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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Terrence Toliver & Other WR Shrine Notes 2011

Terrence Toliver and Other WR Shrine Notes 2011

Terrance Turner (Indiana) – 6016, 220. Arms 33 ½”, hands 10”. A
long armed big receiver who flashes a burst of speed. Good effort on
downfield blocks in the running game. Cecil Shorts (Mount Union) –
5117, 200. Did not play in game after he pulled a hamstring in practice.
Speed receiver who needs to learn how to change his speeds and run
routes. A raw talent. Terrence Toliver (LSU) – 6035, 211. Passes the
look test as an NFL player. Big hands 10”. A big target with run after catch
ability. Hands were inconsistent. Can make the tough catch or drop the
routine pass. Good blocker. Perry Baker (Fairmont State) – 6002, 167.
Arms 33 ½”. Needs work on running routes and separating from defenders.
Slender and lacks strength. Lestar Jean (Florida Atlantic) – 6030, 211.
Long arms 33”. A big receiver with better than average hands. Deceptive
speed. Can make the tough catch in his hands. The biggest controversy is the
spelling of his name. Jean goes by Lestar, not his given name of Lester. Armon
Binns (Cincinnati) – 6022, 211. Will reach and extend for the ball. Can make
the overhead catch. A hand catcher with long legs. Marginal quicks out of
break. Competes for the ball in the air. Ryan Whalen (Stanford) – 6010, 204.
A consistent hand catcher who battled through injuries in 2010. Was Andrew
Luck’s go-to receiver. A possession receiver who knows how to get open.
Anthony Parker (Calgary) – 6002, 208. Raw route runner. Struggles to
separate from defensive backs. Jeffrey Maehl (Oregon) – 6001, 181. Slender
build. A good route runner. Good hands to snatch ball. Struggles to separate in
man coverage. OJ Murdock (Ft. Hays State) – 5105, 194. A raw talent who
needs to learn the nuances of running routes and blocking downfield. Aldrick
Robinson (SMU) – 5096, 181. An undersized slot type receiver who knows
how to get open and read defenses. Generally good hands