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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Delone Carter and other NFL Runningback Prospects

RB: Delone Carter (Syracuse) – 5083, 225. A compact back with a strong
lower body. Finishes his runs with strength and power. Graig Cooper (Miami)
– 5101, 203. Flashes the speed to turn the corner. More of a cradle than hand
catcher on screen passes. Question hands. Dropped a punt in the game and
some passes in practice. Evan Royster (Penn State) – 5116, 218. Confirmed
suspicions that he is a one speed downhill one cut runner. Good tackle to
tackle vision. Alex Green (Hawaii) – 6001, 219. Lowers his shoulder and
finishes runs. A zone type runner who played in a run and shoot offense. A
good week of practice showcasing his explosiveness and pass protection
skills. Da’Rel Scott (Maryland) – 5110, 210. A compact runner with lower
body strength. Showed a third gear burst getting through the line to the second
level. Good hands to catch the ball. A three down back. Vai Taua (Nevada) –
5093, 212. Is an explosive runner who played in the Pistol offense. Quick to
hit the hole with good vision. Good hands to catch the low and off target
passes. Anthony Sherman (Connecticut) – 5103, 244. Did a good job in
practice and in the game to tie up the linebackers on isolation and kick-out
blocks. Patrick DiMarco (South Carolina) – 6005, 240. Understands his role
as a lead blocker. An H-back/tight end/fullback combination.