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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Draft Rewind 2009 - Brandon Pettigrew - Detroit Lions

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about BRANDON PETTIGREW: Oklahoma State, 6053 263 4.80. Four-year starter that has caught over 100 passes in his career. Played five games with a high ankle sprain in 2008. Missed the Troy, Texas A&M, & Missouri games. Will reach and extend for ball. An athletic big target that can seal the edge as a blocker. Has some hip snap and flexibility. Plays with good base and body control as a blocker in the Cowboys’ scheme. Good initial block but could finish better. Keeps a good base in space where he can block corners and linebackers. Caught eight passes against Texas in 2007. Lines up in the slot or split end to take advantage of match ups at times. No holdup on release. Comes off clean. Good effort to leap out for the ball. Long strider that is a one speed player that struggles to separate from safeties. Hand catcher that will cradle the ball at times. Runs hard after catch. Can improve getting into and out of routes and work on pattern development. Flashes the ability to jab one direction and break off a route square at times. Can refine his faking ability. His role in college was to block and seal the edge and was underutilized as a receiver with all the offensive talent. Can get stood up and driven back if he doesn’t play with good knee bend as a blocker. Must keep his heels down. Quick arm over move. Catches the ball out away from his body. Senior Bowl notes: Well built physically. Long arms and big hands. Impressive week of practice. Clearly the top overall tight end prospect in the game. Strong at the point of attack. Keeps a good blocking base and balance. Stays on his feet. Can drive and sustain his block. Plays with good knee bend and footwork. Will compete. Dominated Brian Orakpo in Texas game. Bubba Franks clone but faster. Franks was drafted with the 14th pick of the 2000 draft. OSR:13/ 18. First round. (A-34 7/8, H-10 3/4, BP-22, VJ-33).