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Friday, March 18, 2011

Joseph Barksdale and Other O-Line Notes for NFL Draft

Joseph Barksdale and Other Offensive Line Notes for NFL Draft

David Arkin (Missouri State) – 6047, 302. Arms 33 ¾”, hands 10 3/8”. A
good effort player who is strong at the point of attack. Competitive. Stays on
his feet. Good pull and block on the run. Pancaked Brandon Bair. Was
rusty the first practice, but got better every day and played a solid game.
William Rackley (Lehigh) – 6033, 307. Arms 33”, hands 10”. An athletic
tackle who got work on both the right and left sides of the line. Naturally
strong and has tools to play on Sunday. Technique is off, but effort is
there. Andrew Jackson (Fresno State) – 6051, 302. Hands 10 ¼”. Physical
blocker who works to finish his blocks. Pancaked Marvin Austin in the
game. Works on his initial block then will hustle downfield. Mirrors and
slides his feet effectively in pass protection. Alex Linnenkohl (Oregon
State) – 6017, 303. A very aware center who gets inside push. Locks up
the linebacker on the second level. Stays after the target. Bryant Browning
(Ohio State) – 6040, 319. Arms 34”, hands 10”. Interesting tools but will
overextend and lose his feet at times. Zack Williams (Washington State)
– 6030, 307. Can reach and make the cut off block. Takes good angles. Can
mirror, slide, and adjust in pass pro. Some hand strength. Caleb
Schlauderaff (Utah) – 6042, 310. High on pulls but can wall off target in
space. Matt O’Donnell (Queens, Ontario) – 6097, 335. Arms 35”, hands
10 1/8”. Struggles to move his feet. Lacks the foot speed to handle edge
speed rushers. Beau Warren (Virginia Tech) – 6030, 292. Arms 33 ¼”. A
scrappy center who works to finish. Plays with his head on a swivel and
helps his guard on outside. Mike Smith (Nebraska) – 6054, 289. Arms
33 ¼”. Broke his leg on 8/11/10 and was lost for the season. The Shrine
Game was his first work of the year. Good effort and worked through rust
during the week. Jah Reid (Central Florida) – 6073, 325. Arms 34”, hands
10”. Has some interesting tools, but played more angular than with bent
knees. Can run a pass rusher up the field, but lost his feet in the run game.
Randall Hunt (Illinois) – 6057, 318. Arms 34 ½”, hands 10”. Strong on down
blocks. Good use of hands – holds very discreetly. Was inconsistent on his
pulls. Chris Hairston (Clemson) – 6063, 333. Arms 34 ¾”. Played left
tackle. A pusher not a popper. Struggled with edge double move pass rushers.
Joseph Barksdale (LSU) – 6046, 336. Arms 35 ½”. Pulled a hamstring and
did not play in game. He was trying to overcome an underachiever label.
Laupepa Letuli (Hawaii) – 6053, 326. Arms 33 ¾”, hands 10 ¾”. A wide
body that must move inside. Can’t handle edge spee