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Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 First Round Quarterbacks......

Newton, Cam Auburn 6050 248 4.59
CAROLINA Junior entry.
One-year starter. Junior college transfer. Started
career at the University of Florida. Won the junior college
national championship at Blinn (TX) Junior College in 2009.
Runs the spread, no huddle, run first edition. Confident and
aggressive in his play. Runs the dive and read option. Quick up
the field when he runs the ball. Big and strong. Uses the stiff arm
to ward off tacklers. Physical in the run game. Can take and
give a hit. Runs the ball out of the Wildcat. Can avoid defenders
in space. Question ability to pre-read, sight adjust, and locate
secondary receivers. His field vision and awareness are not readily
evident. Runs the quarterback counter sweep and follows his
blockers. Demonstrates an open field burst to run away from
defenders. Can elude pass rushers. Tall enough to see over the
line. Has a strong arm and fast ball when he needs it. Can zip the
ball on a shallow post route or hit a receiver on a 25-yard
comeback. Generally throws to wide open receivers. One flaw is
that he stares down and locks on a receiver.For complete
see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft.

Locker,Jake Washington 6022 231 4.59

Tennessee Three-year starter who is a
dynamic playmaker. Possesses all
the tools and athletic ability to succeed on the next level. Broke
his thumb in game four against Stanford in 2008 which slowed
his progress. Played in 2009 with a group of young receivers
who dropped several passes early in the year but proved to be
talented skill players by season’s end. Returned to the Huskies
in 2010 to continue his development under quarterback guru
and head coach Steve Sarkisian. Fundamentally, Locker is an
ascending player who can throw from the pocket or on the
move from a variety of deliveries. Classic compact release.
Holds ball cheek level and is quick on his release. Plays in both
a spread offense where he takes shotgun snaps and a pro style
where he accepts the ball from under center. His arm is strong
enough to throw deep and all the sideline passes. He can zip the
tough deep comeback route. Has the innate ability to speed up
his delivery under a heavy rush and gets the ball out of his hand
quickly and on time. Can hit a moving target in stride on vertical
patterns down the field. Particularly dangerous on play action,
See Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft for the complete report.

Gabbert Blaine Missouri 6043 234 4.62 Junior entry.

Two-year starter. Right handed passer who is consistent
and accurate in his play. Gets the ball out of his hand quickly.
Sudden to “catch” and release. He sees it quickly and hits it quickly.
Can speed up his delivery under the pressure of a rush and keep his
accuracy. Carries the ball chest high or higher at all times. No
wasted motion to re-cock and throw. High overhand release.
Demonstrates good touch over the linebackers and in front of the
safeties. Generally throws a tight spiral with good velocity. High
RPMs, good rotation. Will use his eyes and pump fakes to move
the safeties. Athletic and mobile enough to extend the play. A
rhythm and timing passer. Plays in a pass first spread offense that
features slant routes, bubble screens, and quick outs. Will also step
into the deep passes downfield and put the ball between the numbers
on the receiver. A patient quarterback who spreads the ball around
to four, sometimes five different receivers. Accurate throwing the
skinny post down the seam. Deadly on the 18-yard out. Strong
enough to run quarterback draws in the red zone.For the complete
report see Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft..

Ponder, Christian Florida State 6021 222 4.65
Minnesota A three-year starter.
Graduated in 2 ½ years and has been working
on his MBA for the past year and a half. Learning complex NFL
offenses will not be a problem. Has Kurt Warner type accuracy.
Consistent ability to keep receivers on their routes with few
adjustments. Throws a catchable ball with timing, touch, and
rare ball placement to his receivers. Completed 68.8 percent of
his passes in 2009. Patient passing the ball. Lets the play develop
while reading coverages, then delivers ball. Equally skilled at
throwing horizontal or vertical passes with accuracy. Quick
release. Always ready to throw, keeps the ball up at shoulder
level or above. No wasted motion. Tight spiral with velocity.
Quick feet. Gets to throwing point quickly in conventional or
shotgun alignments. Good mechanics. Can scramble out, gather
himself, and throw accurately. Quick and fluid. A poised leader
who doesn’t get rattled. Features the arm strength to fit the ball
into tight spots in the “red zone.” Quick twitch from vision to
launch point. He sees it, he hits it.For the complete report see
Ourlads Guide to the NFL Draft...