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Friday, August 12, 2011

Kansas City Chiefs 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

Charlie Gantt, Michigan State 6036 252 4.85
Three-year starter. Started 39 consecutive games over four years. Aggressive one on one blocker. Sticks to his man and sustains. Good upper body strength to block big men. Not explosive, but shows good feet. Works to get his body in position on the second level. Positions, slides, and shadows. Good base in contact. Can adjust on the move. Snatches the ball in his hands. Good concentration to catch a ball when covered. Can find the void in zone and sit down in the open area. Good target up to 15 yards. Ability to jab one direction and break off route square. Not elusive after catch. May fill a team need as a third tight end.

Brandon Bair, Oregon 6057 283 4.93
Two-year starter who plays defensive tackle, but projects as a 3-4 defensive end. Has the frame to carry more weight. Great effort player who gets push up front. Good awareness to get his hands up in the passing lanes. Will compete. A better athlete than he gets credit for. He was fifth out of 25 defensive tackles in our OSR ratings. He must work to keep his pad level down. Has a wiry type strength. A developmental defensive end.


Chris Harr OLT   (Tennessee-Chattanooga)
Michael Ingersoll OLT   (North Carolina)
Amara Kamara LBI   (Temple)
Butch Lewis OLG   (Southern Cal)
Javes Lewis DBF   (Oregon)
Chris Manno WR    (Hofstra)
David Mims OLT   (Virginia Union)
Luke Patterson DLT   (Texas A&M)
Josue Paul WR    (Central Connecticut)
Mario Russell DBF   (Carson Newman)
Demond Washington DBC   (Auburn)