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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sam Acho,Brooks Reed,Ryan Kerrigan and Other Defensive End Notes 2011 NFL Draft

Sam Acho,Brooks Reed and Ryan Kerrigan & Other 2011 Draft Defensive End Notes...

For each position below, we have ranked the players listed by
a special Ourlads’ formula we call OSR. When a prospect has an OSR rating
of 15/17, for example, he rated 15th out of the 17 athletes at his position.
Athletes are listed by position alphabetically. Each workout field is weighted
to the importance of the position – i.e.: for quarterbacks – height, the short
shuttle, 3 cone drill, and Wonderlic test are the most important. Broad jump,
vertical jump, 40-yard dash, and 20-yard dash are also important, but not as
important as the first four mentioned. The numbers recorded next to a
prospect’s name exceeded the previous year’s Combine average or Pro Bowl
players’ averages for the past five years. If there is only an OSR rating, the
athlete did not exceed any of the previous position averages.

DE – Sam Acho (Texas) OSR: 9/26. A-33 ½”. 1.62/10, 4.62/40, 4.32/SS,
6.69/3 cone. Pierre Allen (Nebraska) OSR: DNP. Did not work out due to
right calf strain and right wrist injury. Allen Bailey (Miami) OSR: 14/26. A-
34”, H-10 ¼”. 27/BP, 4.71/40, 36.5/VJ. Jeremy Beal (Oklahoma) OSR: 25/
26. 7.19/3 cone. Da’Quan Bowers (Clemson) Junior. OSR: DNP. 6033,
280. H-10 ¼”. Medical exclusion, did not run or work out due to right knee
meniscus surgery. Chris Carter (Fresno State) OSR: 7/26. 27/BP, 1.59/10,
4.58/40, 36/VJ, 4.34/SS, 6.88/3 cone. Ugo Chinasa (Oklahoma State) OSR:
3/26. A-36”, H-10”. 4.63/40, 7.07/3 cone. Adrian Clayborn (Iowa) OSR:
10/26. 1.61/10, 4.81/40, 4.13/SS. Wayne Daniels (TCU) OSR: 26/26. H-
10”. Did not bench press due to left pectoral strain. Demarcus Dobbs
(Georgia) OSR: 20/26. A-34”. 4.37/SS, 7.22/3 cone. Ricky Elmore (Arizona)
OSR: 19/26. 26/BP, 1.64/10, 4.32/SS, 7.25/3 cone. Cam Heyward (Ohio
State) OSR: DNP. A-34 ¼”, H-10 1/8”. Medical exclusion, did not bench, run,
or work out due to left elbow injury. Cameron Jordan (California) OSR: 4/
26. A-35”, H-11 1/8”. 25/BP, 1.64/10, 4.74/40, 4.37/SS, 7.07/3 cone. Ryan
Kerrigan (Purdue) OSR: 5/26. 31/BP, 1.61/10, 4.67/40, 4.39/SS, 7.18/3
cone. Kentrell Lockett (Mississippi) OSR: DNP. A-34 ¼”, H-10 ¼”. Medical
only – seeking 6th year of eligibility. Cliff Matthews (South Carolina) OSR:
18/26. A-34”. 4.81/40, 4.37/SS, 7.21/3 cone. Pernell McPhee (Mississippi
State) OSR: 24/26. A-34 3/8”. 7.13/3 cone. Bruce Miller (Central Florida)
OSR: 17/26. A-35”. 1.65/10, 4.81/40, 4.34/SS, 7.05/3 cone. Dontay Moch
(Nevada) OSR: 2/26. A-33”. 1.57/10, 4.40/40, 42/VJ, 7.09/3 cone. Cheta
Ozougwu (Rice) OSR: 16/26. 26/BP, 7.06/3 cone. Robert Quinn (North
Carolina) Junior. OSR: 8/26. 6040, 265. A-34”, H-10 1/8”. 1.61/10, 4.62/40,
7.13/3 cone. Brooks Reed (Arizona) OSR: 6/26. H-10”. 30/BP, 1.54/10,
4.65/40, 7.11/3 cone. D’Aundre Reed (Arizona) OSR: 11/26. A-33 ½”, H-
10 ¼”. 30/BP, 1.63/10, 35.5/VJ, 7.24/3 cone. Greg Romeus (Pittsburgh)
OSR: DNP. A-35”, H-10 7/8”. Medical exclusion, did not work out due to
right ACL surgery and lumbar discectomy. Jabaal Sheard (Pittsburgh) OSR:
12/26. A-33 ½”, H-10”. 1.61/10, 4.68/40. Medical exclusion – no lifting,
shuttles, or 3 cone due to left elbow injury. Aldon Smith (Missouri) Junior.
OSR: 13/26. 6042, 263. A-35 3/8”. 4.74/40, 7.19/3 cone. JJ Watt (Wisconsin)
Junior. OSR: 1/26. 6053, 290. A-34”, H-11 1/8”. 34/BP, 1.64/10, 4.81/40,
37/VJ, 6.88/3 cone. Markus White (Florida State) OSR: 23/26. A-33 3/8”, H-
10”. 7.25/3 cone. Ryan Winterswyk (Boise State) OSR: 21/26. 7.01/3 cone