traits of the  ability to throw, tackle, speed, and hands. 

Anthony Gray, Southern Mississippi 5113 330 5.17 
Three-year starter. Short and explosive - built like a Coke  machine. Has nine career sacks. Played defensive tackle in a  four man front and nose tackle in nickel packages. Plays in a  rotation. Stuffs the inside running lanes. Good interior instincts.  Can feel the blocks on traps and screen passes. Quick laterally  and in his first step. Good effort player with flexibility and  strength. Plays with leverage. Explosive jolt to control the  blocker. Tough. Can stop and stack at the point. Quick shed and  locate. Will throw his body into a ball carrier. Intense desire to  run down a ball carrier. Shorter than ideal, but plays low and  explosive.

John Clay, Wisconsin 6004 231 4.87 
Junior entry. Two-year starter. Downhill between the tackles  runner who lacks finish speed. Plays in a run oriented I-formation  pro style offense where he is featured in short yardage and on  the goal line. Runs with good lower body strength. Good foot  quickness for a big man. Has weighed as much as 260 pounds.  Got down to 231 pounds for the Combine. Runs behind a huge  zone blocking offensive line. An upright runner who follows  and utilizes the blockers. Gains yards after initial hit. Always  going forward. Has more power and leg drive to break tackles.  Not a make you miss type back. Must develop a role on the next  level. Only caught 11 passes in his career.

Weslye Saunders, South Carolina 6050 270 4.85 
Started 13 games over his career. Did not play last fall due to a  ruling by the NCAA in accepting extra benefits. Notes from  2009: Impressive size with long arms and big hands. Big target  who will line up in the slot. Soft body. Lacks strength in his  upper and lower body. A mediocre position wall off blocker who  is an inconsistent finisher. Occupies defensive end. Role in the  Gamecocks’ offense was as a blocker. Seldom used as a receiver.  Looks the part in equipment, but does not play to his athletic  numbers. Flashes NFL ability but has not worked to improve his  God-given talents. Did not do drills, run, or participate in shuttles  at Combine because of a left foot stress fracture. Long shot to  get drafted. Some team may sign him as a free agent because of his  borderline pro physical skills.


Niles Brinkley DBC  (Wisconsin)
Corbin Bryant DLE  (Northwestern)
Vaughn Charlton TE  (Temple)
Miguel Chavis DLE  (Clemson)
Brett Greenwood DBF  (Iowa)
Eric Greenwood WR  (Idaho)
Mario Harvey LBI   (Marshall)
Wes Lyons WR  (West Virginia)
Terrence McCrae WR  (Ohio University)
Colin Miller OLC (Central Michigan)
Adam Mims WR  (Furman)
Armand Robinson WR  (Miami - OH)
Trevis Turner OLT (Abilene Christian)

Cleveland Browns 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agent:

Chris Matthews, Kentucky 6050 218 4.57 
Two-year starter. Junior college transfer from Los Angeles Harbor  Community College. A big long-armed target. A possession type  receiver who gives an effort to block downfield. Came on his  senior year and made several clutch catches for the Wildcats.  Can snatch the ball in his hands away from his body. Can adjust  to the ball and shield off defensive backs with his big body.  Natural receiving skills to get his feet and body in position to catch the ball. Can catch high, low, and behind. Runs good  patterns but gathers to cut at times.


Dominic Alford OLT (Minnesota)
Kyle Anderson DLT  (Georgetown - KY)
Andre Caroll DLT  (Delaware State)
LJ Castile WR  (Delta State)
James Dockery DBC  (Oregon State)
Jabari Fletcher DLE (Appaalachian State)
Calton Ford OLT (Norfolk State)
Evan Frosch TE  (TCU)
Carl Gettis DBS (Missouri)
Darian Hagan DBC  (California)
Ben Jacobs LBO  (Fresno State)
Juan Nunez WR  (Western Michigan)
Jarrod Shaw OLG  (Tennessee)
Armond Smith RB  (Union - KY)
Brian Smith LBO (Notre Dame)
Sidney Tarver LBO   (Tennessee State)
Troy Weatherhead QB  (Hillsdale)
Jeff Wolfert PK  (Missouri)

Tennessee Titans 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agent:

Jonathan Cornell,  Mississippi 6006 235 4.82 
Three-year starter. Experience at both the middle Mike linebacker  and Will the weakside outside linebacker in the 4-3 defensive  scheme. Good laterally. Plays square and maintains his leverage on  blocks. Always near the ball. Will take the gap openings when  there. Fills the inside gaps aggressively. Finishes long pursuit. Cat  quick. Stays on his feet on roll blocks. Good timing on delayed blitz  package. Makes plays all over the field. Will contribute on special  teams. Plays on the punt coverage team.


Chad Cunningham P  (Tennessee)
Cameron Graham TE  (Louisville)
Thomas Gray OLG  (Samford)
Julian Hartsell DLE  (Catawba)
Patrick Hill RBF (Miami)
Joseph Hills WR  (Tennessee State)
James Kirkendoll WR (Texas)
LeQuan Lewis DBC (Arizona State)
Mike Preston WR  (Heidelberg)
Owen Spencer WR  (North Carolina State)
John Stokes LS  (Vanderbilt)

Cincinnati Bengals 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agent:

Colin Cochart, South Dakota State 6043 255 4.71

Three-year starter who is dependable, competitive, and has quickness in a confined area. Good hands and ball concentration. Good focus to catch ball in crowded quarters. Can adjust to a poorly thrown ball. Plays in a spread multiple offense where he lines up on or off the line of scrimmage. Position wall off blocker with good bend and balance. Plays strong and with leverage. Good body control on patterns. Makes sharp cuts to gain separation. Runs a good seam route. Will threaten two deep coverage. Can find and sit down in open area. Good speed for crossing routes. Will snatch the ball away from his body. If you’re a numbers guy, Cochart put up better Combine numbers than 85 percent of the tight ends invited to the Combine. Has pro skills worth developing.

Landon Cox WR (Northern Illinois)
DeQuin Evans LBI (Kentucky)
Stephen Franklin LBO (Southern Illinois)
John Griffin RB (Massachusetts) 
Jamere Holland WR (Lindenwood)
Bart Johnson WR (TCU) 
Lolomana Mikaele DLT (Arizona)
Matt O'Donnell OLT (Queens-Canada) 
Chris Riley OLG (Illinois State) 
Thomas Weber PK (Arizona State) 
Jonathan Williams RB (East Carolina)

Baltimore Ravens 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Tim Barnes, Missouri 6035 298 5.18
Three-year starter. Scrappy spread formation shotgun snapper. Plays with a good base and knee bend. As with most spread formation offensive linemen, they are position wall off players. Strong on down bocks when running power plays. Generally plays against a nose with a three man rush. Gets help from his guards. Snaps are crisp and accurate. Leaks through line and seals linebacker target. Pulls and runs aggressively. Gets the kick out block on the edge. Smart approach. Gets to the edge and can adjust on the run. Had surgery on both shoulders but has been durable starting 40 consecutive games. Not invited to the Combine.

Josh Bynes, Auburn 6013 239 4.76
Three-year starter. Works through traffic to make a play. Doesn’t stay blocked. Quick to shed. Takes good downfield angles in pursuit. Makes all the defensive calls, checks, and adjustments. Good football intelligence. Cut tackler at times. No wrap. Led the Tigers in tackles in 2010. Plays well from tackle to tackle. Good initial read and react. Quick first step. Somewhat tight in the hips, average change of direction. On a straight line could get to the ball. Good inside fills. Physical attacking blocks. Used his hands well and separated. Struggled when the play was outside the box. Did not play well in space. Needs work on pass drops. Inconsistent reactions to the thrown ball and tended to get hung up in transition. Good motor, active and hustled in pursuit. He looks like a two down inside player.

Ryan Bartholomew, Syracuse 6012 300 4.97
Three-year starter. Moved to center during spring ball 2010. One of the team captains. Athletic with long arms. Plays with knee bend in a pro style offense. Can vertical snap to quarterback which is a rarity these days. Will also shotgun snap. A knee bender who can shock a defender with his punch. Has good body control and balance. Plays on his feet. Rarely if ever on the ground. Brings his feet with him on a base running block. Good hand placement inside the frame of the defender’s chest. Plays square and mirrors pass rushers. Effort down the field. Good lateral agility to cut off slant move. Anchors versus power. Can play center and both guard positions. A draftable player who is a developing prospect.

Justin Boren, Ohio State 6030 309 5.46
Three-year starter. Two at Ohio State. Transfer from Michigan. Sound technique player. Plays square with a good base and keeps position on rusher in pass protection. Good log and trap blocker. Can adjust on the run and zero in on the target. Gets good depth and approach. Follows through and finishes block. Lateral agility and quickness is evident. Picks up twist and “x” stunts effortlessly. Can sit down and anchor a bull rush. Good blitz awareness. Intense and competitive. Developmental prospect who is smart and tough.


Cornell Banks DLT (Fresno State)
Damien Berry RB (Miami)
Rodney Bradley WR (Hawaii)
Bryan Hall DLT (Arkansas State)
Talmadge Jackson DBC (Oregon)
Anthony Leon LBI (Arkansas)
Colin Madison OLT (Temple)
Ryan Mahaffey RBF (Northern  Iowa)
Hakeem Moore WR (Towson)
Johdrick Morris TE (Southern Mississippi)
Terron Sanders DLE (Florida)
Patrick Scales LS (Utah State)
Mana Silva DBS (Hawaii)
Derek Simmons DLT (Southern Cal)
Josh Victorian DBC Louisiana Tech)
Chavis Williams LBO (Alabama)
LaQuan Williams WR (Maryland)
Nate Williams DBF (Northwestern)
Terrell Zachery WR (Auburn)

Miami Dolphins 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agent:

Patrick Devlin Delaware 6033 226 4.86
Two-year starter. Transfer from Penn State. Led the Blue Hens to the 2010 FCS national championship game. Plays in a spread, no huddle, balanced run and pass offensive scheme. Does not focus on one or two receivers. He spreads the ball around. Better than average arm strength and anticipation to throw a receiver open. A good ball handler with touch over the top of linebackers. Keeps his eyes down the field. Good football intelligence. Average mobility. Can sidestep a pass rush. Poised in the pocket. Doesn’t get rattled. Good timing and touch when given time. Accurate passer short and medium routes. Rarely asked to throw deep. Does have completion on 4 seam routes versus 3-deep coverage. Has a quick compact delivery. Throws a tight spiral. Right handed passer. Keeps the ball up at cheek level. Reliable and consistent in his play. Impressive in the Shrine East/West practices. Looks the safety off or moves the safety with his eyes. Has a chance to develop into a solid backup with his ascending skills.


Agnew Vince DBC (Central Michigan)
Brackett Brett TE (Penn State)
Freeny Jonathan LBO (Rutgers)
Grigsby Nic RB (Arizona)
Jones DJ OLT (Nebraska)
Jones Johnny DLT (Marshall)
Livas Phillip WR (Louisiana Tech)
Perez Jose DBC (San Diego State)
Restelli Mark DBS (Cal Poly/Edmonton Eskimos)
Spears Quinton LBO (Prairie View)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cheta Ozougwu, Houston Texans, 254th Pick, 7th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Ozougwu, Cheta Rice 6020 252 4.73
Cheta Ozougwu is a four-year starter that is athletic and fast twitch. A developmental linebacker, he needs more strength but brings some special teams ability to the table. Ourlads Scouting Services rated Ozougwu as a developmental player with draftable qualities.

Chris Neild, Washington Redskins, 253rd Pick, 7th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Neild, Chris West Virginia 6015 319 5.06
Three-year starter. A blue collar worker who sheds quickly and hustles to the ball. Stacks the block in the hole. Can read blocks and has the footwork and feet to get leverage. Good awareness for draws and screens. Reminds us of Kelly Gregg, the Ravens’ nose tackle, when he came out of Oklahoma. Ran a 4.46 20- yard shuttle at the Combine. Always around the ball. Outstanding agility and change of direction. Quick feet. Explosive with quick reactions. Durable to hold up at a tough position. He does a lot of close quarter fighting. Quick to shed and stack. Good balance and upper body strength. Competitor. Good mental alertness to angle and trap blocks. Played nose tackle in a 3-5-3 defensive scheme. Good feel, reach, and react. Eats up blockers. Explosive use of hands – jolt, control, and uses them with authority. Plays with the intensity and desire to make every play. Good effort in downfield pursuit. A good athlete with huge hands. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Bill Nagy, Dallas Cowboys, 252nd Pick, 7th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Nagy, Bill Wisconsin 6030 302 5.06
Bill Nagy is the only drafted center on the Cowboy roster besides starter Andre Gurode. The least recognized of the Wisconsin group of senior linemen must contribute as a guard/center combination to make the 53-man squad. The Cowboys liked what they saw at the Wisconsin pro day workouts.

Tommie Campbell, Tennessee Titans, 251st Pick, 7th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Campbell, Tommie 6027 203 4.38
Tommie Campbell transferred to California (PA) from Edinboro (PA) where he played in 2007. He had previously played at Pittsburgh in 2005-06. He ran his 40 at the Valero Cactus Bowl, the Division II all-star game in Texas. A raw, over-aged corner/safety, he is a developmental player. On his pro day on 3/16/11 his numbers were:  34/VJ, 10-3/BJ, 4.25/SS, and 7.09/3 cone. Ourlads Scouting Services rated Campbell as a developmental player with draftable qualities.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Curtis Holcomb, San Francisco 49ers, 250th Pick, 7th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Holcomb, Curtis Florida A&M 5103 192 4.51
Curtis Holcomb was a four-year starter at Florida A&M. He will get a shot at corner and special teams. At his pro day on 3/16/11 his workout numbers were:  1.55/10, 18/BP, 33.5/VJ, 10-0/BJ, 4.29/SS, and 7.01/3 cone. The 49ers liked what they saw at the Florida A&M pro day workouts.

DeMarco Sampson, Arizona Cardinals, 249th Pick, 7th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Sampson, DeMarco San Diego State 6020 207 4.71
Productive wide receiver DeMarco Sampson is injury prone and over-aged and is probably headed to the practice squad. Ourlads Scouting Services rated Sampson as a developmental player with draftable qualities.

Eric Hagg, Cleveland Browns, 248th Pick, 7th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Hagg, Eric Nebraska 6013 209 4.69
Three-year starter who played in the hybrid strong safety/linebacker position. Active on the field. Plays better the closer he is to the line of scrimmage. Demonstrates good range on run support. A better than average athlete who can man up against tight ends and slot receivers. Solid in coverage. Had a strong senior year where he made key plays and was always around the ball. Active and confident in the open field. Not overly big or fast, but productive. In between a big safety and a small linebacker. In coverage he has some hip tightness in his turns. Good instincts to quickly read and react to pass or run. A physical and solid tackler when supporting the run. Needs to improve his hand strength to separate from blockers. Will contribute on special teams. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Jeremy Beal, Denver Broncos, 247th Pick, 7th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Beal, Jeremy Oklahoma 6022 262 5.14
Three-year starter who plays faster than his timed speed. His productive career and athletic numbers are phenomenologically unparalleled. If you look up high motor, great effort player in the online dictionary, Beal’s picture is next to the definition. Instinctive in his play. Keeps outside leverage and doesn’t get hooked. He sets the edge. Plays up in a two point or down in a four point stance. Good lateral quickness. Locks out and skates down the line. Gets his hands up on the rush. Drops into coverage and does a good job on a contain controlled rush. Gets his sacks on twist stunts and games. Finishes the play. Takes good backside angles in pursuit. He does everything right combined with his read and react quickness and technique. Long arms. Plays up back on the punt team. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Jay Finley, Cincinnati Bengals, 246th Pick, 7th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Finley, Jay Baylor 5107 211 4.55
Jay Finley played running back in Baylor’s spread offense. A third down type back, he lacks creative running skills and is a developmental practice squad type. Ourlads Scouting Services rated Finley as a developmental player with draftable qualities.

Michael Jasper, Buffalo Bills, 245th Pick, 7th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Jasper, Michael Bethel (TN) 6042 378 5.83
Michael Jasper also was known as Leslie Jasper. He played offensive guard and nose tackle at small Bethel (TN) College. He started his career at 400 plus pounds and weighed in at 378 pounds before the draft. The big man is athletic with a 32-inch vertical jump and 9’5” broad jump. He will start out at nose tackle for the Bills. Ourlads Scouting Services rated Jasper as a developmental player with draftable qualities.