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Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Draft Third Day Quarterbacks.....

Stanzi, Ricky Iowa 6041 221 4.93
Kansas City Chiefs

Three-year starter. Plays in a pro style offense that features
shotgun, drop back, play action, and roll out type passes and
protections. Uses his eyes and pump fakes to move the safeties.
Improved decision making and interception-to-pass ratio
dramatically in 2010. Has a tall angular build with movement
skills to extend a play. Good touch over the linebackers. Good
week of practice at the Senior Bowl. Kept his eyes down the
field. Demonstrated a sixth sense in the pocket. Good feel and
awareness. Poised. Can avoid pressure by sliding in the pocket.
Compact, overhand delivery keeps the ball high. Accuracy is a
bit off at times, especially on deep passes. Good field vision..
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Taylor,Tyrod Virginia Tech 6006 216 4.51
Baltimore Ravens
Three-and-a-half year starter who is very athletic and mobile.
Can roll away from pressure. Can make a completion under
duress. Delivers the ball in traffic. Operates best in a clean
pocket. Shorter than ideal, but throws through passing lanes.
Plays best on the move. Steady improvement over his career
although he will take unnecessary sacks at times. Decision
making is inconsistent. A reliable leader who plays with
confidence. Rare movement skills to escape with suddenness to
make a play. A developmental project who will provide depth.
For Complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft.

McElroy,Greg Alabama 6016 222 4.91

New York JetsTwo-year starter who is
an efficient ball control passer with
good ball placement. A very smart, aware, and heady prospect.
Has a fringe skill level for an NFL quarterback. Average arm
strength to keep a secondary honest. Best on short and swing
routes. Good anticipation and decisions. Good leadership qualities.
Can feel the rush and adjust to the pressure. Plays in a multiple
offensive scheme. Good mechanics to throwing point. Good touch
over the linebackers. Is a reliable manager of the game.
For complete report see Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Yates, TJ North Carolina 6030 219 5.10
Houston Texans

Four-year starter who had a good senior year despite losing his best
receiver, Greg Little, to an NCAA suspension. Was very inconsistent
as a junior but weathered the storm and helped hold the team
together in 2010. A ball control West Coast type quarterback.
When he’s hot, he’s very good. Possesses above average athletic
ability. Accurate short and medium. Holds the ball up and gets it out
of his hand quickly. Average arm strength. Has active feet in the
pocket. Ready to pass or sidestep a rush...For complete report see
Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Enderle, Nathan Idaho 6043 242 5.15

Chicago Bears

Four-year starter with good arm strength and football
intelligence. Plays in a drop back pro style offense. Heavy feet.
Below average mobility. Productive over his career. Very average
accuracy with a career completion of 54.6%. Threw five
interceptions against Nebraska in 2010. Three were tipped passes.
Has a tight compact delivery and a quick release. Ball placement
to receivers is inconsistent. Footwork in the pocket and his
ability to reset his body with balance is below average. Doesn’t
appear to have that “sixth sense” in the pocket to feel....
For the complete report see..Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft..