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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Draft Rewind 2006 - Jay Cutler - Chicago Bears

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about JAY CUTLER: Vanderbilt, 6032 228 4.77. Four-year starter. Right handed. Three-time team captain. SEC offensive player of the year. Set numerous career records including total offense (9953 yards), TD passes (59), passing yardage (8697), pass completions (710), pass attempts (1242) and starts by a quarterback (45). Not a finished product. Mechanics are off at times. He never had a chance to set his feet and throw. Somewhat of a sling type delivery. He is a competitive leader who can take a hit and throw accurately under duress. Has the arm strength to make all the throws. He was timed at the Combine on the radar at 60 mph. Has a quick release. A playmaker that can adjust his throws under pressure. The lack of a star-studded surrounding cast may have helped him prepare for the NFL because of all the on-field adjustments that take place in a game. Played in both conventional and shotgun offense. Effective play action passer. Good touch and accuracy on fades and ball control routes. Was the best QB in practice at the Senior Bowl, but was erratic at times. Decision making was questionable at Vanderbilt because he was never able to get in a rhythm. Needs to improve deep ball touch and accuracy. Natural running ability to escape and make something happen. Can scramble and get up field with the ball. First round. (A-31 1/2, H-9 3/8, SS-4.31, VJ-DNP). (originally drafted by Denver)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Greg Hardy - Carolina Panthers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about GREG HARDY: Mississippi, 6037 281 4.86. Started 13 games over career. Explosive edge speed from the left side. Can turn the corner and flatten down the line. Turns speed to power on his pass rush. Gains an advantage with his first upfield step and get off. Speed, acceleration, and talent are first round caliber. Lacks a high level of consistency. When he plays, he has undeniable talent and natural pass rushing skills. Question passion for the game and the desire to be a consummate pro player. Injury history has caused him to miss several games over his four year career. Was heavy at the East-West game and gained more weight prior to the Combine. Had his best year in 2007 when he made 52 tackles, 18 1/2 tackles for loss, and 10 sacks. In 2009 he had 16 tackles, 6 1/2 for loss, and 5 sacks. Career stats are 122 tackles, 39 1/2 tackles for loss, and 26 1/2 sacks. Edge speed:left 1.67, right 1.99. OSR:30/35. Third/fourth round. (A-34, H-9 3/4, BP-21, 10-1.82).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Draft Rewind 2011 - Marcel Dareus - Buffalo Bills

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about MARCEL DAREUS: Alabama, 6031 319 4.93. Junior entry. Two-year starter. A versatile long armed power player who is strong in the run game and disruptive as a pass rusher. Locks out and controls the pass protector with his strong hands. Plays in a controlled contain rush scheme, but is quick enough to release and bounce outside to make a play. Doesn’t stay blocked. Plays square with his toes pointed to the goal line. Has strong power base in the run game. Thick and explosive lower body. Quick arm over move when turned loose to rush the passer. Sudden lateral quickness to close down the inside running lanes. Athletic and quick on loop, angle, and slant stunts. Uses offensive linemen like a “shiver board” skating down the line. Explosive punch and uncoil power. Good instincts with quick reactions. Can feel pressure and react on the move. A stout inline anchor versus the run. Plays with good balance, hands, and technique. Takes good angles away from the ball and has run down plays from behind. In a four-man front he may be the left end run stuffer. As a 5-technique (shades outside shoulder of offensive tackle) he can stack double teams and two gap, keeping blockers off linebackers. Missed first two games with NCAA agent sanctions. 2010 stats: 33 tackles, 4 1/2 sacks. 11 TFL, 4 PBU. Edge speed:left 2.05, right 2.09. OSR:7/25. First round. (A-33 3/8, H-10 1/8, BP-24, 10-1.71).

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Draft Rewind 2003 - Anquan Boldin - Baltimore Ravens

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about ANQUAN BOLDIN: Florida State, 6006 215 4.70. Junior eligible who missed the ’01 season after suffering a knee injury prior to the opener. Returned healthy this past season and had a solid year. A sturdy, muscular, athletic receiver who began his career at quarterback — saw action there in the Sugar Bowl this season. Can throw the long ball exceptionally well for a wideout — offers potential on trick plays. More athletic than fast — lacks dynamic speed and leaping ability. Possession receiver who can be effective in the slot. Strong over the middle target with big, strong, and secure hands — extends smoothly to snatch the ball. Does a good job of using his body to shield off defenders. Tough in a crowd. Has ability after the catch. Strong legged runner with good balance and decent in-traffic moves. Holds the ball a little too loose at times. Adequate blocker. Intelligent. Improving. (originally drafted by Arizona)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Draft Rewind 2011 - Julio Jones - Atlanta Falcons

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about JULIO JONES: Alabama, 6026 220 4.39. Junior entry. Three-year starter who is a big physical receiver with rare speed for his size. Ran faster than we projected. Can make the acrobatic adjustment to the ball on a back shoulder throw. A big target who will reach and extend for the ball on a slant pattern. Has no fear of going across the middle. A clutch, big play receiver who has the mentality of a press corner. Physical and tough. Will sacrifice his body for the ball. Has the stamina to run all day long. Productive against top level competition. Battled Patrick Peterson for three straight years and it could be argued that Jones took two of the three match-ups. A strong hand catcher who will break a tackle and finish a play. Falls forward. Instinctive running ability. Not easy to tackle. Will outmuscle defenders for a ball in the crowd. A three level receiver. Strong enough to get off press coverage. A bigger and faster Anquan Boldin or Sterling Sharpe. Route running was top level late in 2010. Good blocker. Has had some injuries in the past. One hole in his game is his concentration - has drops at times. Career stats: 179-2653, 14.8 ypr, 15 TDs. OSR:1/43. First round, top 10 talent. (A-33 3/4, H-9 3/4, VJ-38.5, SS-4.25).

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - Larry Fitzgerald - Arizona Cardinals

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about LARRY FITZGERALD: Pittsburgh, 6030 225 4.49. Early entry. True sophomore who spent a year in prep school before college. Immediate impact collegian — followed a superb freshman year with an even better sophomore season. Shattered an NCAA record by catching a touchdown pass in 18 consecutive games — had the streak stopped in his final game. Biletnikoff and Walter Camp Award winner in ’03. Tall, sturdy, and strong. Has fairly long arms and large hands. Polished route runner. Sharp in his cuts. Does a good job of driving defenders off and coming back for the ball. Changes speeds well to set up defenders. Can accelerate deep. Has natural hands — extends aggressively for the ball. Acrobatic. Has a knack for making the tough catch in a crowd — shows great body control, concentration and timing. Makes the over-the-head catch smoothly. Adjusts to the ball behind him well. Not a dynamic runner after the catch, but he runs with strength and has good balance. Decent blocker. A legitimate blue chip prospect and a likely very high selection.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - DeAngelo Hall - Washington Redskins

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about DEANGELO HALL: Virginia Tech, 5100 202 4.33. Junior eligible. A slender framed yet solidly-built corner with outstanding speed and athletic ability. Two year starter. Big play performer throughout his career. Had a great ’03 season. Saw some action at wide receiver. Plays with a lot of confidence. Very quick footed with a smooth backpedal. Can turn and run easily with receivers. Comes out of his pedal sharply. Good leaper — reacts well to the thrown ball. A little raw — will bite on double moves at times but shows good recovery skills — can get caught peeking at the quarterback and losing track of the receiver. Solid in run support. Comes up quickly and sets himself with good form — will face up and wrap. Generally secure coming up to tackle a receiver after a catch in front of him. Feisty — can be a little overaggressive at times. Explosive punt returner — ran back two for touchdowns in one game this past season. Needs some technique work but he has great tools and is a tough competitor.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Draft Rewind 2009 - Kenny Britt - Tennessee Titans

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about KENNY BRITT: Rutgers, 6027 218 4.50. Junior entry. Three-year starter. Long arms. Productive and athletic receiver. Big East career receiving leader with 3043 yards. Possession type long strider that builds up speed as he gets down the field. Does a good job of working the seams in zone coverage. Not a natural catcher. Question concentration on the ball. Appears to lack confidence in his hands. Cradle and body catcher. Has several drops in his career. Will wait on the ball instead of going up after it. Projects to a slot receiver. Played split end in college. Lacks quickness in and out of his breaks. Needs more strength in his upper body to get off jam coverage. Big target that is inconsistent in his route running. Struggles to separate from top defensive backs. Limited run after catch ability despite size and strength. Mediocre blocking effort down the field. Has tools to play on Sunday, but needs to elevate every phase of his game. OSR:13/38. Third round. (A-34, H-9, VJ-37, SS-4.47).

Monday, July 23, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Brian Price - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about BRIAN PRICE: UCLA, 6011 303 5.21. Junior entry. Three-year starter. Fast twitch disruptive defensive lineman that knows how to use his hands. Explosive gap quickness to penetrate and get up the field. Relentless with a burst to the quarterback. Good fit as an under tackle in a four man front. Explosive hip snap to leverage pad under pad to stack the run. A John Randle type quick penetrator. One of the best interior linemen to rush the passer from the inside in this draft. Functional strength. He has a desire and fire to play this position and takes pride in doing so. A second effort, never quit type of player plays this position. Can adjust on the move. Will face up and wrap tackle. Thick lower body. Career marks include 97 tackles, 44 1/2 tackles for loss, 12 1/2 sacks, and 5 forced fumbles. Edge speed:left 1.98, right 2.05. OSR:16/20. First/second round. (A- 32 1/4, H-9 1/2, BP-34, 10-1.81).

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Draft Rewind 2005 - Brandon Browner - Seattle Seahawks

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about BRANDON BROWNER: Oregon State, 6034 221 4.67. Junior eligible. Big press corner who majors in bump and run, man-to-man coverage. One-speed, long strider type. Not smooth in turn and transition. Wasted motion, not loose hipped. Runs stride for stride with receiver on deep routes. Hard for quarterback to throw through tall long-armed corners. Keeps good position on receiver. Takes good angles in pursuit. Best on deep routes. Good hands. Is on the hands team kick off return. Mans up and covers tight ends and slot receivers. Average foot quickness to move feet and perform various techniques required by a corner. Will be tried at corner first, then moved to free safety. Some hesitation in plant to drive on ball in front of him. Downfield range. High in back pedal. Must work to bend knees. Lacks burst to close on receiver after he makes his first move. Will need to learn zone discipline and awareness. Lacks knowledge about position and responsibilities in zone coverage because he plays almost exclusively man-to-man coverage.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - Isaac Sopoaga - San Francisco 49ers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about ISAAC SOPOAGA: Hawaii, 6022 319 5.01. Samoan. JuCo transfer. Two year starter at defensive tackle. Could project on the nose. Had a good senior year — missed some action with a knee injury. A short-legged lineman with thick arms, a muscular upper body, and excellent strength. Tough run defender. Exhibits good initial quickness but is not a dynamic penetrator. Takes on blocks a bit high. Holds his ground very well at the point-of-attack. Looks to muscle blockers and doesn’t do a good job of escaping. Lacks good change-of-direction. Needs to do a better job of locating while battling the block. Chases with effort and tackles well but doesn’t have good range. Limited pass rusher. Aggressive puncher with the leg strength to push the pocket on the bullrush. Doesn’t show good moves — gets neutralized too often. Should be effective as a role player.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - Philip Rivers - San Diego Chargers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about PHILIP RIVERS: North Carolina State, 6050 226 5.10. Four year starter. Very productive throughout his career. Has played consistently well in big games. Stood out in the Tangerine Bowl as a senior. Had a strong Senior Bowl performance. Very tall and relatively thin. Plays with great confidence. Average athlete. Lacks good mechanics. Holds the ball a bit low and away from his body as he sets up. Has an unorthodox delivery. Is quick in his release but he drops down significantly at times, particularly when throwing to his right — varies his release point. Patient and intelligent. Sees the field well. Makes quick decisions. Good improviser. Not a top scrambler. A little awkward in his movements. Has very good pocket presence. Does a nice job of sensing the rush and stepping up away from pressure. Generally throws well on the move. Good ballhandler and faker. Doesn’t have a cannon arm but has reasonably good arm strength. Can gun the intermediate pass. Shows good deep touch. Accurate. Does a nice job of hitting receivers in stride, both downfield and on swing passes to backs. Has a lot of intangibles in his favor. A quality prospect in the Bernie Kosar mold.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Darian Stewart - St. Louis Rams

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about DARIAN STEWART: South Carolina, 5110 216 4.58. Three-year starter that is athletic and versatile. Has played three secondary positions. Looks as physical as he plays in run support. Effective on edge blitzes. Plays linebacker in nickel packages. Explosive in run support. Good ability to key and diagnose a play quickly. Competitive and intense in his play. Generally a solid tackler with good body control. Productive in his play. Can be beat in coverage with the wrong mismatches. Loose hips for a smooth turn. Good timing and leaping ability. Good body control and lateral movement. Good ball reactions to knock down or strip the ball. Closes quickly on the ball carrier in front of him. A good box run playing safety. Will contribute on all special teams coverage. Over his career he had 197 tackles, 20 passes broken up, 2 interceptions, and 6 forced fumbles. BTR:left 4.35, right 4.53. OSR:14/21. Fifth/sixth round. (A-32 1/8, H-9, VJ-37, SS-4.34).

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - Ben Roethlisberger - Pittsburgh Steelers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about BEN ROETHLISBERGER: Miami (OH), 6050 241 4.85. Junior eligible. Three year starter with three consecutive 3,000 yard passing seasons. Set a conference mark for single season passing yardage in ’03. Stood out in the GMAC Bowl. An athletic quarterback with excellent size. Tall and sturdy. Played in a system which used the shotgun quite a bit — shows decent setup quickness when dropping off from under center. Holds the ball fairly high. Has a smooth over the top delivery. Deliberate at times but can unload quickly when needed. Patient pocket passer who generally makes good decisions. Poised under a rush. Has good arm strength — can rifle the long out and the deep comeback. Has a good feel for touch. Does a nice job of laying the ball over defenders downfield. Accurate. Mobile. Not sudden in his escape but he slides away from pressure well. Efficient passer on the move, particularly when rolling to his right. Will run when the opportunity presents itself — is a tough runner who will challenge tacklers. Sometimes loses downfield focus when looking to avoid — also shows a tendency to carry the ball low when evading the initial rush. Capable pooch punter — was frequently used in that capacity on fourth and short plays. Did well at the combine. Quality prospect.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Draft Rewind 2005 - Mike Patterson - Philadelphia Eagles

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about MIKE PATTERSON: Southern Cal, 5113 290 4.96. Three-year starter. Explosive short under tackle who makes plays. Sudden off ball. Uses his hands well. Gets offensive tackle back on his heels. Excellent hands and grab strength to knock blocker off balance. Nimble feet. Can anchor. Plays with leverage and stack up a double team. Has an upfield burst to ball carrier. Quick to shed and locate. Hits with an explosive force as a tackler. Throws body into ball carrier. Takes good angles and will run down ball carriers. Great jump on the ball. Quick hands. Active in long and short pursuit. Good functional movement. Intense player. Quick reaction to pulls. Works upfield. Cat quick. Doesn’t stay blocked. Good hand and foot coordination. Quick to change direction and spin off blocks. Long arms. May need repetitions in a complex scheme. Instinctive on football field. Consistent relentless effort. Second/third round pick.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Draft Rewind 2008 - Tyvon Branch - Oakland Raiders

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about TYVON BRANCH: Connecticut, 5113 204 4.34. Two-year starter. Three career interceptions. Rare speed and good athletic ability. Good instincts. Stays tight to receiver in man coverage. Good short area quickness in zone coverage. Plays the ball well in the air. Outstanding range and cross field speed. Good tackler. Not afraid. Will compete. Good sized corner that plays hard. Has experience returning kicks. Looks like a Cover-2 corner. Good football intelligence. Natural athletic ability doesn’t always show, but he has talent, speed, smarts, and tackling ability. Should contribute on special teams coverage. OSR:3/32. BTR:left 4.48, right 4.68. Fourth/fifth round. (A-31, H-8 3/8, SS-4.41, VJ-34).

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Draft Rewind 2002 - Bryan Thomas - New York Jets

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about BRYAN THOMAS: Alabama-Birmingham, 6044 265 4.48. A fairly tall 4-3 end with a muscular build and good strength. Could project as a 3-4 outside linebacker. Productive player — school career sack leader. Flexible athlete who comes off the ball quickly and bends his knees nicely on contact. Explosive. Good with his hands but has some trouble getting off blocks once opponents lock on. Can penetrate and change directions sharply in the backfield. Not real instinctive. Has some hesitation in his play, both in locating and in taking on blocks coming at him. Exceptionally fast for a lineman but is an inconsistent pursuit competitor — lets up some on plays away. Natural pass rusher with good moves. Changes speeds well. Comes hard and low — has the body control to stay low and turn the corner. Shows the power to come inside and drive with his legs. Quick footed in his inside redirection — is sudden — closes with a great burst. Had a solid postseason and a strong combine performance. Needs to play with more consistent intensity but he is a gifted athlete with the tools to be an impact pro pass rusher.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - Eli Manning - New York Giants

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about ELI MANNING: Mississippi, 6046 220 4.90. Son of former pro star Archie Manning and brother of current star Peyton Manning. Three year starter. Had a strong senior season — Maxwell Award winner. Fundamentally sound. Similar in mechanics to his brother. Tall and somewhat slender. Good athlete. Quick footed in his dropback. Sets quickly. Maneuverable. Doesn’t look to run but he can avoid pressure and slide outside. Maintains good control and throws effectively on the move. Holds the ball high and has a quick compact delivery and a strong arm. Very accurate in the short and intermediate range. Drills the ball nicely between defenders over the middle. Can fire the long out. Shows fairly good touch. Needs to improve his deep passing but has the arm strength to develop in this area. Smooth ballhandler. Fakes well. Patient and confident. Takes some chances and will force some balls into traffic at times. Not quite as gifted as his brother but is a very good prospect in his own right. Should be a very high pick and a quality longtime starter as a pro.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - Will Smith - New Orleans Saints

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about WILL SMITH: Ohio State, 6026 275 4.70. An all-around type end with experience on the left and right sides. Compact. Has relatively short arms and legs. Technically sound player. Very quick off the ball. Explosive. Plays at a good pad level. Strong and quick with his hands into blockers. Powerful into gaps. Holds his ground well and usually stays on his feet. Does a good job of stringing out the wide play. Disciplined. Locates quickly and hustles in pursuit. Gets slowed up a bit by low blocks. Inconsistent with his shed — when he gets turned out, he can be slow to work through the block towards the ball. Disruptive pass rusher — more powerful than speedy. Good bullrusher for an end. Comes strong and hard to the inside, yet shows the ability to pressure the edge and turn the corner. Has a good arm-under move. Relentless. Keeps his feet active and his legs driving. Closes strong, though he lacks the great extended speed of many pure pass rushers. Athletic — used effectively from a standup position which required him to drop off and cover. Lacks a little in terms of ideal size and speed, but he’s a first rate prospect who does a lot of things well.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Rob Gronkowski - New England Patriots

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about ROB GRONKOWSKI: Arizona, 6062 264 4.70. Two-year starter. Did not play in the 2009 season after back surgery for a herniated disc. Big red zone target with long arms. Productive inline blocker that stayed on his feet and worked low to high. Good initial contact to secure the point. He did it all - wall off, drive block, down block, double team, angle cut, stick and stay. Excellent arm length to control and tie up defender. Soft hands with the ability to make the tough catch. Athletic after catch. Determined runner. Fights for extra yards. Breaks tackles. Secures the ball after catch. Has the ability to quick set in pass protection. Shows above average ability to change direction and redirect. Intense and aggressive in pass protection. Comes off hard on release. Did not run a variety of patterns in their offense. Was hurt by the lack of a consistent passing quarterback. Excellent receiving short and works the underneath areas. Has the foot quickness to get open. Caught 47 passes for 14.2 yards per reception and 10 touchdowns in 2008. Career: 75 catches, 1197 yards, 16.0 yards per catch, 16 touchdowns. Did not workout at Combine due to back surgery. First/second round. (A-34 1/4, H-10 3/4, BP-23, VJ-33.5).

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Draft Rewind 2003 - Kevin Williams - Minnesota Vikings

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about KEVIN WILLIAMS: Oklahoma State, 6046 304 4.82. A tall defensive tackle with fairly long arms. Improving player. Came on strong as a senior. Was a standout at the Senior Bowl after a stellar Houston Bowl performance. Athletic. Very quick off the ball — dynamic penetrator who makes plays in the backfield. Agile. Has good balance. Needs to upgrade his strength but he’s a solid overall run defender. Gets too upright at times, but he has good technique — uses his hands well to maintain separation and play off blocks. Inconsistent in pursuit — shows a short burst but isn’t an all-out chaser on plays across the field. Has good feet — can get through the trash smoothly when moving laterally. Very good inside pass rusher with a fine combination of quickness, power, and moves. Strong with a hand slap. Spins quickly. Flexible. Has the body control to change directions or turn the corner. Strong in his closing burst. Could project as a “power” type end. Quality prospect who needs more strength and overall consistency.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - Karlos Dansby - Miami Dolphins

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about KARLOS DANSBY: Auburn, 6032 250 4.59. A very athletic weakside linebacker prospect with a lean build and long arms. Three year starter. Impact player throughout his career. Had a solid senior season. More fluid than physical. Can be neutralized at the point-of-attack — a little slow to shed at times — lacks good strength. Works well on plays away. Can chase down backs from the backside with speed. Gives good pursuit effort. Agile and light on his feet. Can avoid low contact well. Active — instinctive — makes plays. Is an aggressive, usually secure tackler, but is more of a grabber than an explosive drive-through striker. Good blitzer off the edge — uses his hands and long arms well to play through the running back block — redirects well and closes with a burst. Very effective in coverage. Quick in his backpedal. Can turn and run smoothly. Breaks on the ball alertly — has good leaping ability and natural interception skills. Quality prospect who needs to upgrade his strength to reach his full potential. (Originally drafted by Arizona)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Draft Rewind 2006 - Tamba Hali - Kansas City Chiefs

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about TAMBA HALI: Penn State, 6030 275 4.88. Three-year starter. Plays with a high motor and hunger. Usually double teamed. Fights pressure to the whistle. Gets his hands inside blocker quickly. Better when he plays with his hand down. Physical and quick off the edge. Good burst in backside pursuit. Raw ability. Good range. Separates well. Can escape and redirect laterally. Good body control and balance to keep his feet in traffic. Usually plays over a tight end. Needs more anchor strength. Will get stuck on blocks. Goes for the strip and big hit to make plays. Active player that goes to the whistle every play. Disciplined within the scheme. Made several ‘hustle’ plays during the year. Aggressive and competitive. Native of Liberia. Long arms and big hands to control blockers. Had a mediocre workout day on March 16th. Weighed 12 pounds less than he did at the Combine. A worker that does not have top flight athletic numbers. First/second round. (A-33 3/8, H- 10 1/2, BP-18, 10-1.71).

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - Greg Jones - Jacksonville Jaguars

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about GREG JONES: Florida State, 6014 250 4.55. A big back with thick legs and a very muscular upper body. Was having an excellent season as a first year starter in ’02 before suffering a serious knee injury late in the year. Returned to action as a senior but was not as effective as he had been previously. A patient, instinctive runner. A little deliberate at times, but he reads blocks well and has quick feet for a back his size. Does a good job of cutting laterally and finding holes. Dances a little too much at times. Lacks breakaway speed but he has some ability to bounces plays wide and make defenders miss. Physical runner with good lean. Lowers his pads nicely on contact and delivers a blow. Strong legged. Can run over smaller defenders when he gets into the secondary. Above average blocker. Strikes with good knee bend. Adjusts well in pass protection. Shows good balance. Has some difficulties in the passing game. Fights the ball a bit. Needs improvement as a route runner. Could project as a fullback. A quality back when healthy — injury background is a concern.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Draft Rewind 2002 - Dwight Freeney - Indianapolis Colts

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about DWIGHT FREENEY: Syracuse, 6006 266 4.53. A shorter than ideal 4-3 right end with a solid build, good strength, and excellent speed. Extremely productive — led the nation in sacks as a senior. Very quick off the ball. Attacks with good lean. Can penetrate gaps and disrupt blocking schemes. Protects his legs well. Plays with good knee bend and balance. Quick with his hands but is slow to shed blocks — can get tied up and leveraged out. Has a great initial burst off contact to chase plays away. Locates quickly and takes good pursuit angles. Dynamic pass rusher who pressures the edge really well. Gets ridden wide too often but he is explosive in his close on the quarterback once he turns the corner. Light on his feet. Agile. Can spin with good control. Could project as a linebacker — has some experience dropping into coverage. Impressed at the Senior Bowl before suffering an ankle injury during practice. More of a pass rusher than all-around player but should be effective in that area as a pro.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Draft Rewind 2005 - Shaun Cody - Houston Texans

What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about SHAUN CODY: Southern Cal, 6040 293 5.06. Intelligent and aware player. Good interior instincts to feel and read play. Quick to read and react and get in on plays. Sudden initial quickness to get into and off of blocks. Outstanding lateral movement to slide and clear his feet in traffic. Plays under his pads with good knee bend and leverage. Can be explosive when he uncoils. Flashes ability to dominate his opponent. Can lock out and control the blocker with his hands, press off, shed, and get in on tackle. Outstanding use of his hands. Relentless to the ball with his intensity. Very good range, speed, and takes good angles in pursuit. Will sacrifice his body to make a tackle. As a tackler he is effective, explosive and a wrap up technician. Has an explosive power rush with good anticipation and take off. Pushes the pocket and is especially effective on inside stunts. When on an edge he can speed rush and has a burst to run to the corner and close off blocks. Technique conscious player who uses his hand strength and quick hands to execute a pass rush or defend the run. Versatile enough to play inside or outside in a 4/ 3 or 3/4 defensive scheme. Could be stronger at the point of attack at times and grab grass to create a pile. Will lose his knee bend and get high and rolled out at times. A high motor great effort player who will be an asset to any team that drafts him. Plays disciplined within defensive scheme. A disruptive, relentless player with good foot mobility and athletic ability. Usually draws two or three blockers per play, but works to the quarterback until the whistle. Effective on twist stunts and plays good on his feet. Makes a lot of “hustle” plays. Plays hard every down. (Originally drafted by Detroit)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Draft Rewind 2007 - Desmond Bishop - Green Bay Packers

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about DESMOND BISHOP: California, 6017 239 4.81. Two-year starter. Junior college transfer. Quick to read and react. Good instincts. A competitive and athletic linebacker with limited speed. Downhill linebacker that is strong in the inside running game. Can improve his hand use disengaging from blockers. Needs work on zone coverage to recognize and react, drop, turn ability, depth, and body positioning. Has some hip tightness in man to man coverage. May be a two-down run player. Will contribute on special teams. Seventh round/ priority free agent. (A-32 3/4, H-9 3/4, BP-33, SS-4.65).

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Draft Rewind 2004 - Stephen Peterman - Detroit Lions

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about STEPHEN PETERMAN: LSU, 6040 312 5.44. Former defensive lineman. Three year starter at guard. A wide-bodied lineman with thick legs, a flabby build, and good strength. Ordinary athlete but a tough competitor. Average in his quickness off the ball but he strikes a strong initial blow. Good drive blocker who churns his legs and works aggressively for position. Not real quick footed. Loses his balance some. A little clumsy on the pull. Has some trouble adjusting on the move to make secure contact. Capable pass protector. Battles a little high but he’s an aggressive puncher who uses his hands well to control the rusher. Mauler type with a bit of a mean streak. Can anchor effectively. Not real smooth in his redirection. Alert and aware. Did well in the postseason. Has some limitations — needs to play inside — overachiever. (Originally drafted by Dallas)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Eric Decker - Denver Broncos

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about ERIC DECKER: Minnesota, 6031 217 4.55. Started 33 games over career. Big physical receiver that can take a hit. A good enough athlete to have a future at pro football or pro baseball. Injured in the Ohio State game and was lost for the rest of the year. Holds the Gophers’ career reception record. Will go up at the high point for the ball or lay out. Holds the ball after collision. Strong hands to snatch the ball. Excellent eyehand coordination to adjust to an off target pass. A consistent hand catcher that will double move defensive backs. Quick in and out of his breaks. Will stalk and mirror defensive backs down the field. Physical receiver with good focus. Strong run after catch ability. Draft status may be affected by Lisfranc foot surgery. In 2009 had 50 catches for 758 yards, 15.2 yards per catch, and 5 touchdowns. Did not work out at the Combine due to left foot surgery. Third round talent. (A-31, H-9 1/8, VJ-DNP, SS-DNP).

Monday, July 2, 2012

Draft Rewind 2006 - Miles Austin - Dallas Cowboys

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about MILES AUSTIN: Monmouth (NJ), 6021 215 4.47. Three-year starter. Big athletic receiver that was a mismatch in his league. Big soft hands. Uses his size and speed to separate from defenders. Raw in all skills. Inconsistent get-off, line release, and pass routes. Lacked effort in blocking. Caught several short and under patterns and got yards after catch. Big target. Will catch the ball over the middle. Creates deep separation this level and runs away from corners. Good deep ball skills. Developmental prospect that has the size and speed but has inconsistent skills. Has not been challenged at this level. Productive and durable. Sixth/seventh round. (A-31, H-10, SS-4.14, VJ-40.5).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Draft Rewind 2006 - Chris Gocong - Cleveland Browns

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about CHRIS GOCONG: Cal Poly, 6021 263 4.70. Three-year starter. Quick first step up the field. Gives effort to the whistle. Burst to close on the quarterback. Uses a quick spin move at times. Productive high motor, fast twitch 3-4 rush prospect. Had an incredible 40 sacks in the past two years. He added 52 tackles for loss. One of the last players that put up that type of numbers at a lower level of competition was John Randle coming out of Texas A&I. He led 1AA in sacks with 2.2 per game. Goes to the whistle. Takes good pursuit angles. Accelerates off a block. Quick to shed. A wrap tackler. Team moved him around so it was tough to find him. Explosive on quick slants down inside. Disruptive player. Throws his body around to make a tackle. Hustles downfield to make a play. Quick to break downfield on a pass. Plays low and with leverage. Has a closing burst to the quarterback. Did not look out of place in the Shrine practices or game. Will contribute on special teams. Smart and motivated. Fourth round. (A-31 7/8, H-9 1/2, BP-28, 10-1.62). (Originally drafted by Philadelphia)