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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Draft Rewind 2009 - Mark Sanchez - New York Jets

What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about MARK SANCHEZ: Southern Cal, 6021 227 4.93. Junior entry. Sixteen game starter. Right handed and team captain. Demonstrates the physical talent and ability to succeed on the next level. Rhythm type passer that keeps his eyes down the field. Improved throughout the year. Plays in a pro style offense under center and in the shotgun. Good pocket presence. Throws well on the run. Ball come out high. Strong and accurate arm. Throws the whole package - slants, crossers, skinny post, swings, check down, and screen passes. Good anticipation and timing in the 3 and 5 step drop pattern. Does a good job of attacking the seams in three deep coverage. The skinny post and seam routes are the only patterns you can observe him throwing the ball through a tight window. Generally his receivers are wide open. The Pac-10 plays more press coverage than other conferences, yet he keeps his poise. Can lay the ball over the linebackers. Accurate throwing to a spot. Can step up and lead his teammates. Best games were against the best opponents. Has a natural feel in the passing game. Good athlete that is a student of the game. Good deceiver. 2008 statistics: 3207 yards, 34 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, 65.9 percent. Ball velocity 57 mph. OSR:4/21. First round. (A-33 1/2, H-10 1/2, SS-4.21, VJ-32 1/2).