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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Draft Rewind 2010 - Sam Bradford - St. Louis Rams

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about SAM BRADFORD: Oklahoma, 6042 236 4.73. Junior entry. Started 31 games. Heisman trophy winner in 2008. Takes both the shotgun and conventional snap. Extremely accurate and consistent to keep receivers on their routes. Can hit receivers on patterns with few adjustments. In 2008 with four seniors and Trent Williams he excelled with a clean pocket. In 2009 with four new linemen he injured his right shoulder twice. Demonstrates a quick delivery. Snaps the ball out with no wasted motion. A classic drop back quarterback. Stands tall in the pocket. The ball is placed where only the receiver can get at it. Throws several timing routes. Plays on his toes. Throws a catchable ball with good touch. Keeps his eyes scanning down the field. Receivers are generally wide open. Makes good decisions. Will throw the ball away when under pressure. Was accurate versus Florida when under pressure in BCS 2009 Championship game. Controls the tempo of the game. Looks at sideline for play or goes no huddle. Timing and rhythm type passer. Accurate even when backing up with pressure up the middle. Flicks ball out quickly to backs. Excels in play action passes and boot legs. Their offense is like basketball on grass. Fumbled the ball after hit by Orakpo in Texas game in 2008. Throws a number of horizontal type spread formation routes, jailbreak screens, etc. Can laser in the skinny post. Uses his eyes to move the safeties and will pump fake on the deep routes. Not elusive. Has some vision and feel when scrambling. Knows how to slide. Wears a left knee brace and had surgery on his right shoulder and missed all but three games in 2009. Has better than average arm strength with touch to throw over the linebackers. Good anticipation and feel for the throw. Durability is a major question mark despite a 20-pound weight gain. A confident and consistent performer that is a good leader with strong intangibles. In 2008 threw for 4720 yards, 67.9% completion rate, 50 touchdowns, and only 8 interceptions. Did not workout at the Combine. First round. (A-34 3/8, H-9 1/2, SS-4.44, VJ-32).