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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jeremy Beal, Denver Broncos, 247th Pick, 7th Round, 2011 NFL Draft

Beal, Jeremy Oklahoma 6022 262 5.14
Three-year starter who plays faster than his timed speed. His productive career and athletic numbers are phenomenologically unparalleled. If you look up high motor, great effort player in the online dictionary, Beal’s picture is next to the definition. Instinctive in his play. Keeps outside leverage and doesn’t get hooked. He sets the edge. Plays up in a two point or down in a four point stance. Good lateral quickness. Locks out and skates down the line. Gets his hands up on the rush. Drops into coverage and does a good job on a contain controlled rush. Gets his sacks on twist stunts and games. Finishes the play. Takes good backside angles in pursuit. He does everything right combined with his read and react quickness and technique. Long arms. Plays up back on the punt team. For complete report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.