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Saturday, August 27, 2011

2011 NFL Strength Of Schedule

* Teams in the 2010 Playoffs

A look at the most difficult schedules in 2011 (based on opponents' 2010 record).
TeamCombined win-loss recordPercentage
1. Carolina Panthers142-114-0.555
2. Buffalo Bills137-119-0.535
3t. New York Jets*133-123-0.520
3t. Indianapolis Colts*133-123-0.520
3t. Jacksonville Jaguars133-123-0.520
3t. Kansas City Chiefs*133-123-0.520
3t. San Diego Chargers133-133-0.520
3t. Denver Broncos133-123-0.520
3t. Detroit Lions133-123-0.520
10t. Miami Dolphins132-124-0.516
10t. Houston Texans132-124-0.516
10t. Minnesota Vikings132-124-0.516
13t. Green Bay Packers*130-126-0.508
13t. New Orleans Saints*130-126-0.508
15t. New England Patriots*129-127-0.504
15t. Philadelphia Eagles*129-127-0.504
15t. Dallas Cowboys129-127-0.504
18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers127-129-0.496
19t. Cleveland Browns126-130-0.492
19t. Oakland Raiders126-130-0.492
19t. New York Giants126-130-0.492
19t. Atlanta Falcons*126-130-0.492
23t. Tennessee Titans125-131-0.488
23t. Chicago Bears*125-131-0.488
23t. Seattle Seahawks*125-131-0.488
26. St. Louis Rams122-134-0.477
27t. Pittsburgh Steelers*121-135-0.473
27t. Cincinnati Bengals121-135-0.473
27t. Washington Redskins121-135-0.473
30. San Francisco 49ers119-137-0.465
31. Baltimore Ravens*117-139-0.457
32. Arizona Cardinals113-143-0.441