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Monday, May 30, 2011

Derek Sherrod, 32nd Pick 2011 NFL Draft

Sherrod, Derek Mississippi State 6055 321 5.28

Green Bay Packers

Three-year starter who is a good athlete and is one of the few
true left tackles in this draft. He locks out with his long arms
and big hands in pass protection and controls the pass rusher.
Good agility and body control. Not a waist bender. Moves his feet
with flexibility and balance. Executes his blocks with a good base
and knee bend. Plays on his feet. Physical and violent on down
blocks. Quick enough to cut off and seal backside pursuit. Takes
good angles. Gains an advantage with his initial quickness off the
snap in the run game. Has the ability to quick position a defender
with base leverage and runs his feet on contact. Has the lateral
agility and quickness to secure defenders and seal the edge. The
offense runs behind him on the goal-line. Good lateral range. Stays
square with the ability to shadow the rusher. Quick reactions and
the ability to recover. Easy light feet and finish ability,
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