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Friday, April 15, 2011

Greg Jones,Quan Sturdivant, Von Miller and Other Linebacker Notes NFL Draft 2011

For each position below, we have ranked the players listed by
a special Ourlads’ formula we call OSR. When a prospect has an OSR rating
of 15/17, for example, he rated 15th out of the 17 athletes at his position.
Athletes are listed by position alphabetically. Each workout field is weighted
to the importance of the position – i.e.: for quarterbacks – height, the short
shuttle, 3 cone drill, and Wonderlic test are the most important. Broad jump,
vertical jump, 40-yard dash, and 20-yard dash are also important, but not as
important as the first four mentioned. The numbers recorded next to a
prospect’s name exceeded the previous year’s Combine average or Pro Bowl
players’ averages for the past five years. If there is only an OSR rating, the
athlete did not exceed any of the previous position averages.

IB – Nick Bellore (Central Michigan) OSR: 6/9. 4.00/SS. Akeem Dent
(Georgia) OSR: DNP. 24/BP, 37.5/VJ. Medical exclusion – no running or
shuttles due to left hamstring injury. Ross Homan (Ohio State) OSR: 4/9.
32/BP, 4.66/40, 35.5/VJ. Greg Jones (Michigan State) OSR: 7/9. Elijah
Joseph (Temple) OSR: DNP. Medical exclusion – did not work out due to
right knee injury. Orie Lemon (Oklahoma State) OSR: 9/9. 27/BP. Greg
Lloyd (Connecticut) OSR: 8/9. Casey Matthews (Oregon) OSR: DNP. Could
not work out or run due to left shoulder injury during the bench press. Colin
McCarthy (Miami) OSR: 1/9. 4.59/40, 36.5/VJ, 4.20/SS. Mike Mohamed
(California) OSR: 2/9. 4.70/40, 4.00/SS. Kelvin Sheppard (LSU) OSR: DNP.
Did not run due to right hamstring injury. Derrell Smith (Syracuse) OSR: DNP.
Medical exclusion – no running or work out due to left knee injury. Quan
Sturdivant (North Carolina) OSR: DNP. Did not run or do shuttle or 3 cone due
to left hamstring injury. Chris White (Mississippi State) OSR: 3/9. 4.67/40.

OB – Akeem Ayers (UCLA) Junior. OSR: 16/19. 6024, 254. A-33”. 4.28/
SS. Bruce Carter (North Carolina) OSR: DNP. 25/BP. Medical exclusion –
did not work out due to left knee surgery. Mason Foster (Washington) OSR:
15/19. DeJon Gomes (Nebraska) OSR: 11/19. 4.53/40. Eric Hagg (Nebraska)
OSR:6/19. H-10 1/8”. 34.5/VJ, 4.19/SS, 6.73/3 cone. Mark Herzlich (Boston
College) OSR: 17/19. 29/BP. Doug Hogue (Syracuse) OSR: 9/19. 4.62/40,
36/VJ, 7.09/3 cone. Justin Houston (Georgia) Junior. OSR: 3/19. 6027,
270. A-34 ½”, H-10 7/8”. 30/BP, 4.62/40, 36.5/VJ, 6.95/3 cone. Jeremiha
Hunter (Iowa) OSR: 13/19. Nate Irving (North Carolina State) OSR: DNP.
Did not work out, do bench press or run – his own choice. A-33 ¼”, H-10 ¼”.
Scott Lutrus (Connecticut) OSR: 5/19. H-10”. 38/VJ, 4.09/SS, 6.89/3 cone.
Von Miller (Texas A&M) OSR: 1/19. A-33 ½”. 4.42/40, 37/VJ, 4.06/SS,
6.70/3 cone. Adrian Moten (Maryland) OSR: 7/19. 4.53/40, 4.21/SS, 7.05/
3 cone. Jonas Mouton (Michigan) OSR: 18/19. 7.08/3 cone. Brian Rolle
(Ohio State) OSR: 4/19. H-10 3/8”. 28/BP, 4.53/40, 4.26/SS, 6.89/3 cone. DJ
Smith (Appalachian State) OSR: 19/19. 4.71/40. JT Thomas (West Virginia)
OSR: 10/19. 4.65/40. Lawrence Wilson (Connecticut) OSR: 14/19. 4.71/40.
Martez Wilson (Illinois) Junior. OSR: 2/19. 6036, 250. A-34 5/8”. 4.42/40,
36/VJ, 7.04/3 cone. KJ Wright (Mississippi State) OSR: 12/19. A-34 7/8”.