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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quinton Carter,Ahmad Black and other Safety Notes

FS – Quinton Carter (Oklahoma) OSR: 6/21. 23/BP, 4.06/SS. Chris Conte
(California) OSR: 8/21. 18/BP, 4.52/40, 35.5/VJ, 4.19/SS. Will Hill (Florida) Junior.
OSR: 15/21. 6006, 202. 4.19/SS. Did not bench due to right AC sprain. Jaiquawn
Jarrett (Temple) OSR: 20/21. H-10”. 4.14/SS. Mark LeGree (Appalachian State)
OSR: 5/21. 21/BP, 4.09/SS. Rahim Moore (UCLA) Junior. OSR: 14/21. 5116, 202.
35/VJ, 3.96/SS. Robert Sands (West Virginia) Junior. OSR: 19/21. 6043, 217. A-33
3/8”. 35/VJ, 4.06/SS. Jerrard Tarrant (Georgia Tech) Junior. OSR: 17/21. 6003,
204. Deunta Williams (North Carolina) OSR: DNP. A-33 ¼”, H-10”. Medical
exclusion – did not work out due to right tibia injury.

SS – Ahmad Black (Florida) OSR: 21/21. 18/BP, 35.5/VJ, 4.20/SS, 6.85/3 cone.
Jermale Hines (Ohio State) OSR: 16/21. 19/BP, 4.21/SS. Jeron Johnson (Boise
State) OSR: 7/21. 23/BP, 4.51/40. Did not do shuttles, 3 cone, or jumps due to strained
right hamstring during position drills. Shiloh Keo (Idaho) OSR: 2/21. 24/BP, 3.90/
SS, 6.55/3 cone. Joe Lefeged (Rutgers) OSR: 1/21. 18/BP, 4.42/40, 36.5/VJ, 4.13/SS,
6.82/3 cone. DeAndre McDaniel (Clemson) OSR: 9/21. H-10 1/8”. 35/VJ. Did not
do bench press due to right wrist fracture. Tyler Sash (Iowa) Junior. OSR: 19/21.
6000, 211. 6.90/3 cone. Da’Norris Searcy (North Carolina) OSR: 3/21. A-33 ½”.
27/BP, 4.09/SS, 6.87/3 cone. David Sims (Iowa State) OSR: 13/21. 24/BP, 4.50/40,
37.5/VJ. Nate Williams (Washington) OSR: 18/21. 17/BP, 4.15/SS.