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Friday, April 8, 2011

Kyle Rudolph,Jordan Cameron and Other Tightend Notes 2011 Draft

Tightend Notes 2011 Draft

Jordan Cameron (Southern Cal) OSR: 1/17. A-33 ½”. 4.53/40, 37.5/
VJ, 4.03/SS. Charles Clay (Tulsa) OSR: 6/17. A-33”. 4.69/40. Charlie
Gantt (Michigan State) OSR: 12/17. 27/BP. Cameron Graham (Louisville)
OSR: 17/17. Virgil Green (Nevada) OSR: 3/17. A-33 ½”. 4.54/40, 42.5/VJ.
Daniel Hardy (Idaho) OSR: DNP. A-10”. Did not run or jump due to right
hamstring injury suffered in the Texas vs. Nation Game. Rob Housler
(Florida Atlantic) OSR: 2/17. A-34 ½”. 4.46/40, 37/VJ, 4.21/SS. Lance
Kendricks (Wisconsin) OSR: 5/17. 25/BP, 4.65/40, 34.5/VJ, 4.15/SS.
Schuylar Oordt (Northern Iowa) OSR: 4/17. A-33 ¾”. 4.63/40, 36/VJ.
Zack Pianalto (North Carolina) OSR: 9/17. A-33”. Allen Reisner (Iowa)
OSR: 16/17. A-33 ¼”, H-10 ½”. Kyle Rudolph (Notre Dame) Junior. OSR:
DNP. 6061, 259. A-34”, H-10 ¾”. Did not do bench press, run, or work out
due to right hamstring surgery. Weslye Saunders (South Carolina) Junior.
OSR: DNP. A-35 5/8”, H-10 ½”. Did not work out due to left foot stress
fracture – no running, shuttles, or drills. Lee Smith (Marshall) OSR: 11/17.
A-34 3/8”. 27/BP. Luke Stocker (Tennessee) OSR: 7/17. A-33”. 27/BP.
Julius Thomas (Portland State) OSR: 8/17. A-33”, H-10 ¼”. 4.64/40, 35.5/
VJ. DJ Williams (Arkansas) OSR: 14/17. H-10 3/8”. 4.62/40.