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Monday, August 29, 2011

Chicago Bears release DE Vernon Gholston, Draft Rewind 2008

Vernon Gholston was a first round choice, the sixth pick of the New York Jets in 2008. What we said:

Gholston, Vernon Ohio State 6030 266 4.68 Junior entry. Two-year starter. Outstanding athletic ability. Still learning how to play the game. Productive big play end. Had 14 sacks and 15 1/2 tackles for loss in his 37 tackles. Had three sacks against Michigan. Can get locked up by a physical tackle that knows how to use his hands. Will throw his body at the ball carrier. Not a hell bent for leather player on ball away. Looks like he’s saving himself. Keeps his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage and generally doesn’t get turned. Is athletic enough to cover backs in the flat. Sudden upfield penetration. Gets rolled out if he gets too high. Driven back in the end zone by the LSU tight end and got his shoulders turned. Plays strong off cut and chip blocks and maintains contain responsibilities. Cushions back and folds inside on inside or plays away. Can be single blocked. Hand fights with tackle too much. When he gets pressure many times it is schemed (i.e.: twist, etc. will run around block to make play.) Will hit but no wrap. Question intensity and instincts. His game is full of inconsistencies. May be more athletic than football player. OSR:1/46. Edge speed:left 1.84, right 1.97.