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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 NFL Draft,Tyson Alualu,Jacksonville Jaguars,

Jacksonville drafted a dynamic inside force to their front four but apparently couldn't drop down lower to select Tyson Alualu. A three-year starter. Power player with a thick lower body. A top effort, every down disruptive player that will punch and spin. Plays with explosiveness and leverage. Naturally strong. Shorter than ideal to play a 5-technique end in a 3-4 scheme. May be a one gap under tackle in a four man front. Good body control. Stays on his feet. Keeps his balance. Uses a quick arm over move. Reads the play quickly. Good instincts. Disruptive. Forces hurries and pressures the quarterback. Good use of hands and feet. Physical tackler. Finishes the play. Performance not potential. Has 156 career tackles, 26 tackles for loss, 16 sacks, and 4 forced fumbles. Had a 35.5 vertical jump. Edge speed:left 2.02, right 2.16. OSR:26/35 for defensive ends.(A-33, H-10, BP-21, 10-1.70).

2010 NFL Draft, Demaryius Thomas,Denver Broncos,

Demaryius Thomas has the size and athletic ability to make the Denver faithful forget about Brandon Marshall but now he must put the pelts on the wall.Junior entry. Three-year starter. Big receiver in a run first spread triple option offense. Big play receiver that had seven of his catches go for at least 50 yards in 2009. Will reach and extend for the ball outside his frame. Average quickness off the line of scrimmage to beat bump coverage and burst upfield to separate. Saw a lot of single coverage because of the offensive scheme running the ball. Has the size and strength to run the inside slant and dig routes. Has run after catch ability to break a tackle or make a defender miss a tackle. Good football intelligence to learn to line up in different alignments. Will need work on reading coverages and adjusting his routes according to the play. Long strider that picks up speed as he goes down the field. Has big soft hands but will drop the easy catch when not focused. Perfunctory blocking effort. Average quickness into and out of his breaks. Inconsistent to drop weight. May miss all spring workouts because of fractured left foot. Averaged 25.1 yards per catch on 46 receptions and had 8 touchdowns in 2009.(A-33, H-10 1/2, VJ-DNP, SS-DNP).

2010 NFL Draft, Jahvid Best,Detroit Lions,

Jahvid Best may be the top running back in the 2010 Draft. Junior entry. Two-year starter. An explosive and talented back with quick reactions. Smooth North/South runner that finishes his runs. Plays fast. Sudden into the hole and demonstrates unique running skills and instincts. Has a natural feel for running the ball. Good vision. Has the ability to create positive yardage on poorly blocked plays. Patient to the hole and lets the block set up. Gives the defender a leg then takes it away. Can plant and cut without the loss of speed. Can dip in and burst outside. Has a thick lower body and good contact balance. Good hit and spin move. Rare cut back ability and speed. Runs the zone read out of the I-formation. Also runs plays out of the spread formation. A difference maker that gets to the second level with instant acceleration. Good agility in traffic. Always going forward. Slippery. Not easy to tackle. Good hands to catch all pass routes. Good eye/hand coordination. Durability is a question mark because of an annual pattern of missing some games with injury. Led the country in rushing with 1580 yards in 2008. Career stats are 364 rushes for 2668 yards, 7.3 yards per carry, and 29 touchdowns. He also caught 62 passes for 533 yards and 6 touchdowns. OSR:3/28. (A-31 3/4, H-9, BP-18, SS-4.16).

2010 NFL Draft, Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos,

Tim Tebow is a three-year starter that may be the most decorated football player in college football history. Left handed passer. Plays in an option oriented offense where the quarterback’s feet and legs are key to the offense; the edge type spread-the-field scheme that features option, running the corner, and ball control passing. Big, strong, smart, and athletic with rare intangibles. Rotated his freshman year with Chris Leak. Has directed the Gators to two national championships in three years. Only player in NCAA history to rush and pass for at least 20 touchdowns in a season. Physically and mentally tough. A take charge guy that leads his teammates. Consistent and reliable. Performs under pressure. Plays with confidence. Durable. Can shake off arm tackles and take a hit. Disciplined with the football. Loves to play quarterback. Has a feel for the game. Can make a flat-footed throw with a man in his face. Has the ability to make defenders miss and still see the field. Can make a good situation out of a bad one. Played with a new group of receivers in 2009. A competitor with will, passion, and fire to get the job done. Can read coverages but will work to master the NFL complexities. Throws strikes when he has a clean pocket as a drop back passer, but has the ability to throw on the run. Accurate short and medium. Has a variety of deliveries. Will need to work on all the nuances of NFL quarterback play. Innate ability to respond to change. Elevates the performance of everyone around him. Can shuck pass rushers that try to tackle him high. Not easy to tackle. Good running instincts. Can hit the deep square in and skinny post in the seam. Good poise and patience. Throws a wobbly but catchable ball. Has pocket presence to step up as the rush goes around him. Has touch on swing passes. Part of being a successful NFL quarterback is the ability to throw from a variety of deliveries. Tebow can do that. He does drop the ball down below his waist, then brings the ball up to release the pass. The wasted motion hinders a quick strike through a narrow window of opportunity. Career stats include a 66.4% completion rate, completing 661 of 995 attempts for 9285 yards, 88 touchdowns, and just 16 interceptions, rushing 692 times for 2947 yards and 57 touchdowns. OSR: 1/16. (A-31 3/4, H-10 1/8, SS-4.18, VJ-38.5).

2010 NFL Draft, Patrick Robinson,New Orleans Saints,

Patrick Robinson had twenty-five starts over the past three years. Big corner that is physical and can run. Plays the boundary corner and is alert enough to use the sideline as the 12th man in the running game. Intercepted six passes in 2007, including one each in five consecutive games. Has made big plays over his career, including blocking PATs that were returned for scores. Has the speed to run backs down from behind. Takes good pursuit angles on plays away from him. A good athlete with foot quickness and hip flexibility. Good change of direction and recoverability. He can stick his foot in the ground and drive off quickly. Sticky man cover ability. Flashes a quick burst and acceleration speed. Appears to have a strong upper body. Locks out his arms and separates from blockers. Willing tackler that will wrap up. Shows good awareness to recognize offensive set tendencies and react quickly to his keys. Plays with poise and confidence. Maintains good position on the receiver. Sudden support in the run game. Wards off low blocks, sheds, and makes plays. Should contribute on all special teams coverage units. Better in press cover-two rather than playing off man to man. Has 117 tackles, 21 pass breakups, and 7 interceptions in his career. BTR:left 4.56, right 4.71. OSR:7/29. (A-30 1/2, H-8 1/2, VJ-39, SS-4.29).

2010 NFL Draft,Jerry Hughes,Indianapolis Colts,

Jerry Hughes is a prototype Colt edge pass rusher.Two-year starter that is intense, athletic, and competitive. Projects as an outside rusher in a 3-4 or 4-3 defensive scheme. Accelerates off the ball and is disruptive in his play. Gets in the throwing lane with his hands up. Better versus the pass than the run at this point. Works to the quarterback from snap to whistle. Can burst off a block at times. Natural pass rush ability. Has a 1.65 10-yard time. His upfield quickness helps him make plays. Plays with control and violence. Durable and can play hurt. Can be single blocked and pushed around the corner. Needs to work on more counter moves. A former high school running back, he plays the game from sideline to sideline. Relies on quickness to stop the run. Fair strength at the point. Hard to tie up on a reach block. Can flatten out and turn the corner. Will not turn down contact. Had 127 career tackles, 40 1/2 tackles for loss, 28 1/2 sacks, and 8 forced fumbles. Edge speed:left 1.82, right 1.93. OSR:2/35 for defensive ends. (A-33, H-9 3/4, BP-26, 10-1.65).

2010 NFL Draft, Kyle Wilson,New York Jets,

Kyle Wilson is a three-and-a-half year starter. Smooth in transition and quick out of his backpedal. Plays well in off man coverage. Big hitter despite size. Excellent eye hand coordination. Confidence in his ability and hands. Uses hands effectively to ward off low blocks. Quick hands to slap away the ball. Always maintains good position on receiver. Active wrap up tackler as a position player and on special teams. Good recoverability where he drives quickly on the ball and snaps off quickly. Good timing on corner blitzes. Will get out of control at times when he’s trying to get a big hit then misses tackle. Has natural and functional tackling strength. Has the speed and acceleration to turn the corner as a punt returner. Instinctive with a fierce sense of competition. Mental toughness and durability. Will contribute as a punt returner and on coverage teams. Graduated in four years in communications. Bench pressed 225 pounds, 25 times. Did not work out at the Combine due to right hamstring strain. At his pro day on 3/25/10 he had a 10-2 broad jump and a 6.73/3 cone. (A-30 1/2, H-9 1/4, VJ-38, SS-4.01).

2010 NFL Draft,Jared Odrick,Miami Dolphins,

Jared Odrick is a three-year starter that is versatile enough to be a 4-3 tackle or a 3-4 end. A disruptive player that gets upfield pressure. Instinctive to diagnose play after controlling opponent. Quick to find the ball. Feels pressure and reacts on the move. Reacts to angles and combination blocks. Sudden first step quickness. Plays the run with stout inline strength. Quick to stack and shed. Uses the arm over move rushing the passer. Fights through blocks and is strong at the point of attack. Hustles to get in on play. Will finish pursuit. Gets his hands up as a pass rusher. Can push the pocket if he bends his knees and plays with leverage. Effective on twist stunts. Naturally strong. Usually double teamed. Thick lower body. Can two gap. Strong hands to keep from letting the blockers seal his linebackers. Tough and physical in his play. Big-10 Defensive Player of the Year. Productive the past two years, making 84 tackles, 20 1/2 tackles for loss, and 11 1/2 sacks. Edge speed:left 2.08, right 2.24. OSR:7/20. (A-34 1/4, H-9 3/4, BP-26, 10-1.75).

2010 NFL Draft, Jermaine Gresham,Cincinnati Bengals,

Jermaine Gresham was a productive two-and-a-half year starter that caught 66 passes for 950 yards and 14 touchdowns in 2008. Plays his best in big games with 8 catches for 82 yards in the Big 12 championship game along with 8 catches and two touchdowns in the BCS title game against Florida. A hand catcher that can catch the ball in traffic and in close quarters. Good upfield acceleration after catch. Can make the first tackler miss at times or run through them. Lines up in the slot, out wide, and in the traditional tight end area. Can make the tough over shoulder catch. Can separate in man to man coverage. Competitive player with explosiveness. Blocks with good balance. A knee bender that stays on blocks. Plays better against the best opponents. A match up nightmare for most safeties and nickel corners. Tore knee ligaments in camp before the 2009 season and did not play in any games. Good functional speed to run deep routes. Can split cover-two and go up after the ball. Good body control. More than a one speed player. Knows how to separate. Finds and sits down in the open area vs. zone coverage. OSR:5/13. (A-34 3/4, H-9 5/8, BP-20, VJ-35).

2010 NFL Draft, Kareem Jackson,Houston Texans,

The Texans grabbed one of the top two corners on most teams' draft boards in Kareem Jackson. Junior entry. Three-year starter. Instinctive. Explosive quickness and leaping ability. Good change of direction. Productive over his career. A cover-two corner that is strong enough to reroute receivers. Good open field tackler. Loose hipped for smooth turns with acceleration and catch-up speed. Will get high in his backpedal at times. Must adjust to NFL five-yard rule. He had his hands all over receivers, all over the field. Good route recognition. Will force the run after playing off blocks and keeping contain. Knows his defensive responsibilities. Explosive wrap tackler at times. Makes the play. A competitor that doesn’t shy away from physical contact. Durable. Had 159 career tackles along with 29 passes broken up and 5 interceptions. BTR:left 4.28, right 4.28. OSR:11/29. (A-30, H-9 1/8, VJ-37.5, SS-4.14).

Saturday, April 24, 2010

2010 NFL Draft, Devin McCourty,New England,

Devin McCourty gives the Patriots a cover corner with a special teams makeup.Three-year starter. Good athletic ability and finish speed. Fluid hips. Can turn and run. Active in run support. Can stick his foot in the ground and drive quickly on the ball in front of him. Shorter than ideal, but can leap and has good timing. Plays smart and aggressive. Good recognition and reaction to run/pass. Instinctive with good anticipation. Thinks on his feet and can make quick adjustments. Quick reactions to play off blocks and wrap tackle. Productive in his play. Has 245 career tackles. Has only 4 interceptions though, so question his ball skills at times. Good foot quickness and burst. Consistent, durable, and reliable in his play. Will contribute on all special teams. Had seven blocked kicks and plays a gunner on punt coverage. He also returned a kickoff for a touchdown against Connecticut. Twin brother Jason plays for the Tennessee Titans. Stats in 2009 include 80 tackles, 7 1/2 tackles for loss, 1 interception, and 10 passes broken up. BTR:left 4.50, right 4.59. OSR:4/29. (A-32, H-9, VJ-36, SS-4.07).

2010 NFL Draft,Dallas Cowboys,Dez Bryant,

When the top receiver in the 2010 NFL draft fell within two picks of the Dallas, Jerry Jones traded up to make Dez Bryant a Cowboy. Junior entry. Started 19 games over career. Played in three games in 2009 after being suspended by the NCAA for lying to investigators about a visit with former NFL great Deion Sanders. Plays in a read option spread offense. Lines up at the X-split end or Z-slot position. Generally double covered by a safety and a corner. A big receiver that gets open. Tough versus single coverage. Will reach and extend to pluck the ball. Has the strength to go up and come down with the pass. Quick in and out of breaks. Has long arms and good sized hands to provide a big target for his quarterback. Has suction cup hands to make the difficult catch. Can catch the low hard pass, over the shoulder, and ball behind or any other off target throw. Plays fast with the speed to go deep. Can adjust to the ball in flight. No hold up on release. Usually played with a big cushion. Athletic after catch. Productive with the ball in his hands. Explosive playmaker. Smooth and athletic route runner. Quick to close the cushion. Forces separation with the defensive back. Has good vision and focus as a vertical threat. Gets to top speed quickly. Competitive in close quarters. Shows aggressiveness. Will cradle the ball as needed on crossers and dig routes. Has an explosive upfield burst after catch. The spread offense gets skilled players in space. Half-hearted effort as a blocker. He will flash blocking skills on rare occasions or just get in the offensive backs’ way. His last full season was 2008. Has 87 catches averaging 17 yards per catch and 19 touchdowns. Averaged 17.9 yards and had two punt returns for touchdowns. Needs to take more pride in his route running. Will lose concentration and have some easy drops at times. Has a learning disability but no problems learning football. Did not work out at the Combine. At his pro day he had a 7.21/3 cone and 11-1 broad jump. (A-34, H-9 3/4, VJ-38, SS-4.48).

2010 NFL Draft, Atlanta Falcons,Sean Weatherspoon,

The Falcons filled a need and got good value in drafting Sean Weatherspoon with the 19th selection. A three-year starter that got some playing time as a freshman. An outstanding athlete that can run and play sideline to sideline. Productive with 392 tackles, 42 1/2 tackles for loss, and 12 1/2 sacks. Also has had 17 pass breakups and 4 interceptions, returning two for touchdowns. Mentally and physically tough. He is instinctive, smart, and competitive. Explosive run through target type hitter. Wrap tackler in the open field. A three-down linebacker that is versatile enough to play inside or outside in any scheme. Plays square to the line of scrimmage. Can play coverage or blitz from a variety of positions. Has a burst to the ball carrier. Intense and focused. Plays with good knee bend and shoots his hands to get under and leverage the offensive lineman. Rarely gets caught up in traffic. Very active in pursuit. Has some power but is not the best taking on a block. Lacks great shed ability as he will get locked on a block at times. When he “sees it” he shows good downhill ability and generally takes good angles. A little stiff in transition and while he has good change of direction, he will get hung up occasionally. Has ability in coverage, takes good drops, and for the most part reacts well to the throw. Out of position at times, but will recover with good pursuit. Shows good pass rush ability. Quick first step and can adjust working upfield. Has a burst in the pass rush and can be a quality blitzer. Can run and chase, but has some stiffness and inconsistency in his play. Enthusiastic and talks a lot. OSR:3/19. (A-31 1/4, H-10 1/4, BP-34, SS-4.39).

2010 NFL Draft,Pittsburgh Steelers,Maurice Pouncey,

The Steelers went away philosophically from their draft model by tabbing center Maurkice Pouncey in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Pittsburgh generally feels they can get a center later in the draft. May start at guard. Junior entry. Three-year starter that is a good athlete and plays with a good base. Exhibits impact, pop, and surge. Gets some movement on short yardage and goal-line run plays. A knee bender with leg drive. Has the ability to regain body control and balance in pass pro. Plays with attitude and aggression. Can shadow pass rushers. Quick to react and recover to blitz pickup. Light feet and works to finish. Has the ability to quick position a defender with base leverage to run his feet on contact in the run game. Functional play strength and balance. Power in his hips and legs. Can block a moving target on pulls. Good lateral agility and quickness. Rimingon Award winner in 2009. In a nutshell, he is smart, tough, motivated, and has a passion for the game. OSR: 34/40. (A-32 1/2, H-10, BP-26, 10-1.80

2010 NFL Draft, Dan Williams,Arizona Cardinals,

The Cardinals landed one of the premier interior defensive lineman in the 2010 Draft. Dan Williams is a three-year starter. Physical run stuffer and pocket pusher in the pass game. Plays low with good leverage. Strong bull rush. Disruptive player that can split a double team. Space eater. Thick lower body. Explosive first step. Ascending player that gave Mike Iupati all he could handle in the Senior Bowl game. Good effort to pursue to the perimeter. Gets through traffic. Quick to disengage and get to the ball. Powerful and explosive. Fights through blocks. Strong hands with good arm length. Good awareness. Gets his hands up on the pass rush to make the quarterback throw out of a well. Quick to disengage. Power rusher when he goes up the middle. Uses hands well. Good hand and grab strength to knock blocker off balance. Hard to tie up on reach block. Urgent and intense in play. Productive in 2009 with 70 tackles, 9 tackles for loss, and 2 1/2 sacks. OSR:17/20. (A-33, H-10 1/8, BP-27, 10-1.83).

Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 NFL Draft,Bryan Bulaga,Green Bay Packers,

The Packers filled a major need at offensive tackle with a value selection of Bryan Bulaga.Junior entry. Three-year starter with good athletic ability. Technically a very sound and patient left tackle. Big-10 Offensive Lineman of the Year. Plays square with a good base. Good lateral quickness to cut off and secure defenders away from the play. Smooth footwork in pass protection. Hands are up. Maintains width in the pocket to protect the quarterback. Effortless on twist stunts making the switch. Can redirect with natural body control. Shows attitude and aggression to engage initial contact with base, balance, and knee bend. Has an explosive six-inch punch to control opponent. Mirrors rusher. Quick react and recover to blitz pickup. Can wheel defender out of the hole. In the Georgia Tech game against probable first round pick, Derrick Morgan, Bulaga maintained good position on a spin move and maintained contact. Has the size, strength, balance, and base to anchor against power as long as he drops his weight and maintains his knee bend. Takes good steps and angles to cut off the second level sealing linebackers and creating seams for the backs to run through. Buries defensive tackles in the run game. Plays in a pro style zone blocking offense that puts him ahead of the NFL blocking learning curve. Can play any of the guard or tackle positions. OSR:18/40. (A-33 1/4, H-9 1/4, BP-26, 10-1.78).

2010 NFL Draft,Mike Iupati,San Francisco 49ers,

Mike Solari the 49ers offensive line coach must feel like a little kid at Christmas with the additions of Iupati and Anthony Davis. Iupati is a three-year starter at left guard. Wide athletic body. A powerful man that plays with a good base. Has an ornery and competitive streak. Can drop his butt and anchor a charging defender. His natural position is left guard. Will need developmental time to play the other three line slots not including center. Controls the defender with his hands. Athletic in pass protection. He does have a tendency to lobster grab a defender with his hands outside the frame and hold. Needs technique work in his overall game. A dominant physical player that has a good change of direction. Exhibits an explosive punch then locks out and drives the down defender. A mauler that gets push. The team runs behind him. Runs his feet on contact. Explosive on short pulls and fold blocks. Stays on his feet. Doesn’t go to the ground. Must work to bend his knees. Can get high at times. Long arms and big hands help him keep position on the pass rusher. Light feet in pass pro for a big man. OSR:21/40. (A-35, H-10 3/8, BP-27, 10-1.86).

2010 NFL Draft,Tennessee Titans,Derrick Morgan,

Projected as the 10th pick in the 2010 Draft the Titans gained a pass rusher that was both a need and value pick. Junior entry. Two-year starter with good instincts. Plays in a 4-point stance with both hands on the ground. Explosive first step quickness. Gets inside pressure when he is on a slant or angle move. Tech moved him around to get the best match-up to pressure the quarterback. Has some jolt and explosion to shock the blocker. Good lateral and foot quickness. Plays well on his feet. The ACC Defensive Player of the Year. Can press and pressure the pocket. Quick to shed and control blocker. Good use of hands. Keeps leverage on the ball. Has the strength to get under a tackle and put him on skates back to the quarterback. Good burst down the line of scrimmage. Works to the quarterback and makes plays after the pocket breaks down. Plays hard every down. Always around the ball. Rarely single blocked. Draws several holding penalties because of his relentless style of play. Multiple move player to get to the quarterback. Makes a lot of hustle plays. In 2009 had 55 tackles, 18 1/2 tackles for loss, 12 1/2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 fumble recoveries. Over his career he tallied 103 tackles, 29 1/2 tackles for loss, and 19 sacks. Edge speed:left 1.96, right 2.14. OSR:9/35. (A-34 1/2, H-9 3/4, BP-21, 10-1.60).

2010 NFL Draft, New York Giants, Jason Pierre-Paul,

After the Oakland Raiders selected Rolando McClain with the 8th pick The Giants went to plan B and added another defensive lineman.Junior entry. Started seven games in college career. Transferred from Fort Scott Community College after playing at the College of the Canyons as a freshman. Football intelligence is a question mark. Can he adjust to schemes quickly? Awareness? Does he learn quickly? He will need reps. Extremely athletic. Speed rusher that plays on the same side as George Selvie at times. Built like Simon Rice. Long arms and legs. Makes several plays from backside when he went unblocked. Technique poor. One move player. When he sees it he chases it. Can turn the corner and flatten down the line of scrimmage. Lacks overall body strength to hold his ground in the run game at him. Gets buried, bounced around, and bulldozed at times. Plays with his hand in the dirt but will stand up at times. Lacks the strength to control a blocker. Slow to disengage. Instincts are off. Gets his hands up as a pass rusher and will go for the strip. Question mental toughness when he came out of games for nicks, then returns. Plays on special teams. Gives a top effort rushing the passer. Has God-given talents, but would be classified as a boom or bust player. In 2009 had 45 tackles, 6 1/2 sacks, 15 1/2 tackles for loss, 2 forced fumbles, 1 interception, 2 passes broken up, and 1 blocked kick. Edge speed:left 2.11, right 2.05. Vertical jump 30.5, short shuttle 4.69, 3 cone 7.18. OSR:21/35. (A-34 3/4, H-10 3/8, BP-19, 10-1.68).

2010 NFL Draft, Seattle Seahawks,Earl Thomas,

The Seahawks hit their second home run on two pitches with the addition of Earl Thomas. A value and a need pick with the 14th selection. Junior entry. Two-year starter with corner skills. Was a red-shirt in 2007. Ability to quickly key and diagnose. Anticipates with quick reactions. Innate feel for secondary play. Competitive and aggressive. Gets too wired up at times and will be out of control. Misses tackles and takes bad angles to ball carrier. Willing to force coming downhill as a run support safety. Gets caught up in traffic at times. Cut tackles or whiffs. See Alabama game. Had 8 interceptions in 2009. Several were thrown right at him if a receiver slipped or the pass was off target. Loose hipped for smooth turns and acceleration. Has closing and catch-up speed. Smothers slot receivers. Keeps position on receiver. Will go for the strip. Has sideline to sideline range. Has an edge burst to blitz and be disruptive. Can stick his foot in the ground and drive on the ball. No false steps. Generally takes a direct line to the ball. Has deep catch-up speed. Good hands to extend for the ball and can adjust for a difficult interception. Knocks down several catchable balls. Confident and daring. Will contribute on special teams. Positive cockiness. Pro Bowl talent. Good athletic skills, but did not finish several drills at the Combine by his choice. Had 21 reps on the bench press and a 9-5 broad jump. Career tackles of 149, with 33 passes broken up, 10 interceptions, and 5 caused fumbles. BTR:left 4.36, right 4.28. OSR:11/21. (A-31 1/4, H-9 3/8, VJ-32, SS-DNP).

2010 NFL Draft, Philadelphia Eagles,Brandon Graham,

The Eagles with several draft picks moved up aggressively and got their man. Most people thought Philly was moving up to take safety Earl Thomas but made the bold move for a top level pass rusher. Two-and-a-half year starter. A disruptive force that must be game planned to contain him. Almost impossible to single block him. Usually needs a double team and a chip block from a back or motion receiver. Has a passion for the game. Bites, scratches, fights with controlled violence to get to the quarterback. Has the ability to come off the edge and go to the quarterback. A smart player that adjusts to schemes quickly. Good awareness. Effort to the whistle. Outstanding hand, foot, and lateral quickness. Miraculously his arms grew 2 inches from the Senior Bowl to the Combine. Good use of hands to knock down the pass protector’s punch. Top level positional agility and lateral quickness. Flattens out well against the outside run. Consistent to bend and push the pocket in his pass rush. Relentless in his play. Works to finish. Makes a blocker work from snap to whistle to block him. A natural knee bender. In 2009 had 64 total tackles, 26 for loss, 10 1/2 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles. For his career he had 124 tackles, 56 tackles for loss, 29 1/2 sacks, and 8 forced fumbles. OSR:14/35. (A-32 1/4, H-9 7/8, BP-31, 10-1.64).

2010 NFL Draft, Ryan Mathews, San Diego Chargers,

Chargers wanted to fill running back slot with game breaker. A.J. Smith moved up 16 places to grab their next feature back.Junior entry. Started 16 games over career. An upright runner with good contact balance. A between the tackles physical runner with a strong lower body. Plays in both the I-formation and spread looks. Has the speed to bounce the ball outside for positive yards. Big game against Boise State, rushing for 234 yards and scoring 3 touchdowns. A one cut downhill zone runner that follows his blockers. Presses the hole, runs behind his pads, and is rarely tackled by the first defender. Plays fast. Likes to launch and fly into the end zone from the 3-yard line on in. Not a creative runner, but a power back that is a hardnosed slasher. Has only 19 career catches, but was productive with 268 yards and 2 touchdowns. A good athlete that gives effort as a pass protector. Nation’s leading rusher with 1808 yards, averaging 6.6 yards per carry and 19 touchdowns. OSR:6/28. (A-31, H-9 1/4, BP-19, SS-4.32).

2010 NFL Draft,Anthony Davis,San Francisco 49ers,

First of two offensive linemen that will generate power in the run game and pass protection. Fits an immediate need. Good value. Junior entry. Three-year starter. Long arms and big hands for the position. Has the lateral quickness to hook a defensive tackle and set the edge. Powerful on down blocks. A better than average athlete for the tackle position. Can stay square and shadow the edge pass rusher. Can quick set and redirect with natural body control. OK on a “Tex” stunt. Patient on switch. Locks out and controls his opponent in pass protection. Has a bounce in his step. Pulls around and can block on the move although he does get high. Generally plays too high without proper knee bend. Will lose his feet when he’s just trying to get push up front. Needs technique work in pass protection. His body gets out of control at times on the second level. Gets leveraged back and put on skates every time he gets up on his toes in pass pro. More of a pusher than a popper. Plays in both a two-point and three-point stance. Has the talent. Needs the technique. OSR:24/40. (A-34, H-10 1/8, BP-21, 10-1.85).

2010 NFL Draft,BuffaloBills,C.J.Spiller,

The Bills added one of the top playmakers in the 2010 NFL Draft.A bolt of lightning type runner that is a threat to score as a receiver, ball carrier, and return specialist. For all practical purposes, is a four year starter. His first three years he rotated with Cleveland draft choice James Davis. Played in a one-back spread offense. He is the all-time, all purpose yards leader at Clemson and in the Atlantic Coast Conference. This is a football player that is also a track All-American. He displays good vision and cutback ability. Productive run skills both inside and on the perimeter. Displays rare quickness to make the first tackler miss. Quick reactions to make positive yards on a poorly blocked play. Has the hands to catch all pass routes with good eye-hand coordination. A clutch player that can make a play in crucial situations. As a kickoff return specialist he shows an instant burst and acceleration. As a punt returner he can take one step and go, or uses his stop and go moves to make defenders miss. Finishes his runs with strength and determination. A patient runner that slides and can bounce the ball outside and speed down the sideline. Has a burst to the corner and can make the first defender miss in space. Explosive on wheel routes. Possesses the hands of a receiver. Mismatch on linebackers. Excellent vision between the tackles. Hits the crease full speed. Good cutback vision. Can dodge tacklers at the line of scrimmage. At times he gets the corner by option football. Academic All-ACC. OSR:5/28. (A-30 1/2, H-10 1/8, BP-18, SS-DNP).

2010 NFL Draft, Rolando McClain,Oakland Raiders,

The Raiders with the 8th selection in the 2010 NFL Draft added another height,weight and speed prospect. The biggest difference is this one is an instant impact player.Junior entry. Three-year starter. Alabama’s defensive quarterback. Big inside linebacker that played in a 3-4 scheme but could play “Mike” in a 4-3. Understands the defense. Keeps leverage on the ball without over running the play on outside runs. Turns the play back inside. Plays square to the line of scrimmage and scrapes quickly to the off tackle holes. Quick recognition and reaction to run/pass. Nose for the ball. Reacts immediately to keys, play action, and misdirection. Good football aptitude. Calls the signals and makes the adjustments. Experience in man to man coverage. Can handle tight ends and backs in coverage. Can play the ball with timing and has the position to recover. Can blitz off the edge. Quick take off, use of hands, speed, quicks, and the ability to burst off the edge. Tough and hard nosed. Takes on the guard. Can see over the guard. Has good height. Passion for football. Good work ethic and communication skills. Did not work out at the Combine by his choice. (A-33, H-9 3/8, BP-24, SS-4.45).

2010 NFL Draft,Cleveland Browns,Joe Haden,

Browns draft Joe Haden the best corner in the 2010 Draft, filling both need and value for the pick.Junior entry. Three-year starter that looks fast and plays fast. Ran a pedestrian time at the Combine but came back with a 4.45 on Florida’s pro day. Confident and challenges receivers. Competitive playmaker. Consistent wrap tackler. Well built with long arms. Good functional strength. Can walk up nose to nose with any of the receivers the Gators faced. Has loose hips and quick feet. Has smooth turns with acceleration and catch up speed. Keeps position on receiver. Will battle for ball. Goes for the strip. Tough minded and accepts a challenge. Does not shy away from contact. Good body control and ball skills. Career marks include 218 tackles, 34 passes broken up, 8 interceptions, and 3 forced fumbles. BTR:left 4.41, right 4.43. OSR:19/29. (A-32 3/4, H-9 1/2, VJ-35, SS-4.35).

2010 NFL Draft,Russell Okung,Seattle Seahawks,

Seahawks gain best left tackle in 2010 Draft to replace Walter Jones.A four-year starter that is as talented as any left tackle in the 2010 draft. Plays with good knee bend and base. Athletic and equally as productive as a run blocker or pass protector. Long arms and big hands to lock out and control a pass rusher. Effortlessly works the pass rusher up the field past the quarterback. Will use his hands to maul and engulf a defensive tackle. Demonstrates the ability to redirect and shift weight quickly. Sudden to pivot and turn then run. An explosive knee bender that can shock, control, and drive his target. Takes good angles to the second level to wall or cut off pursuit. Good body control, quickness, agility, and balance to sustain his blocks. Brings his feet when he comes off the ball. Can snap his hips and dominate his man. Effective player that has the physical tools to start on the next level. Has the desired length for a left tackle. Can bury defensive ends in the run game. Slams the defensive tackles on down blocks. Plays in a two-point stance. Team is spread oriented. Can reach and seal the edge. Locks on and controls the end or outside linebacker. Bends well. Strong hands. Is strong enough to anchor with his inside post leg. Quick enough to reach the backside cutoff. Gets good depth on pass protection. Good lateral quickness. Finished blocks better in 2009. A good athlete that has the tools to become an immediate starter. OSR:8/40. (A-36, H-10 1/2, BP-38, 10-1.82).

2010 NFL Draft,Eric Berry,Kansas City Chiefs,

Our second rated player upgrades secondary play immediately.Junior entry. Three-year starter. A safety with corner skills. Versatile enough to play either free or strong safety and interchange responsibilities and has the hip flexibility, foot quickness, change of direction, and recoverability to play corner. Good intelligence. Can learn and retain coverage schemes, awareness to recognize and analyze offensive set tendencies, and react quickly to keys. Can make calls and communicate coverages vocally. Has a fierce sense of competition. Plays with confidence and poise. Mentally tough and durable. Good concentration and a high reaction IQ. Reads the eyes of the quarterback. Good leadership qualities. Has long arms and extraordinary leaping ability. Impact hitter that is always around the ball. Alley player on run support. Ability to stay on his feet and play off blockers. Lined up as a safety or as a linebacker/hybrid in the Tampa-2 system in 2009 and excelled. Active and aggressive. Has tackling courage - heavy hitter. Did a better job in 2009 of wrapping up as a tackler instead of just exploding on the ball carrier. Slipped off a few tackles if he went high. Total package of measurables, athletic ability, physical ability, intelligence, instincts, intangibles, and leadership qualities. Will contribute on all special teams. One of the top three players in the 2010 draft. Second in NCAA history with 494 interception return yards. SEC Defensive Player of the Year as a sophomore. Jim Thorpe Award winner as the nation’s top defensive back. BTR:left 4.09, right 4.10. Had 19 reps of 225 and 6.80 on the 3-cone. OSR:2/21. (A-33 1/4, H-9 5/8, VJ-43, SS-4.23).

2010 NFL Draft,Trent Williams,Washinton Redskins,

Fills major need at left tackle. Prototype fit for Mike Shanahan offensive line.Four-year starting experience. Played right tackle in 2008, but was featured as a left tackle in 2009. He also played center against Stanford in the Sun Bowl. Plays in a spread offense at times in a two-point preset stance. Can extend his arms and lock out to punch and force separation. Can sit down and stop a charge. Plays with a good base. Mirrors his man with good head position, quickness, and balance in pass protection. Effective to seal on down blocks. Has the ability to redirect with natural body control. Can cut edge rusher quickly on flat passes. More of an angular body build lacking the thickness in the lower body. Athletic in space with the ability to adjust and sustain his target on the move. Stays balanced with good knee bend. Improved his ability to wall off high motor double move edge pass rushers. Long torso tackle that can lock on a pass rusher and redirect him. Good feet, change of direction, and knee bend. Controls linebackers on the second level. Worked to finish his blocks better in 2009. Instilled more intensity and violence in his game. Can play any of the five positions along the offensive line. He did the short shotgun snaps, but is tall for the position. One of the top three most athletic linemen in the 2010 draft. Has the tools but will he maintain his new found intensity on the next level? OSR:3/40. (A-34 1/4, H-9 3/4, BP-23, 10-1.73).

2010 NFL Draft/Tampa Bay/

3 Tampa Bay Perfect fit for upfield player Gerald McCoy* DT Oklahoma 6041 295 5.11
Junior entry. Three-year starter. Cat-like quickness. When cut he bounces up and demonstrates outstanding athletic ability to get down the line and into pursuit. Good agility and body control. Uses a spin move to get off block and out of trouble. Inconsistent to fight pressure. Must escape on first move or can get walled off. Is generally “all in” on his first explosive gap penetration. He relies on his quickness to push the play deep. He plays within the scheme of the defense. Many times he takes himself out of a play because he can be single blocked. Good ability to disengage blocker and find the ball. Long arms and big hands. Question instincts at times, especially when fooled on screen passes when he takes the bait. His strength is more of a one gap penetrator as an under tackle in a four man front. Plays with good hip flex and knee bend, but gets rolled out if he gets too high. Plays quick, but not always strong. McCoy’s productivity over his career is not as good as several linemen that will be drafted after him. Edge speed:left 2.09, right 2.30. OSR:10/20. (A-33 3/4, H-10 1/4, BP-23, 10-1.75).

2010 NFL Draft,Detroit Lions, Ndamukong Suh,

Draft's best player locked in to Motown.Immediately upgrades defense. Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska 6037 307 4.98
Three-year starter that led the team in tackles. His last name is pronounced “Sue.” His first name, Ndamukong, means “house of spears.” Plays left defensive tackle. Has long arms and a big thick body. Explosive strength at the point of attack. Exceptional use of hands and arms. Can two gap. Can’t be single blocked. Strong hands to control the blocker. Doesn’t stay blocked. Quick to shed. Sudden punch and separation. Has the strength to pull and jerk. Quick arm over moves. Has a bag of tricks to rush the passer. Usually double teamed and chipped. A good athlete that can push the pocket and defeat the blocker. Has two interceptions for touchdowns and has caught a touchdown pass after lining up at fullback. Instinctive with quick reactions. Can feel pressure and react on the run. Outstanding balance and agility. A wrap up tackler in the open field when dropping on a zone blitz. Keeps leverage on the ball. A playmaker that dominates his competition. Plays hard the whole game. Explosive first step quickness. A disruptive player that makes several “hustle” plays. Has a feel for the game. Plays with passion and intensity. Focused on the job at hand. Plays on the line of scrimmage going forward. Doesn’t get driven back. Drives through the ball carrier on contact. Sudden to penetrate inside gaps on slant and angle moves. Can collapse the pocket with strength and leverage. A strong power rusher when he brings it up the middle. Unlocks his hips with force. Can stack any run play at him. Was a one man wrecking crew in the Texas game. Extraordinary production as a defensive tackle. In 2009 he had 85 tackles, 24 tackles for loss, and 12 sacks. Over his career he had 189 tackles, 53 for loss, and 24 sacks. Edge speed:left 1.99, right 1.86. OSR:2/20. (A-33 1/2, H-10 1/4, BP-32, 10-1.72).

2010 NFL Draft,St. Louis,Sam Bradford,

St. Louis fills major need in Round 1 Sam Bradford* QB Oklahoma 6042 236 4.73
Junior entry. Started 31 games. Heisman trophy winner in 2008. Takes both the shotgun and conventional snap. Extremely accurate and consistent to keep receivers on their routes. Can hit receivers on patterns with few adjustments. In 2008 with four seniors and Trent Williams he excelled with a clean pocket. In 2009 with four new linemen he injured his right shoulder twice. Demonstrates a quick delivery. Snaps the ball out with no wasted motion. A classic drop back quarterback. Stands tall in the pocket. The ball is placed where only the receiver can get at it. Throws several timing routes. Plays on his toes. Throws a catchable ball with good touch. Keeps his eyes scanning down the field. Receivers are generally wide open. Makes good decisions. Will throw the ball away when under pressure. Was accurate versus Florida when under pressure in BCS 2009 Championship game. Controls the tempo of the game. Looks at sideline for play or goes no huddle. Timing and rhythm type passer. Accurate even when backing up with pressure up the middle. Flicks ball out quickly to backs. Excels in play action passes and boot legs. Their offense is like basketball on grass. Fumbled the ball after hit by Orakpo in Texas game in 2008. Throws a number of horizontal type spread formation routes, jailbreak screens, etc. Can laser in the skinny post. Uses his eyes to move the safeties and will pump fake on the deep routes. Not elusive. Has some vision and feel when scrambling. Knows how to slide. Wears a left knee brace and had surgery on his right shoulder and missed all but three games in 2009. Has better than average arm strength with touch to throw over the linebackers. Good anticipation and feel for the throw. Durability is a major question mark despite a 20-pound weight gain. A confident and consistent performer that is a good leader with strong intangibles. In 2008 threw for 4720 yards, 67.9% completion rate, 50 touchdowns, and only 8 interceptions. Did not workout at the Combine. (A-34 3/8, H-9 1/2, SS-4.44, VJ-32).