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Sunday, October 2, 2011

2012 Draft Nuggets - Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska, DC

Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska, 5096 204

Three-year starter who majors in man to man coverage. Gets position and plays with good technique. Has natural instincts and reactions. Always in position to make a move on the ball. Will lay out. Can get his hand on the ball to knock it away. Will line up nose to nose to jam a receiver. Good stance, balance, and strength. Physical striker. Doesn’t overextend or lunge. Smooth backpedal with a good base and quick feet. Can stay in backpedal as long as possible. Can transition out of pedal to all route angles. Good stop and go quickness. Quick plant and drive. Has a burst to close quickly on the ball. No false steps. Competitive and tough minded in his play. Plays with confidence.