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Monday, March 14, 2011

Quinton Carter and other Defensive back Notes Vol I

Quinton Carter and other Defensive back notes.....

DB: Jalil Brown (Colorado) – 6002, 202. Hands 10”. A big
corner who
plays high. Received some work at safety during the week. Has some short
area quickness and the ability to support the run. Best as a press corner.
Struggled in deep coverage. Will peek into the backfield at times giving the
receiver a chance to separate from coverage. Kendric Burney (NorthCarolina)
– 5090, 181. Instinctive nickel
corner who can jump a route with
a sudden burst. Quick reactions to medium and short routes. Competed well
during the week and in the game on special teams. Football looks important
to him. A press type corner who can drive and snap off quickly. Sticky short
area ability. Plays with confidence and poise. Rashad Carmichael (Virginia Tech)
– 5095, 185. Was playing at 85 percent with an ankle injury that
limited him the last half of the season. Flashed ability to play off man
coverage and stick his foot in the ground and drive on the ball. The coverages
are basic at the Senior Bowl. Press coverage is not allowed. On Monday he
had two interceptions in 7 on 7 drills. Sat out Wednesday’s practice and did
not play in the game. Quinton Carter (Oklahoma)
6005, 211. Good
combination of over the top cover skills and the ability to support the run.
Did a nice job filling the run from space and showed the ability to track
moving downhill. Good agility and change of direction. Fills quickly while in
the box and showed good instincts versus the run. Plays through the traffic
well and did a good job avoiding blocks while he worked to the ball. Solid in
all phases of coverage. Excellent zone awareness and break on the ball. Did
a nice job in the short zone and showed excellent range over the top. Sudden
break and drive. Good in transition. Good in man cover showing the ability
to mirror cuts and not get separated. Plays a little high so he may struggle
against a top wide receiver but he has above average man skills. Did not play
in the game due to injury. Eric Hagg (Nebraska)
6013, 206. Hands 10 ¼”.
Active in practice with an interception in flat coverage. Played better the closer
he was to the line of scrimmage. Has some hip tightness in his turns. Demonstrated
good range on run support. Jaiquawn Jarrett (Temple) – 5117, 196. A box
strong safety. Flashed good ability in all phases. Not the most athletic safety but
showed good ability in a short space. Good break up on the short routes. Understands
zone coverage. Instinctive, did a nice job in run support. Struggled to balance
receivers in the seam and outside. Some tightness to turn and run in man cover.
Good ball skills. He did flash ability over the top. Good effort player who has
some limitations. Could play in the right scheme.