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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Second Day Quarterbacks 2011 NFL Draft

Kaepernick, Colin Nevada 6045 225 4.53
San Francisco Four-year starter who has
been productive with his arm and legs
over his career. Impressive mobility and deep ball accuracy. A
good athlete who can make all the NFL throws. Has a good
pocket presence to move and slide away from pressure. He ran
the Pistol offense that was developed by his head coach, Chris
Ault. The quarterback is closer to the line of scrimmage (4 yds)
than a true shotgun formation (6-7 yds). The running back lines
up 3 yards behind the quarterback. This formation was developed
to add power and an option running game to the spread offense.
The Steelers used some Pistol concepts with Ben Roethlisberger
in 2010 after Ben broke his foot. Kansas City, Miami, and
Detroit also dabbled with the Pistol offense. Kaepernick is a
hard working self-motivated athlete.For the complete report see
Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft

Mallett, Ryan Arkansas 6067 253 5.37
New England
Junior entry. Two-year starter. Transfer from the University of
Michigan. A big man with a big arm. Can make all the NFL
caliber passes. Can throw the fade pattern with accuracy and
touch. Runs a combination pro and spread offensive scheme.
Takes ball in shotgun under center. Has the arm strength to take
advantage of coverage breakdowns. The ball doesn’t stay in the
air long. Good velocity. Plays in a complex offensive system.
Has the ability to manage the offense and handle adjustments.
Can drive the ball down the field and hit the receivers on routes
with few adjustments. Struggles to reset body with balance to
make a quick and accurate throw. Big and strong, straight line
runner. Must set his feet to throw accurately. Pressure in the
pocket causes him problems. Needs a clean pocket to succeed For
the complete report..Ourlads Guide To The NFL Draft..

Dalton, Andy TCU 6020 213 4.87
Cincinnati Bengals Four-year starter.
A developmental project who is skilled in a
zone read offense in college. As with all other spread formation
quarterbacks, Dalton must work at taking snaps from under
center, develop his footwork to the throwing point, and work
from a pocket among a myriad of NFL nuances of quarterback
play. He does have a skill set such as a quick release, above
average accuracy, and timing on his passes. His catch and release
quickness comes from his offensive schemes’ predetermined
reads. Arm strength is best short and medium. For the complete report
read Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft